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New illustration! A Little Mermaid :) Well, maybe not so"little" actually... I think I've fainted. 
You can see also some details in my webpage,

*Ariel, star of the film "The Little Mermaid", is owned by the Walt Disney Studios.

PD: Just if you are wondering, the fork it's not  
fork, it's a Dinglehopper!! En español, el Cachivache de toda la vida ;) 
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Wow! Absolutely amazing artwork!!
I love her face very much ... also the hands are perfect (etc ^^) ...
Whole picture - the main character and the background - is very well balanced, excellently transferring the atmosphere on a viewer.
Hmm ... the fork ... I think this plays also very good part - it's a touch of mystery (at least for me), exciting call for questions, stimulating our imagination.
By the way, I do not think it should have "mature content" label at all.
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Thank you very much watawota! I'm glad you like it so much ;) and it's not a fork, it's a Dinglehopper! It is a representation of the wishes of the little mermaid to discover another world, one that is forbidden 
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You are most welcome, dear Vampirneko! Love 
:hungry: revision Oh, it's a Dinglehopper! (sorry, I didn't watch that movie)
... Yay! Life is sooo interesting - every single moment we can learn something new!!! :happybounce: 
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Why a fork? Knife And Fork Emoji 
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It's not  fork, it's a DinglehopperGimme foodz - remake 
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Ha-ha Laugh dinglehopper! very nice))
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Have you watched the movie?
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a very nice and beautifull artwork :)
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