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So, you'll have to bear with me for centuries ...!

Sorry, I could not resist drawing this >_<
That scene just happened suddenly in my story and asked to be drawn!
Not very elaborated, since I lack the time for it - but never mind. I think the picture lives from the expression/idea and not from details anyway :3
Jerome is often being described as black "Berg-Zetar" in the elegant, lithe way he moves in my story. Well while the predator "Berg-Zetar" in my story is actually some "fantasy-version" of panthers, I doubt they are THIS plushy x3 but I guess, might finally make a concept of them to figure it out for myself!

Sacris and Jerome (featuring some chibi-cat-like extension!) from my fantasy story Terra Aluvis in a rather 'natural/peaceful' moment. Finally they seem to get along with each other x3 *yay!*
No references used (beside my own plushy cats, who kept assaulting me in their plushiest way while drawing!>_<).

Enjoy :)

- Nox
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I'm glad you like it^^
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I wonder that too XD
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Those two make catlike add-ons look natural. XD Whoops, distracted by Jerome's fine back end...
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Haha, I'm glad you like it x3
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Ha! How lovely! :)

I love all of this. The things that really add to the playful mood (even if it is only 10 seconds long in this pose) for me are Jerome's fingers on Sacris' chest, the curve of his tail, and the way he's crossed his legs! And then there's Sacris, looking back up at Jerome with ears quirked toward him. Too awesome! :D
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(haha, can't believe you read through the comments! :D)

Thank you, I'm glad you like it ~ x3
oh yes, Jerome's pose is just ... *sighs blissfully~* I just HAD to add him a cat tail and cat ears x3 it adds so much to it!
and I love Sacris' "indifferent/cool" gaze, although he actually totally freaks out having Jerome lying on him like ... you know .. THAT? xDDD
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I read through comments pretty often. At least those on the page when I view an image and sometimes going back a few pages. ^^;

Good call on the cat ears and tail! And I can totally understand Sacris freaking out with Jerome laying on him that way!! :3
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Jerome's got quite the booty :eyes:

Awesome job! This made me laugh... I love their expressions :D
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
hehe, nice eye catcher isn't it ~? x3

thanks so much! ^_^
Mario-Wolfe's avatar
Always! It's perfection ;)

You're welcome!
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If you add sunglasses to the guy and nerdy circle glasses to the girl, it's Dave and Jade
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
sorry, I don't know dave and jade ;)
and Sacris and Jerome are both men ;)
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I placed it under the 'yaoi' folder in my favourites
SmuglyOtaku's avatar
Personally I'd like to see you do more of these two
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have you already taken a look into my gallery? o_O they are like ... everywhere?
I mean, just take a look here: van-syl-production.deviantart.…
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well I'm fucking stupid
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haa, those two XD
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