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Commission: Bluebonnet Texas Menu

This was a half-elaborated priority commission for C. Rumler.
Again something completely different than what you guys are used from me :)
So for your notes: I do layout stuff too, but only when it is combined with illustration work ;)

(ah ... yes. this is actually a german menu. so don't worry if you just understand the english stuff written there)

- Nox

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Commission belongs to C. Rumler.
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I actually live in Texas, and I must say that I am impressed. The rustic feel of the wording on the cover page, as well as the design of the bluebonnets makes me feel like I'm looking at a menu from the Bluebonnet Cafe (That is a thing, look it up if you don't believe me.) The golden star to symbolize the Lone Star state was brilliant.

My only negative is that blue bonnets are much darker blue, but aside from that, absolutely beautiful.

One question that arises is what is written on the actual menu. I read the english side, but it didn't make much sense, but I figure you have a reason.
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hey there, thanks so much for your detailed critique! :)
wohoo such a positive feedback from someone living in texas - if THAT isn't something, then I don't know :D

yes, I know that the flowers are much darker in real, but the customer and me we decided to go for a more "dreamlike/romantic" coloration, so the colors are rather pale and the elaboration almost abstract/watercolor-like - in contrast to my usually very massive and clear coloring.

what exactly do you mean with "written on the menu"? the german stuff?
the text was given by the customer. it is a menu for a gastronomy apprenticeship final exam with the topic "texas". I am not 100% sure, but I think they had to make a decision concerning the meal, desserts and the drinks aaaand I think they will have to cook it for the people who check them. at least I know they need to prepare everything in the setting of their topic including table decoration etc.
(and yes she was allowed to commission someone to make the menu design - the others just randomly drag-and-dropped some pictures they found in google and made their designs with those pictures they found)
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I took a second look at he menu and realized that those were different wines and where they came from. My bad on that one.
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haha, alright, no problem :)