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Commission: Art of Life

Seheron: "Rejoice, you will make this piece of art tuly unique ..."

Commission for :iconcadian40k:
This illustration shows his OCs Soren and Veldreth (together: Seheron) in their "atelier" - creating a new, unique piece of "art".
been a long time since my last challenge concerning a complex
background and lighting. This one broke all records, although the light
sources here emit all the same color - what makes things just slightly
easier though than having light sources of different colors x_x
However, thanks so much for challenging my "inner rendering machine"! :3

I hope, you others like it as well! :D
Enjoy! ;)

- Nox

I am open for commissions! >>My commission info<<
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© 2015 Van Syl Production
Character belongs to Cadian40K
Do not use it in any way.


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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Impact

Those complex backgrounds! How DO you do it?! O.O

Beautiful piece! The foreground is quite well-defined, and I think you make excellent use of the color red: It may be minimal, but it stands out, most notably in the goblet on the stand and in those lovely screaming demon faces in the painting.(!) "New kind of art," indeed. The face attempting to escape the canvas is a nice touch as well.

The technique you used for the lighting evokes a cavern or hidden temple. I get the strong impression that these mysterious painters are performing some dark ritual. With blood paint, no less!

In summary, I applaud your use of color, lighting, and techniques used for the representation of your patron's OCs and subject matter. Bravo!
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
Thank you so much for your critique *___*
I'm glad you like this illustration! ^__^
(and yes it WAS a TON of work x.x)
Darkphoenix909's avatar
Yes, I can tell you put a lot into it! You're most welcome. ^__^
blanket86's avatar
This is so amazing! Very interesting composition. You are great artist! 
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
Thank you so much~ ! ^_^
Hanoko's avatar
This is as eerie as awesome! Cadian40k's character rocks and you made it even more badass and scary.
The whole drawing is very good, only the pose the the pianting hand looks quite unnatural to me.
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
Hey there :)
Well, he's in the movement of painting downwards. there are many positions a painting hand can have :) and I decided to go for one that is not used that often - makes it more interesting!
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It is weird I dunno how to think about those bicephalous bishies... I feel thy're sexy but I don't know if I would prefer them sepparated... or this is best!
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
haha, well as far as I know the creator has just thrown the dice, whether the character has any mutations - and so that character was born with two heads! :D
could be worse though ;) at least things stay interesting when two people control each one half of a body xD to get along with each other is REAL teamwork here!
Rockdwarf's avatar
"at least things stay interesting when two people control each one half of a body xD to get along with each other is REAL teamwork here!"

Van-Syl-Production's avatar
Rockdwarf's avatar
Everything sexy means sex to me. practically everything really.

and I dunno how a bicephalous boy can practise sex... ?two heads, only a body.
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
oh well this goes beyond my knowledge of this characters :D I'm afraid you'll have to ask the creator of them how THIS particular thing works with the two of them XDD
Rockdwarf's avatar
Could you ask it for me to him?
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
There you go - he gave the answer to my last comment below :)
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Well dear :iconcadian40k:, that's your task to answer here then XD

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Yeap, threw the ol' knucklebones on the mutation chart and this is how he ended up!  Fate, and the Chaos Gods, can be fickle ;)
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
:D Well I'd say you've made the best out of it!
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Wow! This work is... I dont know what I can to say. Great is not to enaught. 
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You know, I've been considering what to say here pretty much since you posted this piece. Really I guess I've been letting all the details sink in. The inverted imagery is probably one of the most subtle details to me, but also such a nice touch!

It's interesting to me that the angelic being speared on that pillar has wings outstretched because there seems to be nothing keeping them extended and my assumption was that the creature itself was dead. Makes you wonder what Seheron did there.

The corpses dangling in the background behind the artist's easel... I admit at first glance I didn't really notice them at all, rather that the wall there had a 'strange pattern'. Then I was looking at the reflection on the ceiling and wondering what it was and when I realized I was thinking, 'But how would they keep them suspended like that?' only to realize it was a reflection and down below the 'strange pattern' was really a collection of strung-up corpses (or perhaps poor, tortured, living souls) dripping blood into bowls below them. As if the painting on the easel wasn't disturbing enough! Nice touch!

Red wax or blood dripping from the candle fixtures on the pillars... Either way it seems very appropriate to the scene.

But, to the star(s) of the show... It's very appropriate Seheron's belt contains sheaths for brushes since they seem to be a very potent weapon for them. I see one focused rather intently on the masterpiece they're creating and it makes me wonder what the other is looking at... Perhaps a live model? (poor soul) I love their jewelry! Especially that their necklaces(collars?) look like they could be worn independently just fine, but also look so cool together. Looks like their facial piercings aren't perfectly identical, which is cool.. And I have to wonder, does the head correspond to one side of the body specifically.. So.. does the ring on the hand with the paint brush correspond to the head closest to it?

I guess the last bit is something I'd be able to learn best from learning about them. Amazing! :D

And amazing to the creator as well, and I love their names! :)
Cadian40k's avatar
Hey there!  The "creator" here!  I waited until the artist had responded (figured it rude to steal her thunder) to answer some of your questions.  Yeah, Seheron is two guys, Soren and Veldreth who each control half of their body.  They're really quite coordinated (they've had a lot of practice) except when they argue, which is semi-frequently.
I can't take too much credit for them, however.  I made them as a villain for an RPG I play with friends called Dark Heresy and I wanted a chaos-worshipping mutant and rolled for his particular mutation on a chart - got "two heads", naturally.  I was kinda bummed since I make models of all of my Dark Heresy characters and making one with two heads was going to be tough, but I pulled it off, I think.
In any event, their deal is they destroyed their homeworld out of revenge and as an offering to their god, Slaanesh, and were raised to immortal daemonhood as a result.  Believe it or not, as they're depicted here is BEFORE this happened.  The room they're in is their "studio" which they converted out of a huge coolant storage tank in a forgotten colony ship under their city.  And yes, the faces in the painting ARE trying to escape - paint doesn't hold soulstuff too well, but blood just might!
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My husband has talked about Dark Heresy before, but we've never played it. We do play D&D (3.0-3.5-Pathfinder-4.0-5.0) and World of Darkness (Revised Edition & the 20th Anniversary Revisions). It's really cool that you make your own miniatures! And great that you managed to make a 2-headed one for Seheron. We roll on random tables all the time for ideas, but it's really the finer details that you add to the rolled frame that make the creatures unique or memorable (or not memorable). Like, if I'd rolled two heads I most likely would have had some kind of merged consciousness that had a small chance on any given round to have one of two unique personalities wrest control... So like, two people fighting for control of one body. I really like what you chose to do with it though! The coordination that must require! And it does make total sense they'd have hiccups in that department when they aren't acting in 'harmony'. :D

The story sounds really cool too! I hope your players enjoy them when they get to meet them (or already did enjoy them if that encounter has passed). And if this is them before I have to wonder how they're behaving after! ^^; Thanks for chiming in!
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