Illusions Part 3(Conclusion): First Kiss

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Warning: Discussion of death!

A few months went passed and Keesha and I got pretty close. Things loosened up and we became best friends. But something was different about her than anyone else I’d ever met. Including those who used to be my friends.

The Pokémon began acting weird and I began to show my worst fear around her. I was terrified of the Clefairy she had and I was terrified of Buggy, who is currently one of my best friends.

We spent the night in a hotel as a reward from Oak for working so hard in Saffron City(I think that’s where that was. Don’t quote me). It was nice to lie in a bed again. But I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Keesha. It was then that I realized I loved her.

Cinder began growling every time someone or something came close to him. Even attacked Boltnut when he went to cuddle with him like he normally did at the Pokémon center we were resting at in Saffron. We’d stayed at the hotel a few days ago.

“Hey! Take it easy, Cinder!” Keesha told the Quilava worriedly as Boltnut hid behind her. He rolled his eyes and lied back down. Keesha looked at me again. “I wonder what’s wrong… he’s worrying me.”

“I think it’s probably just growing pains. He is close to evolving into a Typhlosion…” I responded.

“You seem like you’re not very happy about that.” She noted.

“I… don’t want to talk about it.” I told her, looking away. I was worried she might get scared like the others. That I might lose her like I’d lost everyone else to my past.

“I always wanted to know… What happened to your eye?” She asked.

I bit my bottom lip, trying to keep from showing fear or sadness. I felt a bit trapped, seeing as both of those questions related to what had happened in my past.

“Goliath? Are you alright?” Keesha asked.

“I…” I hesitated. “Not really…” I told her.

“What’s wrong? Is it something I said?” She asked worriedly.

“No… It’s nothing you said… or did…” I responded quietly. “You see… the truth behind my eye… it’s the same reason I’m worried about Cinder’s evolution.” I covered my bad eye.

“Oh…” Was all she said.

“I… I was attacked by a Pokémon when I was little. A Houndoom. The only way I survived was the fact that your father just happened to be there.” I uncovered my eye. “Keesha, I’m afraid of claws because of that incident. I’m afraid of Reine and Buggy. And I’m afraid of Cinder evolving.”

Buggy crawled onto Keesha shoulder friendlily and looked at me. Just seeing the bug made me shiver.

“Goliath… I can assure you that…” She paused as Buggy crawled down her arm and into her lap. She picked him up and offered him to me. “None of my Pokémon are going to hurt you. Ever. Not while I’m around, at least. Sparks can get mean, but he never wants to seriously hurt someone unless he doesn’t know you.”

I suddenly felt tears of relief fill my eyes and I quickly wiped them away, but they were replaced with more. Finally. Someone who didn’t want to hurt me or run away from me. Someone who understood and didn’t want to put me down.

“I’m… sorry… This is embarrassing…” I cringed. “Why do I have to be so weak?”

“Hey…” She spoke softly and put Buggy down beside her and stood up, then sat beside me. Her arms wrapped around me for the first time. I quickly clung to her. I hadn’t let my emotions out since the day Dad got abusive on me. That was seven to eight years ago at the time. “It’s okay to cry. That’s not embarrassing or weak. Who told you that?”

“My father…” I responded quietly.

“He was wrong. It’s not good to hold your emotions back like that.” She told me sympathetically. “You should tell him to leave you alone.”

“You don’t understand… I got here because I needed to get away from him. I ran away… I’m afraid of going into my hometown when we leave Kanto.” I told her truthfully. “He can be real mean sometimes, ya know?”

“I’m sure he just wants to be the best father he can be. He may just want to protect you.” She told me.

I shook my head.

“I highly doubt that…” I told her. “Seems like ever since I failed your father, he’s been nothing but a jerk to me and my mother.”

“Failed? Failed my dad?” She released me and looked at me with tears in her eyes. “Do you have any idea, just not being there helped you? You got to skip out on watching him die in a puddle of blood while your dad tried his best to bring him back.” He shook her head. “You didn’t see the look on your dad’s face when he realized my dad was dead. At least your dad was alive after that. My dad never had a chance.”

“Keesha, don’t take it like that…” I tried to tell her. “Keesha…” She began standing up and she called back her Pokémon, who had noticed her being upset.

I stood up, worried she might do something stupid.

“Keesha…” I tried again.

“I should’ve never let you come with me.” She snapped.

Her words stung, but I kept trying and trotted after her as she sped off, out of the door.

“Keesha!” I called when she began running away from me.

I began running after her. I couldn’t get myself let her go even though I knew her life would probably be better off without me.

I out sped her quickly and got in front of her. As she attempted to move around me, I managed to take her into my arms.

She spat out ugly words at me, telling me I’m a selfish jerk who really needs to just go away. I tried to ignore those words as she fought my arms. It was obvious she’d been holding back feelings for a long time as well.

“How could I be selfish, when I care so much about you? Keesha, don’t you understand? I only opened up to you because I trust you and love you!” I told her.

She didn’t seem to care, she just seemed really angry with me.

I didn’t know what to do. I just knew I had to prove that I really cared. So I pulled a move that my father would’ve done, and actually saw him do once.

As she attempted to push me away again, full force, I closed my eyes and kissed her. A sudden rush came over me and I knew my face was red from my internal shy self.

After a few moments, she stopped struggling and just let me hold her there.

I stopped kissing her and looked at her. Her face was just as red as mine.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sound selfish. I’m sorry for being such a jerk to your Pokémon. I did that out of fear and I’m a coward. I just don’t want to lose you. Not like everyone else. I got my scars from fear, too. I just sat there when I should’ve run away. I’m sorry.” I apologized. As I went to apologize more, her finger met my lips, silencing me.

“It’s okay.” She told me.

From then on, we were together and we eventually got to know each other so well, she no longer got upset with me when I blamed myself for her father’s death. But comforted me instead…

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