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Commission: Welcome to Scotland

Well, this was the MOST DIFFICULT COMMISSION I've ever had.
It took one HELL of time and a TON of references. and then this bright "friendly" coloring! so difficult for me to even think myself into it >_<
(and one wouldn't guess how much NSFW stuff one can find in google when e.g. searching for "frogs" and "children's book illustration" (->"frosch kinderbuch illustration") .... -.-'' I've never found so much dirty stuff there before, I tell you - my dear team members can confirm, because they had to suffer with me while I was doing the reference search! - and in children's topics I was SURE nothing like that would appear ... no, it was even worse than anything else, ugh ...)

However, I think in the end I managed to somehow match the "children's book illustration feeling".
It is a "Wimmelbild" (there doesn't seem to exist an english pendant) showing a collage of various "typical scottish" elements. Done for Jan M.

Definitely some piece of illustration one wouldn't assume I'd be able to do, right? ;)

Enjoy and share thoughts!

- Nox

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Commission belongs to Jan M.
Do not use it in any way.


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Hahaha you actually finished it XD
Okay, this is my only my third critique so don' kill me <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=";)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="387" title=";) (Wink)"/>
The really bright colors really give the feeling of a children book, as does the "childish" drawing style of the whole picture. I could really imagine that in a children book.
Although I have to say, that the child (you know which one I mean) doesn't really fit into the whole picture.

And yeah... We all had to suffer when you were looking up references for the children style. Everyone who reads this: never look up children style drawings (of frogs for example x.x)

Overall, the picture looks really nice <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=";)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="387" title=";) (Wink)"/>
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wow, a critique from you ON THIS DRAWING - now I'm really impressed by your courage! XD

thanks so much for your detailed feedback :D
yeah, I guess we all know now that children's book stuff has the worst pr0n ever XD
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Naaah... Not courage... Just a sudden surge of masochism I think....XD

And your welcome ^__^
Btw: I was curious(Aina: "Masochist") and googled it myself...I got the same stuff as you did >_<<
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haha, there we go! XD so much about it's just because of my google history that I get these results!
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Yeah at least it's proven that it's not the fault of your google history XD
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
yeah and I'm relieved to have THAT proven, haha xD
Tifa-Lockhart-1's avatar
I can believe that XD
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Not sure what you mean by dirty stuff on those keywords, maybe you get results based on your previous browsing history? :D Anyway, that's an amazing job! This looks like you could do pretty much anything, so don't be modest ;)
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haha, definitely not - I'd never search "such" stuff via "bad-quality-google" ;) I wasn't the only one to see those as results neither. and I never searched for frogs and such stuff neither before.
however, I searched with german keywords, so I can't tell what results occur when one searches in english language - and seriously, I'm not eager to find that out. those 3 hours were like the most disgusting reference search I've ever had.
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Huhu yes that... I will never look at frogs the same thanks to you, you know? You've scarred me XD but the picture came out amazing, if I may say so. I love it XD
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haha, yeah the frogs were the worst, weren't they? XDD
thanks! I'm glad you like it XD
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I won't forget those frogs ... and snails and ... so on ~.~
My favourite is the castle. It has expelled it's spooking ghost some time ago because it was scared of the castle itself. Since then it's some kind of tourist attraction, people are paying for trying to get inside. But most of them are too scared and those who manage to get inside come back changed somehow. As if they had seen something inside that castle that changed the whole meaning of life.

Oh and second place is the dragon with curled paws ^^
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haha, I love your story behind that castle XDD
yeah, the klopsenbombenmonsterdragon is cute *___*
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