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The Eternal War by VampObsessed The Eternal War :iconvampobsessed:VampObsessed 3 1 Best Friends by VampObsessed Best Friends :iconvampobsessed:VampObsessed 1 4
Last Chance
I love you,
More than you know.
But your love for me,
Is only a show.
I’ll never understand,
What keeps me coming back.
Though you’re good with words,
You’re completely void of tact.
It must mean something,
That I still want you.
No matter what happens,
No matter what you do.
I think about you constantly,
I dream of you at night.
I’m ashamed of the images,
My mind conjures even in the light.
I’ve never said the words,
But you should know how I feel.
Do I actually need to say it,
For you to know it’s real?
Do you love me?
As I do you?
Are we both just too stubborn,
To say what is true?
I guess it’s time,
After all of these years.
To get on with it,
And conquer my fears.
I’m done being your ‘friend’,
The girl that you use.
If I voice my feelings,
Maybe I won’t lose.
So here goes nothing,
My chance at last.
It’s time for me to say it,
Or put you in the past.
It’s harder than I thought,
But maybe you feel it, too
:iconvampobsessed:VampObsessed 27 20
T-Shirt Reconstruction 4 by VampObsessed T-Shirt Reconstruction 4 :iconvampobsessed:VampObsessed 0 0 Nom Nom Nom by VampObsessed Nom Nom Nom :iconvampobsessed:VampObsessed 2 4 T-Shirt Reconstruction 3 by VampObsessed T-Shirt Reconstruction 3 :iconvampobsessed:VampObsessed 0 0 T-Shirt Reconstruction 2 by VampObsessed T-Shirt Reconstruction 2 :iconvampobsessed:VampObsessed 0 9 T-Shirt Reconstruction by VampObsessed T-Shirt Reconstruction :iconvampobsessed:VampObsessed 0 4 Before and After 2011-2013 by VampObsessed Before and After 2011-2013 :iconvampobsessed:VampObsessed 2 10 The Eternal War by VampObsessed The Eternal War :iconvampobsessed:VampObsessed 1 0
Big Sister
I got me a big sister,
well more than one.
But the one I want to tell you about,
is the one who's so strong.
When I was a little girl,
one person was my world.
So close and yet so far,
a six-year-old's shining star.
I got me a big sister,
who's been through Hell.
But has a smile,
like she’s never been there.
When I was a little girl,
I admired only a few.
You were one of those people,
helping me as I grew.
I got me a big sister,
so wise and so sweet.
The perfect sister,
overcoming any feat.
~Ashley Tia Long~
:iconvampobsessed:VampObsessed 0 0
First Best Friend
You were my first best friend,
Who loved me in every single way.
The one person in all of this world,
That knew exactly what to say.
You were my idol.
The girl I looked up to.
You never steered me wrong,
And that will always be true.
You were my first best friend,
Who made me want to achieve more.
The one person in all of this world,
That inspired me to soar.
I remember when we use to hang out,
That was the best part of my day.
Even if it didn’t happen all the time,
I loved when we would play.
You were my first best friend,
Who made me see myself as beautiful.
The one person in all of this world,
That didn’t act as though I was pitiful.
I know how you hated,
Having to always take me along.
But I only insisted,
Because I wanted to belong.
You were my first best friend,
Who I shared all of my secrets with.
The one person in all of the world,
That was real and not a myth.
To this day we are close.
You confide in me about your life,
As do I about mine.
That’s why I never
:iconvampobsessed:VampObsessed 0 0
Big Brother
You always held my hand,
When I was scared to fall.
When I cried you’d hold me,
After you heard my call.
Helping me get through,
Every hard and trying day.
Simply by saying,
"Sis, it'll be okay."
So here's to you my brother,
And know that I am here.
To be you little sister,
One that you can hold near.
~Ashley Tia Long~
:iconvampobsessed:VampObsessed 1 0
3-Tera'cek's Materials-Journey of the Javaris
Chapter 3: Tera'cek's Materials
           Airik saw the wonder in his crews’ eyes and almost didn’t want to ask Chera the details of what she had found, but of course he knew he had to, “Chera, what should we expect out there?”
           Chera cleared her throat, “They are bipedal creatures evolved from distant ancestors of other creatures called apes.  Previous branches of evolutions once existed but ultimately died out, leaving what are known as humans as the dominant species of life on the planet. They are extremely feral; dangerous and savage in their nature. The records indicate that they do not yet have a concept of alien beings and are highly resistant in accepting anything different than themselves. We cannot show our true forms or let them see our dissimilarities or they will take no heed in killing and experimenting on us.”  Chera turned the computer screen revealing a frozen picture of the humanoids.
           Everyone gasped.  &
:iconvampobsessed:VampObsessed 0 0
Before and After by VampObsessed Before and After :iconvampobsessed:VampObsessed 2 22 The New Me by VampObsessed The New Me :iconvampobsessed:VampObsessed 2 9


Lorne by angelus2hot Lorne :iconangelus2hot:angelus2hot 4 0 Angel by angelus2hot Angel :iconangelus2hot:angelus2hot 2 0 Kevin Sorbo by angelus2hot Kevin Sorbo :iconangelus2hot:angelus2hot 3 0 My Pet by angelus2hot My Pet :iconangelus2hot:angelus2hot 1 0 Every Night I Saved You by angelus2hot Every Night I Saved You :iconangelus2hot:angelus2hot 3 0 The blood of the Slayer by angelus2hot The blood of the Slayer :iconangelus2hot:angelus2hot 1 0 Sexy by angelus2hot Sexy :iconangelus2hot:angelus2hot 2 0 Just Pretend by angelus2hot Just Pretend :iconangelus2hot:angelus2hot 1 0 Moonlight - Mick and Beth - My Reason To Live by Gatergirl79 Moonlight - Mick and Beth - My Reason To Live :icongatergirl79:Gatergirl79 2 0 QaF - Only You Make Me Feel by Gatergirl79 QaF - Only You Make Me Feel :icongatergirl79:Gatergirl79 4 0 I just want to be loved by Nadin7Angel I just want to be loved :iconnadin7angel:Nadin7Angel 154 45 Farscape Character Wallpaper Series by MidknightStarr Farscape Character Wallpaper Series :iconmidknightstarr:MidknightStarr 17 0 Tardis Engagement Ring Box by artmik Tardis Engagement Ring Box :iconartmik:artmik 478 37 In White by Elnarseltaair In White :iconelnarseltaair:Elnarseltaair 14 2 TFB Jeremy Renner by Elnarseltaair TFB Jeremy Renner :iconelnarseltaair:Elnarseltaair 69 14


Well, it's official, I have a cover for The Eternal War! Was just sent to me yesterday and after a little tweaking and Adam amazingly putting up with my indecision, we have the cover that you will be seeing on bookshelves!

I'm not going to make it public, yet, but if you'd like to see it (and I know of at least a few that will be interested) let me know and I'll be glad to send you a note so you can.

It's really happening!! :D Like The Eternal War's page if you haven't, already! <3
  • Listening to: Lightning-The Wanted
  • Reading: Dead West-Adam Millard
  • Drinking: Sprite Zero
Alright, here's the new you've all been looking for.

PUBLISHER: Crowded Quarantine Publications…
-Adam Millard…
RELEASE DATE: In progress
  • Listening to: American Made-Christian Kane
  • Reading: Dead West-Adam Millard
  • Drinking: Iced Water

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Ashley Tia
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
My name's Ashley and I'm 22. I am a Sci-fi addict by Maylar & Sci-Fi Fandom Stamp by imacrazytrekkie & Why I boycotted fandoms. by lostforeveragain

Created by MyFitnessPal - Free Calorie Counter

I am terrified of almost everything, but my biggest fear is of going blind. My top two fears after that are sharks and gnomes, but I have a whole list. Check out my deviation if interested:

I love Oldies but Goodies. My favorites are Marty Robbins, Elvis, Gene Autry, Johnny Horton, Ricky Nelson, Sons of the Pioneers, The Everly Brothers, and The Statler Brothers. My favorite new artist is Brad Paisley and I also love James Marsters. I've also recently fallen in love with Scotty McCreery; don't judge, his voice is amazing!

I love writing and reading. My favorites are Anita Blake; Vampire Hunter. They're amazing; I Love Anita Blake - Stamp by Krysie and I Love Jean Claude - Stamp by Krysie! I like reading because it can take me to other places; it's an escape from reality when things get to be too much. It's the same with writing. If I don't feel like reading, I will write and create my own world to go to. I've been writing a book and it's almost finished for the eighteenth time. LoL!

Well, I recently dropped out of college so I guess there's nothing more to say about that except: BEST..DECISION..OF..MY..LIFE!!

My boyfriend went deaf four years ago so we had to learn American Sign Language and it's probably the only thing I've done that stuck and I was really good at.

My favorite thing to do is watch my favorite shows over and over again. I have tons of DVD sets and I have marathons every month. My favorites are Walker; Texas Ranger, Dark Angel, Star Trek; The Original, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Queer as Folk, Moonlight, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hercules the Legendary Journeys, Xena Warrior Princess, Legend of the Seeker, Merlin, and The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp. Just bought the whole Stargate series and am loving them! Started with Atlantis though and now watching SG-1.

My favorite movie is Cry-Baby. I can repeat every word from memory even without watching the movie at the same time. I really like My Bloody Valentine, possibly because of Jensen Ackles, but we can never be sure LoL, and I love X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Also, I'm really into Repo! The Genetic Opera right now. My favorite genres are musicals and science fiction so I'm not going to list them; if it's a musical or sci-fi I probably like it.

If you're quirky, don't mind acting immature, and have a fun personality then message me; oh, and you have to be able to handle a blunt person because I can be forward and vulgar. :) It's hard to make time and get on and have long talks, but I love talking to new people about anything.

I'm a romantic. I want the happily ever after life and the whole fairytale story. I don't care if people tell me real life isn't like that, it’s what I strive for.

Hmm…I collect Elvis memorabilia and barbie dolls and my hero is Chuck Norris (not joking)...yea, that about sums me up. :) Bye!

Current Residence: Michigan
Favourite genre of music: Oldies/Country
Favourite style of art: Literature
MP3 player of choice: Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation
Favourite cartoon character: Jiminy Cricket
Personal Quote: "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

:thumb158929014: Dark Angel stamp by ltripley Alec Stamp by glomdi :thumb85087220: :thumb185309832: Hercules Stamp by VampObsessed Hercules Stamp 2 by VampObsessed Hercules Stamp 3 by VampObsessed Hercules Stamp 4 by VampObsessed Hecules Stamp 6 by VampObsessed Hercules Stamp 5 by VampObsessed Team Spike Stamp by PoisonousKitten BTVS : Spike Love by Biskizit James Marsters Stamp by slayerchick303 Doctor Who Stamp by Oatzy Dancing Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwler DW Hello Ninth Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwler Nine and Rose by pinksenshi :thumb282221765: :thumb137336964: Tenth Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwler Sonic Love by pinksenshi :thumb282601348: DW Doctor + Rose Hi Stamp by TwilightProwler stamp: Doctor+Rose+Jack by SimbiAni DOCTOR by craftylealea Three Doctor's Stamp by GreedLin Legend of the Seeker by Irridescent Zedd Fan Stamp by Shewolffe Kahlan and Richard by Irridescent :thumb189239123: Merlin by Pauvre-Lucette I Will Try. by jemgirl :thumb137335992: Arthur by Pauvre-Lucette Arthur Pendragon by nyrkkes Torchwood by pinksenshi Barrowman Faint Stamp by Kinky-chichi Jack and Ianto Stamp by gracelessnight :thumb170293236: DW+TW: We've Got Jack -Slash- by MChilz SuperNatural Stamp by Marii-Hinamori Jensen Stamp 2 - RenDMC by CWSupernatural :thumb121177943: If it weren't for Bobby... by ttalktomesoftly QaF by prince-Axel Queer As Folk stamp by SirLemoncurd .Qaf Stamp One. by JinDevilKazama .Qaf Stamp Two. by JinDevilKazama Farscape Stamp 4 by ArchetypeStamps Farscape - Zhaan Stamp by stamps-club Farscape Stamp 2 by ArchetypeStamps Farscape Stamp 1 by ArchetypeStamps The X-Files stamp by 5-3-10-4 X-Files Stamp by Naaya-Neko I Want to Believe by manticor Obsessive About Stargate by icbreeze save a vampire by ohhperttylights Vampire Diaries Stamp by MoRbiD-ViXeN Team Damon Icon 1 by xtinnadark Team Damon Icon 2 by xtinnadark Team Damon n1 by MischiefIdea Totally Team Damon Stamp by Harley-Kin Being human stamp 1 by dawn-of-stamps Aidan Turner stamp by dawn-of-stamps Stamp: Moonlight by zoro4me3 Moonlight Stamp by Hiddencrying Moonlight  Stamp by poserfan Xena Stamp by lawlez :thumb152981676: :thumb152981601: Charmed Stamp by The-Fairywitch Piper Fan Stamp by LaraRules81 Phoebe Fan Stamp by LaraRules81 Cole Turner Fan by RuthlessDreams american horror story stamp 3 by gothicmermaid13
Have you read Guilty Pleasures by OracleX7 Have You Read Laughing Corpse by OracleX7 Have You Read CotD by OracleX7 Have You Read Lunatic Cafe by OracleX7 Have You Read Bloody Bones by OracleX7 Have You Read Killing Dance by OracleX7 HAve you read Burnt Offerings by OracleX7 Have You Read Blue Moon by OracleX7 Have You Read OB by OracleX7 Have You Read NiC by OracleX7 Have You Read Cerulean Sins by OracleX7 Have You Read Incubus Dreams by OracleX7 Have You Read Micah by OracleX7 Have You Read Danse Macabre by OracleX7 Have You Read The Harlequin by OracleX7 Have You Read Blood Noir by OracleX7


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Gothalla123 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday! I hope you have an amazing day! :hug:
smithers456 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Hi Ashley,

It was very nice meeting you at Youmacon 2014 on Saturday Nov 1st. :) You might notice that my profile photo is a closeup of the Cosplay Outfit that I was wearing at the Con. I noticed that you like Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. I happen to be a huge fan of the series. My definition of what a Vampire is comes from that series. I usually have a "Buffy" calendar hanging on my wall each year. Please check out my Cosplay Photography page when you get a chance. I tend to focus on Anime Cosplayers but I do take photos of Horror based cosplayers from time to time.

Take Care,
Smithers456 (Ron)
JL-Miller Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Curiosity kills. Do you also watch The Originals?
VampObsessed Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I actually do not. I used to watch Vampire Diaries, but even that I've fallen pretty far behind on. I have heard The Originals is amazing, though, and even better than TVD's right now.
JL-Miller Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I like Originals more than Vampire Diaries, and with what's happening to the other side which started in TVD and has leaked through to Originals. They're using that plot line to add to it... Amazing.
angelus2hot Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013
Thank you for all the favs! :D
VampObsessed Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Np! Always a huge fan of your work!
MidknightStarr Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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Happy birthday!! :party:
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