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Uff, I feel really really tired =___=

Anyway, I really hope you like it ^^ I'm really happy about how it has become :3

At first, it was going to be a Discworld novels fanart, but in the end it has taken another perspective, I suppose... so I leave the fanart project on my outstanding list :3

Well… I really hope you like it!! ^^

Gaaaah... I need sleeeeep @__@

B/w ~> when elephants don't watch
Step by step ~>

EDIT: I was so tired yesterday that I forgot the textures and water/some light effects ^^U

EDIT2: Well, I must to admit it, this afternoon there wasn't way to concentrate on studying ú_ù and this drawing was shout for retake up, so... well, and finally I've changed it a lot xD I also like the previous one, but I had to choose ^^U

But well, I think it looks better now, I hope you like the changes too! ;3 you can see the old one here

*La idea de hacer así la superficie del agua se la tomé prestada a la increíble ilustradora que es Patri Castelao :3 dudo mucho que se acerque por mi galería de DA, pero las cosas hay que reconocerlas, y no podéis perderos sus obras, ya de paso ^^

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I love this soooo much :).
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i love it! so funny :D
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jajajja buenaso
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this is so cool! I<3it!:)
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wow I love this!
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Trés fun ! ^^
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Wow, cool pic! XD How did you manage to make something like this? XD
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wow se me hace tan original, la composicion, el color el dibujo XD amis favoritos
evil-daza's avatar
buenos colores
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That's really really cool, i love it, i guess that might be because i love turtles.
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* o * ..... awesome!! ; 3; hijos que colorazos!
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Wow! It's a very nice one! :clap:
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nadaremos...nadaremos...en el mar nadaremos --buscando a nemo¡
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I really like the retouch version,BUT I also like,in a different way,the old one. I'm saved the both works =)
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Perevechioso! Me maravillas...
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Me encanta como pones los colores ^^
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es muy pacífica y relajante-pero-divertida:D

purres para vos tb;)
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Oh yeah, it looks Awesome^^ *fave* great Pic =D
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Esta muy muyyyyyyyy bonitooo + 2 +3 xDDD
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This made my day.. Such a cool and funky looking turtle. Love it.
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Es una pasada! X3
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Qué pesiosa tortuga... las texturas son una pasada, cada vez las das mejor!!
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asias cielooo ^^ ~:heart:
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