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Commission: The Peace of Water


VSP Banner ( + overview of me and my art in 2022) by Van-Syl-Production, visual art

Endless Night - EPISODE I

S.O.S. - Endless Night: EPISODE I - Leseprobe by Van-Syl-Production, pdf

Terra Aluvis

Terra Aluvis by Van-Syl-Production, visual art

Hol dir Terra Aluvis Vol 1-6 direkt von mir =)

Terra Aluvis - Die Geschichte hinter den Artworks by Van-Syl-Production, visual art

Artist // Professional // Digital Art
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My Bio

I am an Illustrator | Author | Composer |

I am completely self-taught.

I create: Fantasy – Science-Fiction – BDSM – explicit/sensual art of any gender

… and all combinations you can imagine from it – from semi-realism to manga style.

My Main Projects are: TERRA ALUVIS and ENDLESS NIGHT

Most of my created art belongs to their context and features my characters and landscapes from those two worlds.

My artworks are always 100% hand drawn and created without references (except for a few).

Support me now via >>PATREON<<

… and get access to WIPs, tutorials, 18+ stuff and more <3

My main presence for my artworks is here on DEVIANTART.

Follow me on >>YOUTUBE<< ... and listen to the soundtrack I have composed for my stories.

If you've got any questions to my projects - or just want to share some thoughts; I look forward to any messages from you~

Many greetings :)

- Nox


Personal Quote: "Be yourself and go your way. You can run away from anyone but yourself, so see that you get along with yourself in first place."

Motto as artist: "Quality over Quantity."

Favourite Visual Artist
there are too many great artists, I can't decide, sorry ;)
Favourite Movies
Lord of the Rings, Batman Begins/The Dark Knight, Prince of Persia, Inception, Anonymus, The Expanse, Altered Carbon, The Dark Crystal ...
Favourite TV Shows
Animes ;)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Genre: Soundtrack/Epic, Medieval/Celtic, Gothic/Industrial, Club/Electro
Favourite Books
Ai No Kusabi
Favourite Games
The Elder Scrolls Series, Diablo, Path of Exile, Disciples, Might and Magic Series, Baldur's Gate, Old Lucasarts
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
graphic tablet, pencil, coloured pencil, Indian Ink
Other Interests
freestyle dancing, hiking & nature, meditation & spiritual, fluffy cats, cooking & good food, authentic encounters
It's been 8 years since my burn-out has begun and I was not able to continue/finish commission works. I want to give it another try! I create: Fantasy – Science-Fiction – BDSM – explicit/sensual art of any gender … and all combinations you can imagine from it – from semi-realism to manga style. Portaits. Landscapes. Kinky and romance stuff, fetish, futa, monster, body-modifications, anything
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~Wisdom Corner~

Find yourself.

… with all patience to get through to your real self.

Explore yourself.

… with all courage to accept all of your real self.

Transcend yourself.

… with genuine strife for pure love and harmony.

- And you will become invincible.

[a piece of my personal conviction]

Listen to my Soundtrack I've composed :)

Before I was drawing, I was a composer

Before I was drawing, I was a Composer. My Revival by Van-Syl-Production, journal

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Thank you for the fave and llama badge! ♥

you're so welcome !! <3

Van-Syl-Production you're in danger there's a user by the name of EdwardianArt he started harassment campaign and he's encouraging everyone to bully me and everyone he is out for blood and he's out to harass everybody also Devianart is doing cover-ups if anybody tries to make a post about it and leaving everybody in the dark and putting everyone in danger he's doing it all because of my opinion also please archive my status update and please tell everybody to report and file a billion complaints to deviantArt staff we need all the help we can get and be careful he's on for blood


please stay strong and stay safe

You too and by the way please share this to everyone and archive this an urge everyone to file a report to the devianart staff and urge your friends and Watchers to report the user but that's not all the user has a Twitter account if you have any people that has one please share my post and let everybody know how much of a liar he is

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Thanks for the fave!