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Legacy of the Ancient

Just some concept art for my fantasy story Terra Aluvis ;)
It's an ancient ruin my main character Sacris Faryen finds on his expedition through the wilderness of Terra Aluvis.

Enjoy and share thoughts! ;)

- Nox

I am open for commissions!

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:star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Technique
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First of all, I must say that you managed to put a lot of emotion into this evocative scene.

I like the undersee atmosphere, that of an abandonned, but once glorious building. The enchanting architecture, the fontains, the light shining down on the purple flowers adds a lot of poetry to the scene. Furthermore, the way you put the color, in a mostly monochromatic picture with touches of blue, orange or purple, add a kind of solitude to the scene that I find touching.

I've seen some paintings with a similar ambiance, but it keeps its interest. To me, it looks like a city under the see, with a colored light coming through an invisible gap in the ceiling and unexplored depth outside.

The painting technique is perfect. The strokes suggest and reveal the essence of the object. Flowers and light touches add life and shining to the picture. The shading and lighting is perfectly mastered too, there's nothing to say about it.
The only flow I see on your picture is the perspective. It's mostly fine, but some details look weird. For instance, the support of the gem, the ring around it, and the bridges on each side aren't well positionned.

The picture is well constructed. I must say the aspect that impresses me most in this composition picture is the light. Eerie and dark, it reaveals touches of color and white at the same time. The chiaroscuro in the center strenghtens the focus point, as do the flowers. The latter add a lot, maybe because they are the only touch of life and warmth in the painting. They single-handedly manage to warm the viewer.

All in short, a great piece of art!
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Thank you for the detailed feedback! :)
I'm glad you found so much to speak of in my drawing!
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You're very welcome. It's a beautiful picture!
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This is just amazing!
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Love the lighting here, the coustics are amazing. It's like it's somewhere deep inside some cave where you have to decent in from above, with the light finding it through multiple reflections and scattering. 
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thank you so much <3
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You're most welcome.
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I told you I'd post my opinions on this one here, so let me share now. :)

I really like my perception that the structures both above and below the crystal are almost grasping at it. Somehow it implies a significance to me, like a balance being maintained. I also really like that the light glinting in the large crystal has a very obvious source. I know that even in soft light environments a polished surface can gleam, but a lot of times I feel like the intensity of the gleam isn't justified like it is here... Quirk of mine I guess.

Love the runes and their consistent presence on the base of the platform, on the structures above and below the crystal. Speaking of the platform, my favorite thing about it is actually the water falling out of the arches on its side!

You have an amazing talent at depicting fine details.. Like the dust (or pollen?) drifting in the air around the flower and the mushrooms... The tiny, individual crystals circling around the larger one... The way the light curves with the cave wall in the background on the left...

The shadows also seem to be going in the right directions to my untrained eye. :)

Beautifully done! I'm very glad you shared it with us! :D
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Thank you so much ^_^
I'm very glad you like it! :3
And yes I have a thing for details, you might have already realized! XD
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Hehe. It's probably your love for details that attracted me to your art in the first place since I'm a fiend for them myself! :heart:
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Hmm, ancient technology or ancient magic... or something in-between?
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this special race has developed a technology over the time and wove magic into it without beaing aware of it. this is one of their very ancient ruins. at the time my story takes place they already are an interstellar species and come back to Terra Aluvis and other planets in search of their roots/origin ;)
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Love this, makes me want to know about the people who built it. Thank You
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I'm very glad you like it! :)
And of course there is a background story to this illustration told in my book ;)
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