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VS Rainbow Dress



Rainbow Dress. Original title, I know...

This is the first dress that I have finished modelling and texturing using Hexagon. I have a few dodgy projects that need the recycle bin but other than the shirt and skirt that I made for Jeanette in my previous artwork, this is the first clothing item I have finished properly. I've only been modelling for a few weeks...

I don't know how to do wrinkles and movement morphs yet, to add that touch of realism. (I'm still making friends with UV mapping too.) Otherwise the bones for the skirt's "thighs" suit my purposes fine.

I've always wanted to do promo shots like the ones seen at Daz and Renderosity so this was a lot of fun and pretty easy!! If anyone is interested in the dress, I considered offering it as a freebie on Rendo or Share CG, however, there would be some serious warnings about not flaying me on my modelling ineptitude. :p

From a distance, my transparency maps don't seem to show, but the lace is transparent and the first four sections of colour are slightly transparent.

Lace used in dress texture [link]

Background photos by [link] Thankyou!

Daz Studio 4.5, GIMP and Hexagon 2.5
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That is fantastic. Should you release it anywhere, I'm the first fan in line for grabbing it! :pat: