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This club is dedicated to anything vampire, original or fan-favorites. But there's a 'VAMPIRES ONLY' sign over the door! No hunters (unless vampires), zombies, ghosts, werewolves, humans, or other creatures! If they want in, they must be accompanied by a vampire. :F If there are questions, please refer to the club rules posted at the top of the journal. ^_______^
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NSFW and SFW Commissions Open! Fetishes welcome*Hi everyone!(Both Points and PayPal Welcome! I currently live in a country that uses . Be mindful of that when chosing PayPal as a payment method)I would like to practice my drawing more and thought it would be a good challenge to myself to open up commissions! I both draw NSFW (be it gore or porn or what ever) or just normal SFW stuff and anything in between! BUT there are a few rules!!!! If you don't like these rules don't commission me.Firstly what will I draw?I'll draw anything furry or anthro related, but I can also draw humans, aliens or fantasy creatures.What I wont draw: (pay special attention here if you want some yiff or fetish pictures!)I use references for drawing, so I will NOT draw anthro/furry characters with actual animal genitalia. I'll just draw them with regular human genitals. Also I will not draw full on feral characters nor children or lolis (even if they're a 1000 year old demon or what ever)I am open to drawing fetishes, like inflation, giantesses or feet among others, but if I feel like I either can't properly fulfill your commission, or I feel personally too uncomfortable with the subject matter I reserve the right to decline the commission!Lastly, my skills in regards to drawing backgrounds or scenery aren't that great, so if you want a picture including a background, like a city or a forest or whatever the background might not look that great.Rules:-Do not get rude/agressive with me or other customers. I will block you asap.-I will show you a sketch of your commissions, at this stage and ONLY this stage you are entitled to ONE free redraw. If you STILL don't like the pose or whatever I'll charge a small fee if I have to redraw it again.-This is less of a rule, and more a warning: I still have to attend classes, do homework and study so it might take me a while until your piece is done.Payment:I can take DeviantArt Points or PayPalOne full-body will be 1000 pts ($10), half-body 500 pts ($5), head 250 pts($2.50).A detailed background, like a scenery will be 700 pts ($7), a simple background like a pattern or something abstract will be 250 pts ($2.50), a blank background or a solid color will be free.Please note I am very new to Paypal, um... if you want to pay Via Paypal please help me out a bit since I don't know what info I need to give you so you can actually send over the money...You bought a commission and want to know how things are going? Take a look here!Art Examples (More will be added when I finish more pieces!),,,,,,,
Vampire Prince EP 14 is out by Animefanka
... Please decline this.
Dracula Cast Meme by dazinbane

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wounded!! by Super-IrishMan

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Hunter's Moon by Super-IrishMan
Brat Prince by Trisent
Photographic Vampires
Double Trouble!! by Ivy95
Red Sonja and Vampirella by Ivy95
Iris von Everec, Part V by Mircalla-Tepez
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Damisela y Nosferatu by EscribaRegio

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Damisela y conde Orlok by EscribaRegio

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Carmen Kass transformada en vampira by EscribaRegio
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Hallowe'en 4 Sketch Card - Jon Rademacher 1 by Pernastudios
Rouge Sketch Portrait in Black and Silver by Hellzart
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Vamp Bondage [Dokomi Commission] by Hellzart
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Dracula's brides in the moonlit courtyard by dazinbane
Nosferatu 4k BW by Shimeri
Vampire Bar Six 4k by Shimeri
Vampire Bar Four 4k by Shimeri
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Shaiyeh's Szczesny by Sootness
Flutterbat by WhiteDove-Creations
Aidan - being human (US) 01 by LEX-graph
Aidan - being human (US) 03 by LEX-graph
Legend Crossover PrologueAuthor's notes: I began rewatching the movie Legend when I was a kid. I decided to write the beginning on my own and changes in there. But the story is going to remain the same as the movie but with extra characters I decided to be in there.Disclaimer: I do not own Batman vs Dracula, DC, Alien vs Predator, and Mortal Kombat. I only own is my ocs.Warnings: This story is rated T this may contains, Fantasy violence, course language, some suggestive themes, frightening scenes and character deaths.Reader discretion is advisedPrologue: The beginning and Shang Tsung's plansOnce upon a long All of the realms were in harmony.The one realm named Earth realm who had supernatural and fantasy creatures were in peace with each other especially mostly the vampires and demons.Yet both of the species are capable to have special abilities that both vampire and demon can walk through sunlight without being burned to death. It had passed on for each generations.One day both a demon king and queen had a beautiful baby daughter named Jade who has finally been born now.During the celebration the birth of the Demon princess Jade. All of the any kind of species gathered to bring gifts for Jade.But mostly important The vampire Lord Adelrick and the young vampire prince Dracula who is his adoptive son who brought gifts as well that he will be betrothed in the future when he and Jade will be grown by that time they will be future bride and groom.Two mythical horses came to see the baby princess which they brought her special gifts that they have for her it was beauty, purity and innocence knowing that someday they will return to see the demon princess again when is grown.The only one person doesn't care about the Demon princess is Shang Tsung who is a vampire Sorcerer who had other plans. He wanted to kidnap the demon princess and take over demon kingdom and all of the realms.Shang Tsung did succeed that he did kidnap the baby demon princess but was caught and defeated by Adelrick which the Vampire lord rescues Jade and reuniting her with her parents.As for Shang Tsung, his punishment for his crimes, he wasn't able to walk in sunlight ever again that the vampire alliance took that ability away from him that they have to seal it forever. And had no choice to banish him in Earth realm that his imprisonment is Outworld. But if he tries to be out in sunlight in Earthrealm, it will kill him or even escape from Outworld. Both of the demon and vampire alliance will execute him immediately.Years passed since Shang Tsung has been remained in Outworld but he had other plans to change .In the dark night of Outworld where all the demon crows and ravens flew.The demon wolf walked in the undead forest.Suddenly a shadow figure began walking through the undead forest with chains making noises which the creature stopped.It kept walking which it revealed to be a xenomorph demon named Arioch. He was colored in black with red highlights all over him with demon features on him.The Xenomorph Demon stopped until he sees the Outworld palace where it used to be ruled by Shao Kahn himself that he tortured Shang Tsung until the vampire sorcerer snapped and killed him.Making Shang Tsung as ruler of Outworld. Which the Vampire sorcerer to speak off screen. "I am Shang Tsung the ruler of Outworld. I require the solace of the shadows...and the dark of the night.Sunlight is my destroyer. All this shall change.Tonight, the sun sets forever. There shall never be another dawn." Shang Tsung replied.Suddenly there was loud knock inside of Shang Tsung's throne."Enter!" Shang Tsung shouted as the door opened loudly and finally closed. Which Arioch approaches towards the Vampire sorcerer who is now Outworld ruler."Ah, Arioch.Come closer." Shang Tsung replied as Xenomorph Demon stands in front of him."You summoned me, Sorcerer?" Arioch asked."Are you not the most loathsome of my Xenomorph demons?" Shang Tsung asked as the Xenomorph Demon gulps his throat."Truly, master." Arioch answered."And is your heart black and full of hate?" Shang Tsung asked."Black as midnight, black as pitch, blacker than the foulest witch." Arioch answered.That is why I have called you here. Since I must remain in Outworld, you shall be my eyes and ears." Shang Tsung replied."You do me great honor, Sorcerer." Arioch replied."Something troubles me. I feel a presence in Earthrealm, a force I had mercifully almost forgotten." Shang Tsung replied."Must be dread, indeed, to trouble you, Sorcerer." Arioch replied."Looking upon these frail creatures, one would not think that they could contain such power. One could rule all of the universe with it. You must find them for me and destroy them." Shang Tsung replied."What do they look like, Sorcerer?" Arioch asked as the vampire sorcerer got pissed which he grabs a knife and places it on the Xenomorph Demon's head."Fool! Let this serve to remind you. They are each crowned with a single horn...reaching straight to heaven." Shang Tsung replied."I get the point, Sorcerer." Arioch replied as Shang Tsung pulls the knife away from his head."Bring the horns to me." As the vampire sorcerer threw the knife on a plate."You will be well rewarded. You shall be a prince here in Outworld." Shang Tsung replied."A rare privilege, master. Where shall I look, sire?" Arioch asked."There is only one lure for such disgusting goodness, one bait that never fails." Shang Tsung answered."What be this bait? Please, you teach me." Arioch asked."Innocence. Innocence." Shang Tsung replied.
Jade and the Xenomorph Plushie Part OneDisclaimer: I do not own Batman vs Dracula, Alien vs Predator, Aladdin, and all the Cartoon Network shows including all the Toonami shows. I only own is my ocs.Warnings: This Story may contain some language, and crude Humor.Jade is dressed in her usual anime goth outfit is with her boyfriend Dracula at the mall after school. They were going to drink ice coffee until Jade saw something that caught her attention. Which Dracula stopped."What is it Jade?" Dracula asked"Drac, there's something at the store that caught my attention." Jade answered as she walks towards the store and sees a an adorable dark grey zipper mouth Xenomorph Plushie."Jade is that what you?" Dracula asked."Dracula, I really want this plushie as out companion buddy when we go to have our little adventures together. I mean I really want it to be a living Plushie actually and I would take care of her as a pet even though I have cats but a Xenomorph will fine. You and I have to make sure she doesn't hurt us or any of out friends." Jade replied."Okay, we'll get her today. I'll see if I can talk to Jafar about bring her back to life later when we leave the mall. Okay." Dracula replied as Jade smiled that she and Dracula are finally going to adopt the Xenomorph Plushie and as her as their companion pet.After they brought the Xenomorph Plushie from the mall. They decided to buy some stuff for the Xenomorph Plushie."So what are going to name her?" Dracula asked."Drac, I was thinking of naming her Specimen Six from that aliens vs predator game on my playstation 3 but we'll call her Six for short." Jade answered as Dracula pets the Xenomorph Plushie on the head.As they left the mall, the teenage vampire and the anime goth girl heads over to their friends Jafar so he can bring Six back to life.Six wears a Black leather spiked choker around her neck with a black pentagram upside down cross, a sideways pentagram harness made of elastic string on her chest and a metal barbed wire belt wrapped around her waist. Lastly a black paint of a number six on her forehead.Dracula knocked the door on Jafar's home which the teenage sorcerer opens the door."Yes Drac and Jade. What is it now?" Jafar asked."Jafar there's something that me and Jade want you to do before I give you forty bucks. Well Jade encounter a xenomorph plushie named Six in the mall that Jade so I bought it for her. And Jade is asking you if it is okay that you can bring Six back to life?" Dracula asked."I don't know about since the Xenomorph Plushie is kinda cute but sadly no." Jafar asked."Please Jafar. I know you don't want to do it. It's not going to hostile towards us but mostly towards the Cul de sac kids. Please." Jade replied as Jafar sighed."Okay fine just one plushie and that is it." Jafar replied.Later in the basement of Jafar's house. Dracula and Jade painted a huge magic symbol of red paint that Jafar told them to do while he gets his snake, dagger and his book of Socerery and Witchcraft. Jade places Six onto the magic symbol.Jafar gets prepared for the magic ritual that he going to do."Okay it looks like you two got the magic symbol now we need to is to drip blood on the magic symbol so when she is alive Six will sniff blood and recognize who blood is it if you two get lost." Jafar replied as he grabs the Dagger and hands it to Dracula first.Dracula uses the dagger to cut the palm of hand and Jade did the same thing after Dracula handed it to her.Dracula and Jade put their hand out to let the blood drip onto the magic symbol as Jafar grabs his book and began chanting a spell from the page of bring Six.After Jafar say the magic spell correctly the magic symbol began to shine and cast the spell the goth Xenomorph Plushie.After the magic ritual was over Six began to move and stretches like a cat while she was in her plushie form."And here it is. Drac and Jade. A living Six now." Jafar replied."Jade call her name. I'm pretty sure she'll come towards you now that she is alive." Dracula replies as Jade goes near the living Xenomorph plush and puts her hand out."Six." Jade replied as Six comes over towards her and begins to sniff her hand. The goth girl was scared that Six will not like her. But instead Six rubs her hand all over face and began to purr. Dracula came over to the two and pets the living Xenomorph Plush on the head."Well I guess it worked after all that Jafar did for us." Dracula replied as he came towards Jafar and pays the teenage sorcerer forty bucks.Six was grabbed by Jade as she secured her in her arms."Guys listen to me carefully when you're taking care of Six. You two need to take her anywhere, don't leave her at home alone or she'll get bored and find a way out.Make sure during school Six has to remain in her plushie form or someone will snitch on you two for being a pet to school. She has stay still until Lunch or school is over.But the most important rule on this. Be sure to feed her constantly and don't let her eat human flesh.By the way Jade, Drac. Did some alterations on Six while I was bringing her back to life. I managed to put a xenomorph warrior form and other forms of Xenomorphs. She'll only use these types of forms when you are in distress or she's threatened." Jafar replied."What about her Xenomorph Queen form or even her Praetorian form? Do you think it's possible for Six to have these forms" Jade asked."Possibly but I'm not sure. Six will probably get these forms later on if she manages to have them as her new forms." Jafar answered."Well Jafar. me and Jade will be heading home now since we have school tomorrow." Dracula replied."Alright, thanks Drac for the forty bucks." Jafar replied."See you at school tomorrow." Jade replied as she, Six and Dracula exited out of Jafar's house and headed home.At Jade's home in her gothic bedroom. Jade is dressed in her black nightgown while Six lays onto her bed which is a small that Six can easily fit in.Jade comes over and pets the Xenomorph on the head."Well Six tomorrow I'm taking you to school so behave yourself when we get there. I don't want to get both of us in trouble." Jade replied as Six nodded her head and understood what her owner said. Jade gets into bed and covers herself in her black and red inverted pentagram blanket."Good night. Six, Sweet dreams." Jade replied as Six made a soft sound and the two fell asleep that tomorrow they will wake up for school.To be continued
Dracula and the Anime GothDisclaimer: I do not own Ed, Edd & Eddy, MLP, JJBA, Adventure time, Inuyasha, Batman vs Dracula, Alien vs Predator, Aladdin, and all the Cartoon Network shows including all the Toonami shows.Warnings: This Story may contain some language, and crude Humor.Jade who is dressed in her anime goth outfit. She wears black t-shirt with Inuyasha characters in it colored in white with red logo on it, a crochet cardigan with frails, black skinny high rise ripped jeans, black finger loop gloves, blackout tights, and Converse black and white high top sneakers.The accessories on her is spiked leather choker, metal blood stained barbed wire necklace with a goat pentagram and two bird skulls attached to it, with black upside down cross with a sideway pentagram on there and a bloody sideway pentagram necklace. On dyed dark red long hair in a ponytail is a set of death moth hair clips with two black sideways pentagrams, five crimson sideways pentagrams on each side, and upside down crosses with sideways pentagrams on it. On her tied hair is a black large anime ribbon hair clip that she attached on the back of her hair.On her black finger loop gloves attached on her arms, with two bracelets on each arm. The left side is a spiked leather bracelet with leather black sideway pentagram arm cuff and on the right is a leather black sideway cross strap on bracelet with a spiked leather cuff with a ring attached to it.Underneath her shirt was a black leather belt with double holes and a black large chain with small jewelry chains attached to it. And she wears black eyeshadow, eyeliner with black lipstick, gauge earrings of a black upside down cross on the right side of her ear and a chain on the left side of her ear. And sometimes she wears black nail polish. Three black ear cuffs on her upper ears. The makeup she is wearing is Maybelline cosmetics combined with LA colors.She has a cute zipper mouth Xenomorph Plushie who is named Specimen Six aka Six who is brought by her boyfriend Dracula and was brought back to life by Jafar.The biggest reason why Six is brought back to life is because Jade kept begging until he did it.In her adorable Plushie form Six is a dark grey xenomorph with number six that is painted black on her head, wearing a black spiked choker on her neck with a black pentagram upside down cross, a sideways pentagram harness made of elastic string on her chest and a metal barbed wire belt wrapped around her waist and she brings her xenomorph plush to school and everywhere with her boyfriend and friends during their little adventures.Jade usually loves wearing this outfit especially wearing it at school but sometimes she usually gets talked to by anyone saying about her outfit even though her friends like the outfits especially mostly Dracula, Marceline, Gwen, Naraku and Kars.In class Jade is wearing her anime goth outfit with her boyfriend Dracula and her friends Marceline, Jafar, Naraku and Kars.Jade began writing her story in her journal while Six remained in her plushie form not to move until she felt something thrown at the back of her head.She turns and sees Sarah, and Kevin that they snickered when they threw a ball of paper at her.Jade got mad but decides to continue to write her story.Sarah was thinking of doing something to Jade but she stopped because Dracula was glaring at both her and Kevin. Watching every move they would do to his girlfriend.At lunchtime Jade was sitting with her friends with Dracula and his friends. Jade was her food is a sushi rainbow roll, salmon sushi roll, with California roll, sashimi, nigiri and mountain dew voltage. The food that Jade got was from Dracula. The Goth girl is eating her food with her metal chopsticks.Until she heard the Cul de sac kids talking about her again about her outfit and she was eating sushi. Jade stops eating."Jade what happened?" Twilight Sparkle asked."Oh getting picked on again because of my outfit I'm wearing right now." Jade answered."Again. You know I actually love the outfits you wear especially when you're dressing in Goth. Just let other people bother you just be who you are Jade." Twilight Sparkle informed."Sometimes. I just hate the fact the students picked on you." Naraku replied."Yeah. Some people have to judgemental the way you dressed and looked.." Jade replied as she continued eating her food.After Jade finished having lunch with her friends. Jade decides to hangout with Dracula, Kars, Naraku, Marceline and Jafar during break so she can hangout with her friends after school.The group began to hangout outside in the shade of a very large tree that they sat on. Jade is laying on Dracula's lap while she plays her death metal music on her phone connected to Dracula's Bluetooth speaker.The music is Jade's playing is Nymphetamine Fix by Cradle of Filth. Dracula, Kars, Naraku, Jafar and Marceline actually liked most of the music that Jade plays.After the Anime Goth girl plays Her Ghost in a Fog first. Which they liked a lot.Dracula and Jade were reading the comic book series of Spy vs Spy. Kars was reading history books with Naraku. Marceline is playing on her phone. Six is now in her xenomorph form sleeping while in her same goth outfit that Jade made for her. And lastly Jafar was practicing his magic in his sorcery and witchcraft spell books. The Bluetooth speaker plays Memento Mori by Lamb of God. which Dracula enjoys her music that he likes.Specimen Six loves most of Jade's music since both Jade and Dracula had adopted her. Jafar is able to cast a spell on the Xenomorph Plush that has the same form and abilities of a xenomorph before she became a living Plushie. But there are limits that Six only can remain a cute plushie and stay still when Jade has to go to her classes or when Jade's mom decides to see Jade in her bedroom. The only safe places that Six can be is Jade's bedroom or she is with Jade's friends or even Jade's boyfriend.While the group enjoys their death metal music until they see Kevin, Sarah and Jimmy coming towards them."Oh God, they 're going straight towards us. What the hell do they want now?" Jade asks as Six growls at them that Six has a complete hatred towards the Cul de sac kids that like to make fun of Jade or even her the most."Six, please calm down until they are gone. I know you hate them because of reasons but please behave and I'll have dinner with you when we get home." Jade replies as Six changes back into her living plushie form and sits on her owner's lap."Jade! Jade!" Sarah shouted as Jade's music Lamb Of God music Remorse for the Dead plays so loudly that Jade, Dracula and her friends can't hear them."Jade! Could you turn down your horrible death music!" Kevin shouted as they kept ignoring them until Sarah screamed at them."Jade! Shut your Music right now before I break your Bluetooth speaker!" Sarah screamed as Jade turns on her android Motorola Phone and pauses her music now."What!" Jade shouted in a pissed off tone."Jade, did you break Jimmy's bunny plushie and my doll? Cause I know you decapitated Mr Yums Yums and you dissected my doll with a pair of scissors like she was a frog that you did in your lolbiology class." Sarah replies as she shows her doll which is sliced on the neck down to her dress and Jimmy is crying that he is holding his decapitated stuffed bunny he named Mr Yums Yums."Okay Fine. I did it happy. So Kevin, Sarah and Jimmy, Please go F**** yourself." Jade replies as she flips them off which is blurred.It actually pissed mostly on both Kevin and Sarah that Jade actually talked to them that way."Hey you can't talk to us like that!" Sarah shouted."That's how you and your stupid friends are going to treat me and my friends that way. I'll probably treat you more like crap." Jade answered."Hey, Cujo, why don't you tell your emo girlfriend to stop talking to us that way before me and Sarah do something to her." Kevin threatened as Dracula and Six reacted very seriously that they were going to beat up Jade even though she knows how to defend herself but they don't want Jade to get suspended by these two.So Dracula and Six stood up and they both made the death glare at Sarah and Kevin and Jimmy got scared that Six began growling.Jimmy got scared of the Xenomorph because Six attacked him the last time she first saw him when she was alive . "Kevin, Sarah. Listen to me right now. You two were being parasites to both me and Jade. Even though you did a lot of horrible things to us. Leave right now before Me and Six will make sure you two won't be able to walk again like I did to someone else who did something to Jade." Dracula threatened as he was in annoyance and Six hissed at the trio of the bullies."Guys, we should go. that thing is starting to scare me that she wants to kill me again." Jimmy replies as Sarah and Kevin decide not to deal with the teenage vampire and the Xenomorph."Let's just go. I don't want to get bitten by this vampire or even the creature that Emo has as a pet." Kevin replied as he, Sarah and Jimmy walked away from Jade, and her group."Well I'm glad that is over." Kars replied."I was about to use my snake staff on them for being scumbags to Jade." Jafar added."I was about to lose my temper on these brats." Naraku replied."Guys, it's alright, Dracula and Six took care of the situation. We can probably listen to Jade's music before lunch break is over." Marceline informed.Dracula and Six sat next to Jade. The Xenomorph lays her head on Jade's lap and Jade pets her head by using her hand."Are you okay Jade?" Dracula asked."Yes thank you. and Six too. I am happy that you actually defended me from those bastards." Jade replied."You're welcome. Jade is okay that me, Kars and Naraku can hangout with you and Six after school is over?" Dracula asked."Yes you can. We can probably watch Sleepy Hollow and probably listen to more Lamb of God songs after this when we get off of school." Jade answered as the school bell rang that lunch break was over."Well our break is over. Me and the others will meet you outside of school." Dracula repliedAfter school is over Dracula, Kars and Naraku decides to hang out with Jade and Six in Jade's bedroom while Marceline, and Jafar decides to head homeIn Jade's bedroom was gothic and awesome that Jade got created. After they watched the movie Sleepy Hollow. They listened to a couple of the songs from Lamb Of God, which is Walk with me in Hell, Wake of the Ashes and finally finished their song during lunch break at school Remorse for the Dead.Kars, and Naraku get up from sitting on the floor after the stuff they needed to do. "Well me and Naraku will go get some snacks that we can have after that. We'll be heading home after that having our snacks." Kars replies as he and Naraku exits out of Jade's bedroom leaving Jade, Dracula and Six alone for a moment."BTW Drac, Six. Thank you for defending me from Kevin and Sarah at school today. I actually appreciate that." Jade replied as Six came over towards her and lay down on her lap.The Anime goth pets the living Xenomorph Plush by scratching underneath her chin which Six began purring like an actual cat. While Dracula moves near towards them and pets Six as well."Well me and Six don't like it that they were being rude to you and that they were threatening you. I know you're capable of defending yourself towards them but me and Six we're worried that you'll get suspended from those two that's why me and Six reacted seriously." Dracula explained as he kissed Jade in the lips until the door opened revealing to Kars and Naraku."Okay We got snacks that we can." Before Kars finishes his sentence he and Naraku stopped at the teenage vampire and the anime goth making out."Ah crap." Dracula replied."Done with your little make out with your Goth Damsel?" Naraku teased as Dracula blushes immediately."Naraku quit it right now." Kars replied as Naraku stopped."Done what you need to do?" Kars asked."Yes Kars, I finished what I needed to do." Dracula replied as Kars and Naraku began hanging out with Dracula, Jade and Six while eating snacks that they brought before leaving Jade's home.Owari

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Dark Tulpa by Ascensionism
Sequential Art

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No Eating On The Bed! by B133te
Vim The Vampire by cyberduality
Vampire Logos and Items
Finn, My Protector by autumnrose83
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DeviantArt, Fix Your Paedo Shit
Remember how I talked about the paedophile issue on this website? Well, think of this as another continuation. I think it's valuable to document this stuff, even if the staff changes very little about how they handle this site. I mean, when people are running rampant with open folders like this:

What does that say about the user-base?
While this is mainly going to be talking about paedophilia in regards to the foot fetish area of the website, I want people to know that this isn't exclusive to foot fetishes. It's a universal problem here, but since feet are my specific focus on the site, it's where I've the most knowledge.

Some more of these comments on sexualised images of children. I'm not going to post every comment I find here since I've much more to say, but I'll have a link to a folder if you want to see some of the most disgusting stuff. A lot of stuff in that folder will come from the prio
:iconvanillasoft:VanillaSoft 30 75
Halloween Vampire by IMMayes Halloween Vampire :iconimmayes:IMMayes 16 3 VAMPIRELLA by Lugfrancis VAMPIRELLA :iconlugfrancis:Lugfrancis 155 2 Vampyr by gravity-zero Vampyr :icongravity-zero:gravity-zero 399 25 Vampire mermaid (Thundercats) by metal1416 Vampire mermaid (Thundercats) :iconmetal1416:metal1416 26 0 Mensink Tribute - Vampire by Khaliban
Mature content
Mensink Tribute - Vampire :iconkhaliban:Khaliban 198 7
Daisy O'Brian Pregnant  (Chica Vampiro) by french31 Daisy O'Brian Pregnant (Chica Vampiro) :iconfrench31:french31 26 3 Zing! by Ryoko-demon Zing! :iconryoko-demon:Ryoko-demon 1,687 85 Soda Paradise by Ryoko-demon Soda Paradise :iconryoko-demon:Ryoko-demon 770 34 Well dont you look good. by YokoSama Well dont you look good. :iconyokosama:YokoSama 3 0 Join me in death by Reynairvel Join me in death :iconreynairvel:Reynairvel 15 4 Children of the Night by JamesBousema Children of the Night :iconjamesbousema:JamesBousema 90 2 Vampire Veggie by ninejear Vampire Veggie :iconninejear:ninejear 85 4 Vampyr Diablerie by CEZacherl Vampyr Diablerie :iconcezacherl:CEZacherl 43 21 Vampire and skulls by Kaos-Nest Vampire and skulls :iconkaos-nest:Kaos-Nest 59 4 Inktober Day 3: Vampire by Noriko-Sugawara Inktober Day 3: Vampire :iconnoriko-sugawara:Noriko-Sugawara 39 4
It's easy to attack someone that can't fight back.
Stop being a poser!
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