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Chilling Out (18+)

EDIT: *vote from my patrons* Uncensored version available via  Patreon now :) (Smile)


There are several reasons for Sacris' "killing glance" towards Jerome.
Quest to you: Who finds out all reasons? XD

Full view please :)

It took me AGES to finish this one, but I loved to devote myself fully to
the detail work here. it's been a long time since the last artwork for
my story that has been this detailed.
this drawing was inspired by a beautiful walk in early fall, when the moon was visible at daylight. I
never considered to draw the moon - which I love so much as any element
of the night - at daylight.
at once a fantastic landscape came up in my mind. and while drawing it, I thought "well I need to put my
characters into it somehow, definitely". in the beginning it should be
just some "random portrait" or "random sitting around and staring into
the landscape". but working it out, my characters started to tell a
story of their own in the foreground while being actually some sort of
"frame" to the landscape in the back.
so this drawing is a real "2 in 1" drawing: full landscape concept art PLUS full character scene illustration.
I hope you like it :)

Sacris and Jerome from my fantasy story Terra Aluvis. No references used.

- Nox

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NiktanaArt's avatar

Interesting work, I am not sure of the back story. If I may be so bold as to say it looks more like he is staring at him out of anger perhaps envy. Paying attention to the book and he, who is bound and in a vulnerable position. If he is ganged and reduced to muffled grunts. Well who like to not be heard or silenced. Even in that position where it could mean punishment. Then again perhaps that is what he wants. I am looking at this from a wonder who would just see this and not know.

As for the art, it is beautiful work. the clothing of the elf, are gorgeous. Yes, I enjoy a good bondage get up, only I shall not focus too long on the flash. Nice job at least giving him an ass, I can't stand when people act like men don't have asses. I get it some people are just flat and people like that. That aside, I love the floating landscape, as if the elf is casting an illusion. the character look as if they are acting as a frame. The eyes must focus beyond them to see the landscape, or naturally the eyes will wonder to one of them, my guess what attracts or distracts the viewer. Great work!

What a wonderful way to spend the day.

STEVERICE's avatar
why did jerome chain sacris anyway - did he want some more time just for himself ``? definitely very bdsm fascinating- appeals to my darker urges.
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
well there are multiple reasons for him to chain Sacris up :) and Jerome picks freely any reason he sees fit for the moment xD
thanks, I'm glad you still like this drawing :)
STEVERICE's avatar
like the pic very much big smile-its superb would like some similar experiences. you can only do that if you have a good and versatile dude ready.
STEVERICE's avatar
does she chain him up when she is fed up with him or needs some quiet mode ? i hope she is a good girlfriend. 
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
HE is male, sorry xD
STEVERICE's avatar
i know he is male !  but i suppose she chained him up to cool him down a bit. so far this has not happened to me in that wayHuggle! 
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
but you talk about him still as "she" XD
STEVERICE's avatar
this is superb ! my master is fairly kind and considerate i have to look and wear like he wants me to - also i get a wide and heavy belt with my initials on and his,  which i have to wear with a keychain on it, which he put on me, apart from that i have a chainnecklace with a small lock and steel armbracelets we ll see whats more practical, maybe he puts it on my left hand as i have to write with my right hand, you see. if i m bad or dont want to come along he might keep my in cuffs until he gets back or when i m playing tricks on him, disobedient etc.
STEVERICE's avatar
just a thought - maybe she can give him some electric shock stimulation right in the butt or connected to balls when he is up and about again !! v naughty idea.
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
oh well it's probable that _HE_ gives him something like that anyway already (in the uncensored version there is plenty metal included in Sacris' crotch)
STEVERICE's avatar
I think you always want to hold to someone with one s special kind of kink. i like very much how she holds the leash in her teeth while opening door. you always want your kinky friend saround you sometime so we have come up with lockable bracelets or anclets with engraving of name s etc on them, as well as belts dedicated to friends etc. now, thats real everyday usable kink
STEVERICE's avatar
this must be the idealtime . out.
STEVERICE's avatar
i would definitely give him a backrub - but she s got to unlock him later.
Van-Syl-Production's avatar
Jerome (the blackhaired one) is a guy xD
STEVERICE's avatar
doesn t matter,  sometimes u can give a guy a backrub, too.  try it out with a dude with long hair !
STEVERICE's avatar
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