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Commission: Tune In

This is a commission for Candice Thomas:
"Tune In" is the second card of her Oracle Card deck – so there are many to follow! :) (Smile)
Enjoy and share thoughts! ;) (Wink)

- Nox

I am open for commissions! >>My commission info<<

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©2014 Van Syl Production
Oracle Card deck from Candice Thomas
Do not use it in any way.
Follow me ;) (Wink)

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I don't think I would love the concept if it weren't for the lavish detail (and this is the mechanic talking).  It's steam punk but what I wouldn't give for something to actually LOOK this amazing (not my own heart at the moment) but this is - gorgeous.  The proportions are correct - I look from the outside and see the shadows of the inner workings - even if they're illusions.  It's just a gorgeous piece!
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:music:unchain my heart~:music:! It is amazing! Really nice effect with the blend of organic and mechanical design. Sure enough, one piece to remember :)
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Thank you very much! I'm happy you like it!:3
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Yeah, I do! You are welcome =^w^=
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I love the lighting and shading here: intense, dark and the red backlighting just POPS against the gold of the heart.   Awesome smoke effect too, great work!
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Thanks so much! :)
I'm very glad you like it!
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like a mecanic heart
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That's what it is supposed to be :)
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So surrealistic, yet so accurate with Heart's function.
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I'm glad you like it :)
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And I'm surely glad you make works like this one.
I'm really amazed how the lights and colors make it look like real metal.
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Well, I'm trying to be an all-rounder in my own drawing style - although I cannot deny I have certain preferences ;)
Thank you! Metal is definitely not my speciality, but I'm glad the customer gave me the opportunity to work on this illustration :)
HansTechrist's avatar
We all have our own preferences.
Or at least, we have a certain style which we try to improve.
I've been used to draw in a comic-book style, and now it's hard to get rid of those damn Linearts.
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I've started 10 years ago with manga style (traditionally), then 5 years ago I wanted to go into digital semi-realism no matter what and refused my drawing roots. now I've combined both styles (especially concerning my character design I took the advantages of manga style) and I'm very happy and have finally the feeling that I have found my final style I can do anything with :) - because the scale between semi-realism and manga is totally fluent. I can go into "more beautiful stylization" or into "more rough and realistic" - just as much as I need for the motif. That's quite an advantage, when you feel at home in two styles and manage to link them to use the advantages of both.

I was very lineart fixed as well. drawing landscapes and digital drawing brought me a bit away from it, because you have much more freedom there than in case of faces. when you try to go into concept art, you will be able to get rid of the line art based thinking. you start to think in plane and not in outlines to get things done quickly and efficiently. it was extremely hard for me as well. but now I enjoy to be able to create drawings in two ways: from "lineart that is filled with coloration" to "one-colored layer that is being 'sculpted' with other colors to a 3-dimensional motif".
that doesn't mean that I don't use lineart anymore, but I have the choice which way to go. and the last way is very relaxing for me, since it's more like "pure brainstorming" and "Let the brush just live and go its way, just watch it move" - good to simply let the spirits flow. on the other hand the lineart way is more safe, better for commissions, because the customer sees in an early stage how the picture will look like in the end.
Well I can only recommend you just go and try :) if you're drawing digitally you have the great advantage that the canvas will never be full - so you can't do anything wrong when you just keep painting over and over again until you have the impression "that's it!".
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Now that gives me helluva' motivation!
Recently, I did a Riddick fanart about the Underverse, and I was able to get rid of half the line arts.
Some people suggested I'd explore this further.
With your explanations, I think I know in which direction I should go and how to work on it.
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I'm glad I could help you! :D
I'm completely self-taught after all - but at least I know, that WHAT I know has developed through my own experience. It might not be what's written in books, but it worked absolutely fine and effectively in my case. and I think the base "comic/mang"a is similar in our cases - and the start problem and the goal are the same (from outline-thinking to plane-thinking).
So: good luck! :)
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Ich mag die Atmosphäre hier sehr, all diese details *^*
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
Dankeschön :3
Mir hat das auch viel Spaß gemacht, weil's auch mal was ganz anderes ist irgendwie^^
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