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Bed of Roses (18+)


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EDIT: *vote from my patrons* Uncensored version available via  Patreon now :) (Smile)

Step by step WIP available here:

Mature Content

Bed of Roses (step by step WIP) by Van-Syl-Production

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I needed to do something against this drawing blockade, that haunts me since China already.
Working on this piece felt like re-learning drawing from the scratch. I felt like a total beginner and didn't know where to put the next stroke of my pen. Miserable.

I apologize for any anatomy mistakes - I didn't use references. and even more I apologize for the logical mistakes: no, Sacris' body does not obey gravitation. he obviously hovers - no other way this position would actually work. I simply didn't want him to be the one with spread legs, so the second leg kind of disappears behind his hand/leg. the thorns of the roses are obviously just some sort of "soft imitation", since there is no blood involved. not to speak about the rock below the water both of them stand on, so that's why they are just in water by one half although the water around them is deep enough to swallow both of them even when they would be standing. and is it water at all? judging from the lack of drops on their super glossy skins it rather seems to be some oily-something.
in short: it makes no sense.
I hope you like it anyway.

Sacris and Jerome from my fantasy story Terra Aluvis.

Enjoy and share thoughts ;)

- Nox

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