Keesha, Goliath and Lance in Johto

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Warning: Discussion of death, injuries and violence.  

  1.       Lance joined the two when he recognized Boltnut, Keesha’s Minun (obtained after trading in Cracker at an odd vending machine, Cracker was later relocated with another trainer and was traded back to Keesha), who was at one point, his before he found out Boltnut and Boltz, Lance’s Raichu, didn’t get along very well. He began following them when the League hit Cherrygrove, where he lived. Lance was not aware of Goliath’s Houndoom incident at this point. He thought, from a lie Goliath told out of fear, that Goliath had cut himself on purpose.

    2.       After capturing Sandy the Sandshrew, Goliath owned up to his lie about his scars. They apologized to one another. Goliath for lying to him. Lance for ever verbally abusing him. This story can be found [url= Only Fair]here[/url].

    3.       Keesha and Lance trained daily to try to help Boltnut overcome his fear of Raichus. It was during this time that Boltz lashed out at Boltnut, but was interrupted by Sparks, Keesha’s Raichu and Boltnut’s best friend. Boltz angrily lashed out and attacked Sparks for interfering and broke his back with his tail. This is where Sparks’ back scar comes from, for the impact of Boltz’s tail caused it to bleed.

    4.       After a few months, waiting for Sparks to heal up, they went back to trying to cure the bullying, only to have Sparks attacked again after Boltz once again tried to hurt Boltnut. A quick Tail Whip to the leg caused another scar and another trip to the Pokémon Center.

    5.       Another two weeks passed and Boltz finally came to accept Boltnut as a friend instead of a foe. After this, Boltz and Sparks realized they were father and son. Boltz immediately begged for forgiveness. Sparks accepted the apology wholeheartedly and they became good friends.

    6.       Right in the middle of Johto, Lance’s wife, Rue showed up and accused him of cheating, causing an enormous fight between them.

    7.       For a while, Lance was depressed. During this time, he often asked for alone time. One of these times, Keesha and Goliath went to the Safari Zone, where they were attacked by a mother Ursaring. Goliath threw himself in between her and Keesha in order to save Keesha. He took a lot of damage and was almost killed. Luckily, Lance managed to find Molly and Rue in time. Molly had Keesha’s father’s Meganium use Heal Pulse and saved Goliath’s life. Rue didn’t even acknowledge Lance while she was there. During these moments, Lance began changing into the man we know today.

    8.       Seeing as there had been too much time that had been left between he and Rue, Lance desperately tried to win his wife back. On the day they were to divorce, he came in with his guitar and sang to her [url=[link]]this song[/url]. Touched and moved by his sudden performance to her, Rue accepted him back into her heart.


   9.       During Lake of Rage, Keesha met a Ranger, Ranger Ryan, who would offer her to train her to be a Pokémon Ranger. She accepted it excitedly. In the middle of training, however, she was hit in the head by a Gyarados, causing a temporary amnesia and concussion. She didn’t remember Goliath for a while. During this time, Rue and Molly hung out with them, worried for Keesha. Around this same time, Keesha is kidnapped by Pokemon Pinchers and meets her cousin, Marissa. Goliath, Lance, and Pokemon Ranger Ryan rescue her, barely making it out, alive.

    10.   When Keesha finally recalled her relationship with her fiancée, something ‘special’ happened between them. (If you know what I mean.)

    11.   A few weeks later, Keesha finds out she’s pregnant. Not knowing what to do, she goes to Lance, who worriedly tells her to be careful and tell Goliath.

    12.   For a while, Keesha continues to keep the secret of being pregnant. During this time, Rue leaves to be with Keesha’s mother, Molly, as she travels around Johto.

    13.   In BlackThorn City, Rue falls off a cliff and barely manages to grab the ledge. Keesha, Goliath, and Lance barely manage to make it to her to try to pull her up while she manages to keep a hold on her Rapidash. They manage to pull both of them back up in time and with the help of grass-types, only to have the ground cave from beneath both Lance and Rue’s feet. Molly manages to grab Lance’s hand before he falls and Lance barely misses Rue’s hand. Rue plummets to the ground, barely living the fall.

    14.   As Lance held his dying wife, he barks at Goliath to get out of the area. Keesha realizes that he didn’t want a repeat of her experiencing her father dying because he was there and he tried to save him.  The full story to this can be found [url= Rue's Death(Here Comes Goodbye)]here[/url].

    15.   After Rue’s death, Lance has a flashback of when Goliath was just a baby. He remembers Rue asking him to sing for her at her funeral. At her funeral, he grants her wish and sings their [url=[link]]wedding song.[/url]

    16.   Eventually, Keesha regains her memory. On this day, we meet Valarie, Lance’s old friend. Unhappy and irritated at his father, Goliath becomes outraged and leaves. After following Goliath to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid, Goliath lets Keesha know he felt threatened by Valarie. After a few moments of hesitation, Keesha decides to tell Goliath about her pregnancy. The full story can be found [url= Keesha Spills The Beans!] here [/url]. During the same week, Keesha is once again kidnapped by her cousin. After hearing Keesha is pregnant, Marissa helps them escape, telling them that her father(Samuel Lupe) would have her head, if Keesha were to be harmed in any way while pregnant.

    17.   Soon after, Keesha challenges the Elite Four in Johto and comes out, victorious. You can find the entire story for this [url= vampiresessh.deviantart.com/ga…] here [/url].

So, a little while ago, I was asked to go back and list all the major events in my stories in order. I feel like I should’ve done this a long time ago and I think it’s a great idea, so I’ve decided to do it now. I’ll also be updating this every time something major happens! This is part 2 of the series(splitting them up for space reasons here).
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