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Endless Night - EPISODE I

S.O.S. - Endless Night: EPISODE I - Leseprobe by Van-Syl-Production, pdf

Terra Aluvis

Terra Aluvis by Van-Syl-Production, visual art

Hol dir Terra Aluvis Vol 1-6 direkt von mir =)

Terra Aluvis - Die Geschichte hinter den Artworks by Van-Syl-Production, visual art

Artist // Professional // Digital Art
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My Bio
I am a self-taught illustrator, composer and author - and as passionate perfectionist "cursed" with an eternal strife for improvement and perfection. 99% of my work is done without any references.

As professional illustrator I accept COMMISSIONS for the following genre

Fantasy – Science-Fiction – BDSM – explicit/sensual art of any gender

… and all combinations you can imagine from it – in semi-realism and manga style.

Commissions - Open by SweetDuke>>MY COMMISSION INFO<<

Patreon-plz by Patreon-plz Support me now via >>PATREON<<

… and get access to WIPs, tutorials, 18+ stuff, discounts and more :)

My offers for calendars, t-shirts etc can be viewed in my shop:…
Visit my website for more general information. Thank you!

- Nox


Do You want to help out in my project Terra Aluvis? Join our team Van Syl Production! ;)
More information here: >>My Plans for 2015 - You are involved!<<

>>Learn more about the team of Van Syl Production<<

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Favourite style of art: semi-realistic fantasy
Personal Quote: "Be yourself and go your way. You can run away from anyone but yourself, so see that you get along with yourself in first place."
Motto as artist: "Quality over quantity."

Favourite Visual Artist
there are too many great artists, I can't decide, sorry ;)
Favourite Movies
Lord of the Rings, Batman Begins/The Dark Knight, Prince of Persia, Inception, Anonymus, The Expanse, Altered Carbon, The Dark Crystal ...
Favourite TV Shows
Animes ;)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Genre: Soundtrack/Epic, Medieval/Celtic, Gothic/Industrial, Club/Electro
Favourite Books
Ai No Kusabi
Favourite Games
The Elder Scrolls Series, Diablo, Path of Exile, Disciples, Might and Magic Series, Baldur's Gate, Old Lucasarts
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
graphic tablet, pencil, coloured pencil, Indian Ink
Other Interests
freestyle dancing, hiking & nature, meditation & spiritual, fluffy cats, cooking & good food, authentic encounters
To all my followers (in particular those, who await the Patreon file package from May right now): It seems, my email adress has ended up on a global email provider block list. Many patreon emails for May, that I sent today to you, have returned as undeliverable with a permanent error. Those who support me officially via patreon have received messages independently there. To those, that support me in other ways, please be patient. I have contacted my email provider. I don't know, how long it will take to solve this issue, though. As soon, as I'm off the black list, I'll try resending to those left. Sorry for the complications. I was quite shocked myself ... it's happened the first time to me here (and I realize right now to how many people I have no alternative communication channel - frightening!). I hope, you're all well and healthy~ Many greetings, - Nox
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Good news for the Sacris x Jerome fans among of you: I slowly get back into Terra Aluvis :D >> Terra Aluvis OST – The Tale Continues
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These are turbulent times. And having a safe harbour has become more important than ever before. Deviantart has been my home, since I stepped into the online world as artist 10 years ago. Differently from what people were telling me, neither of those - at yonder time - famous social media plattforms as Facebook or Tumblr helped me to reach as many people as Deviantart did. While on Deviantart I received hundreds of favourites per deviation, I hardly got even one like on tumblr/facebook on the same artwork. Besides, I really like that my art on Deviantart is being stumbled upon constantly, even years after it has been uploaded. On tumblr and facebook anything, that was posted longer ago than one hour, was forever forgotten. My time I spent into those social media plattforms was nothing but completely wasted. when people around me then came up with "new hypes" like instagram etc, I already got burn out symptomes from mere listening. What works for one artist, won't automatically work
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Listen to the Soundtrack I have composed :)

~My VSP Banner~

Just wanted to get rid of my face from my page :'D

~Wisdom Corner~

Find yourself.

… with all patience to get through to your real self.

Explore yourself.

… with all courage to accept all of your real self.

Transcend yourself.

… with genuine strife for pure love and harmony.

- And you will become invincible.

[a piece of my personal conviction]

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Thank you for the fave! :+fav:

Thanks a lot for your appreciation for so many of my pics, especially the more mysterious ones. Being an admirer of your work, that means a lot to me.....

you're very welcome!! :3

and thank you too, I really appreciate it, that you also like my art <3

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Thanks for the favs Exploring similar themes O

you're welcome :3

you have some interesting pieces in your gallery~