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S.O.S. - Outcast Sector

Location  Endless Night


Full view please! (The details in the flying adds etc. took forever, so give them a glimpse at least ;))

Alright, this is some kind of sequel drawing of this scene: S.O.S. - Rock Bottom by Van-Syl-Production
The man with the dark hair from that drawing, Seeren, goes through the Lower City – the so called "Outcast Sector".
When you look at the drawing "Rock Bottom" I linked to above, you will see: the buildings of that bright main street there go very deep. And at the bottom of the city you find this place. Here is no healthy life possible. Dirt and poisonous gas are everywhere (notice the dog in the front). Daylight never reaches these streets hidden behind the promise of wealth and prosperity. Neither does the bright neon light from the Upper City. The Outcast Sector is dyed in eternal twilight – neither day nor night. No morality, no regrets. So that is where all those people end who belong to the lower class of the society from S.O.S., which means "State of Security – Safety and Equality since 2042".

As I need a little break from my main fantasy project Terra Aluvis, I am convinced more drawings of this dytopic world will appear soon. This genre is quite unusual for me, but why not broaden one's mind?
And it is a good exercise for me to get a little bit more into constructing city landscapes and playing with perspective.
I hope you like it ;)

Next from S.O.S. S.O.S. - The Cyber Inquisitor by Van-Syl-Production

Enjoy and share thoughts!

- Nox

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Also die Perspektive ist da echt klasse eingesetzt. Es geht extrem steil nach oben und nach hinten, wodurch sich eine starke Verzerrung ergibt. Nach hinten scheint es ewig weiter zu gehen. Das Rot knallt aus den kühlen Tönen richtig raus. Das Vieh im Vordergrund finde ich richtig klasse.