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so, after years away from my deviantart, I've decided it's time to return. however, this won't be as much of a stock site as it will be a platform to whore out my cosplays XD .. to the people looking for stock: I won't delete anything. I just won't really be adding much in the way of new stock.

also, everyone go give my bestie and her husband a like on their awesome cosplays!




:heart:IF YOU USE MY STOCK: :heart:

- you must credit me with an icon link or a direct link to the picture you used.

to do make an icon link, type the following without spaces:

: icon vampurity-stock :

- you must send me a link informing me that you used it.

- you may not use my stock for anything indecent (i.e. nothing pornographic in nature.. horror is okay as long as you don't portray me with my head cut off or anything)

- please try to make ART with my stock. changing the contrast and adding a border is not art. that's just lazy.

- DO NOT use my pictures as your ID UNLESS you so so in a manner that does not insinuate that the person in the picture is you. if i feel that you are trying to mislead others into believing that you look like me, i will ask that you take the ID down.

- PLEASE CHECK MY SCRAPS SECTION for pictures that are small but still high resolution.

- you must have fun :)


- you must send me $10 per image via PayPal to pay for the image rights to redistribute. this is EXTREMELY cheap for image rights (most photographers ask for $75 per image) and goes towards my modeling fund. the more people that buy rights to my images, the better my pics will be :D .. i realize most people don't want to choke up any money if they can help it, but look at it this way: if you think your art is good enough to be a print, then why not put a small investment into it so that it CAN make money off of it?


- send me a note with a link to show me where it's at so i can approve it. other art communities such as sheezyart are fine, but i would still like to see it.

- you MAY NOT use my stock for things such as myspace tables, myspace layouts, anything that you would put on a website that lots of people have the potential to use. if you send me a note with a link to something like this, i will tell you to take it down. if you make something like this anyway and you don't tell me, i will find it. i change my myspace like i change my underwear. if there's something myspace-related with my picture on it, i'll see it. don't do it.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PUT A PICTURE WITH MY STOCK IN YOUR PORTFOLIO - feel free :) .. i would love to know about it though. that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :boogie:



:heart: MY FAVORITE STOCK USERS: :heart:

:iconemberroseart: :iconeltonfernandes: :iconbratkitty: :iconk3lit0: :iconsab687: :iconcitarra: :iconevilneil: :iconsheispretty: :iconthali-n: :iconmisswhatever11291: :iconiardacil: :iconwildfire2003: :iconmirellasantana:


:heart: MY WISHLIST :heart:

i would love to see:

- someone turn my tattoos into real angel wings

- someone turn me into a porcelain doll

- someone make me into a fairytale

here are some clubs i'm in:

:icongamer-girls-united: :iconpaleispretty: :icontattooaddicted: :icons-t-r-i-p-e-m-e: :iconcorset-lovers: :icondeviantdolls: :iconstock-directory: :iconmodelmayhemmassive: :iconwe-love-pink: :iconladystock-archives: :iconone-stop-stock:
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ok, usually i try to give credit to all those hard working stock sites that have awesome pictures but no one quite knows who they are yet. but this time, i have to give credit to the people who just know how to make stock. period. so whether they have 1,000,000 pageviews or 10, if they have good stock, you will find them here :D


      by :iconandaria-stock:

:thumb13662506:   AM-Stock 134 by ArtMatrix-Stock   AM-Stock-48 by ArtMatrix-Stock  by :iconartmatrix-stock:

:thumb9130943:      by :icondan14stock:

:Other Black-15: by DarkBeCky-StOcK   :LOVE INSIDE-2: by DarkBeCky-StOcK   :Mask-13: by DarkBeCky-StOcK  by :icondarkbecky-stock:

Mature Content

Blood stock by EK-StockPhotos
   snow white stock by EK-StockPhotos   EYE STOCK 1 Seeing stars by EK-StockPhotos  by :iconek-stockphotos:

Fiji by evils-stock   Random 3 by evils-stock   NZ 8 by evils-stock  by :iconevils-stock:

:thumb51952876:   Terragen74 by Fune-Stock   Apophysis65 by Fune-Stock  by :iconfune-stock:

Spider by gmtb-stock   King Arthurs castle doorway by gmtb-stock   Blood pill by gmtb-stock  by :icongmtb-stock:

:thumb52795169:  :thumb51697881:  :thumb22959278:  by :icongoldfishdreams-stock:

   Angelic 2 by mizzd-stock   Blue Gown 1 by mizzd-stock  by :iconmizzd-stock:

:thumb17530789:  :thumb23424534:  :thumb34665454:  by :iconodessa11stock:

:thumb51322294:   Texture 32 by PCM-Stock   PCM stock 72 by PCM-Stock  :iconpcm-stock:

  :thumb29075203:  :thumb26919690:  by :icontracie76stock:

bleu sheet 5 by Lisajen-stock  :thumb42995618:  :thumb41912170:  by :iconlisajen-stock:

:thumb45683405:  :thumb45166127:  :thumb38822006:  by :iconyellow-stock:

the gate part 1 by lebstock   dancing barefoot by lebstock   everytime you look at me- by lebstock  by :iconlebstock:

049 by THT-stock     009 by THT-stock  by :icontht-stock:

Package - Webbed - 2 by resurgere   abstract experimentals vol. V by resurgere   Package - Blood Soaked - 3 by resurgere  by :iconresurgere:

Scroll Grunge 2 by AsunderStock   Grunge Hell 1 by AsunderStock   Misc 2 by AsunderStock  by :iconasunderstock:

:thumb12299353:  :thumb12296959:  :thumb6313986:  by :iconpdtnc-stock:

flowers in hair 1 by thiselectricheart   seaside grunge by thiselectricheart   Tidepool Dreamers by thiselectricheart  by :iconthiselectricheart:


Ruins Brush Set by anodyne-stock   Nature Brush Set by anodyne-stock   Dark Places Brush Set by anodyne-stock  by :iconanodyne-stock:

:thumb13853120:  :thumb13632283:  :thumb13631973:  by :iconprettybrush:

SM_splatterisM 1 - ps7 repack by smashmethod   SM_BiblisM PS7 Bible Pages by smashmethod   SM_CalligisM 1 by smashmethod  by :iconsmashmethod:

Oil Spill Brushes by Scully7491   Hair Brushes III by Scully7491   Beautiful Clouds Brushes by Scully7491  by :iconscully7491:

Lightning Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock   Flames - Fire Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock   Stitches and Sutures Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock  by :iconredheadstock:

Magic by spiritsighs-stock   Petals by spiritsighs-stock   Paper Fans by spiritsighs-stock  by :iconspiritsighs-stock:

:thumb11465236:  :thumb11465328:  :thumb11654145:  by :iconcrashdowngrrl:

Ruins Brushes by Kittyd-Stock   Feather Brush Set by Kittyd-Stock   Glow Strings by Kittyd-Stock  by :iconkittyd-stock:

:thumb4419273:   -Manga Blood- brush set by Cospigeon  :thumb56959891:  by :iconcospigeon:

Feathered Angel Wings Brushes by Falln-Brushes   Veil Brushes Set 1 by Falln-Brushes   Smoke Brushes Set 1 by Falln-Brushes  by :iconfalln-brushes: