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It's a bit melodramatic, but sometimes you've just gotta have those moments, I guess. I often find myself really frustrated with how small and weak I look, and on one of those days I drew this rough sketch. Then later on I painted it, and here we are.
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Whoa.... Stunning
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 When I saw this one thing came to mind..."Me"
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OMG MAN THIS .....IM SPEECHLESS. this explains me so much awesome work!
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Powerful emotions can come in the smallest and weakest wrappings. Perhaps they're what make us strong?
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:0 Wow. Such an artistic way to let go of your frustrations.
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this looks AWESSSOMEE!!!
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I know how you feel about the small and weak-looking thing. X.x
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This is really awesome!
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I agree with ~PeopleEveryday
It's amazing - and it deserves much more attention (your whole gallery too)
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oh, thanks o__o
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Laura, this is amazing and merits a better name and description. FOR REAL.
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Oh, I didn't expect people to actually like it. I'll go ahead and change the name, but I can't guarantee that a more serious title/description that I come up with will be less stupid than the existing one haha XP
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