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Dangerous Desire (18+)

EDIT: *vote from my patrons* Uncensored version available via  Patreon now :)

Jerome: "Sacris, you were the one, who said, I'd better learn to 'dance with blades'. And I merely followed your advice ..."

TERRA ALUVIS VOL. 1 OUT NOW: van-syl-production.deviantart.…


Omg, did I really draw that?! //>_<//
Seems, like some clothes "mysteriously disappeared" on the way ... //>_> (Should I be sorry for that now?)

Another break in my stressful marathon to the release of the first volume from Terra Aluvis.
And how else could I catch some breath, if not by drawing my beloved characters in a spicy setting? ;)
So here they are: Sacris and Jerome from my fantasy story Terra Aluvis (yups, it's in the first
place a FANTASY and not a BOYS LOVE story - although my gallery tends to
sing joyful anthems of yaoi for all the time, but that's another issue).
No refs used.
And yes: both characters are MALE. Just accept it.

I actually planned just to "sketch" some background (to show that they
are in Lun) and not to waste too much time on their clothes.
But it turned out, that I somehow spent much more time on those details than I wanted to.
One wouldn't guess, how much time clothing like that of Jerome takes!
– Although I wouldn't call that "clothing" at all to be honest ... rather
some ... ummm ... delicious "decoration"?

Note: Jerome holds twin daggers.
And on the side of his body (somewhere in hip/stomach region)
there is a horizontal scar that Sacris caused in the troublesome
beginning of their relationship a while ago. Although Jerome could have
healed the sword cut right away, he kept the wound and received the scar
as a "symbol": that Sacris has marked him as "his own" (what of course
was nothing but Jerome's weird imagination, since it was just an
accident during a fight).

Anyway, I hope you like it ;)
Look forward to Terra Aluvis Vol. 1 in June (German + English preorder)!

Enjoy! (and say something nice, will you? I'm quite out of energy these days ... ;__; )


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You'd better leave now ... by Van-Syl-Production

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Release me (18+) by Van-Syl-Production
Protection (18+) by Van-Syl-Production

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:star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Impact

I'd like how the background doesn't distract you from the main scene, but it also gives you the hint that Sacris invaded Jerome's room and was caught in the act.

The main scene captures you inmediately, I can see how Sacris is averting his eyes, I'm not sure if it's because he feels intimidated or embarrassed (probably both) by finding Jerome naked, and his holding tightly onto his sword, but is obvious that Jerome was smart enough to place his knee on his forearm, making it impossible for him to use it, but of course if he tries to move Jerome will slit his throat or worse cut some "important" area.

Jerome's hair is well done, it falls naturally, you have a great sense of human anatomy. I'd like all of these jewerly all over his body, at the beginning I thought those were tattoos, but on the forearm you can see the beads hanging, it's really sexy.

I think I'd loved to see a drop of blood running on the dagger on Sacris chin, but I think Jerome doesn't wanna hurt that beautiful face, right?
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
Thank you for your lovely and interesting critique :3
I really enjoyed your interpretation of the scene!^_^
Sure, he wouldn't hurt his face x3
And yes, Sacris is kind of "caught", isn't he? ;p

Thanks so much!:3
ajkihn's avatar
You're welcome ^^
Best arse in DA.
And trust me i,v seen plenty.
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
no doubt about that XD
nonam3m's avatar
WHY is this type of art isn't in the trendings :-(
DEPPURPLE's avatar
Your amazing beautiful work I'm so glad to enjoy it!!
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
always a pleasure <3
Juri-Di-Lammermoor's avatar

Nooo! Want to kill him? D:

I love the arabic style :3
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
*g* that drawing is from Sacris' and Jerome's beginnings^^ in that time they still were supposed to be arch-enemies, so ... yeah ... maybe? xD
but Jerome here rather wants to win control over Sacris and have fun with him xD (although at that point Sacris would not have had much fun at all, since he hated Jerome!)
Juri-Di-Lammermoor's avatar
And Jerome are resping him? D:
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
okay, that's the first time I have to ask: "resping"? :'D what do you mean by that? you mean "raping"?
Jerome never raped Sacris, although he would have had enough possibilities to do so ;) no, he waited until Sacris wanted him at least subconsciously
Juri-Di-Lammermoor's avatar
Yes. That jaja. Sorry :/
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
so did I guess right?XD
Juri-Di-Lammermoor's avatar
Of course jajajaja. You are so creative with this things lol
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
I'm just good at guessing what people actually try to say :p
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