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Viktor Interview :iconvampirequeen10:Vampirequeen10 0 0
Thousands of Mourners
Thousands of hearts bleed for a town,
as thousands of eyes cry thousands of tears.
Thousands of prayers are sent to the Lord,
thousands of prayers for a grieving Connecticut town.
Thousands of people in Newtown and the world
mourn for the loss of twenty-seven souls.
Twenty of them were children,
taken far too soon.
The other seven were adults,
all loved and admired by many,
but taken far too soon as well.
All of them left loved ones behind,
mothers and fathers,
brothers and sisters,
daughters and sons,
and many others who will miss them as well.
Twenty-seven families and many more friends
must all bear the burden of unimaginable pain.
In two acts of violence,
twenty-seven innocent lives were lost.
In two acts of terrible violence,
thousands of hearts were broken and shattered.
Now a town is filled with great pain,
as its people join together to battle their grief.
But they do not mourn alone,
for thousands of people share their pain.
Thousands of people give their love and support
:iconvampirequeen10:Vampirequeen10 1 3
Letter From a Soldier
July 5th, 1863
My Dearest Samantha,
I hope this letter finds you happy and healthy.  I am sorry for not sending you any recent letters, but I have not had a chance to write until now as I am currently recovering from a wound that I received two days ago during a battle at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, which is where I am writing to you from.  Do not be alarmed, I was merely hit in the leg with a bullet and the doctor was able to remove it with very little trouble, so I should be fully healed in no time.  I miss you, Samantha, and I am looking forward to seeing you again when this war is over.  Please give my regards to your mother and your family, whom I also look forward to seeing.
I cannot wait to see you again, but until the time comes when I can return home, I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and I will continue to write to you when I have the time.
Faithfully yours,
Christopher Grant
:iconvampirequeen10:Vampirequeen10 3 5
Mature content
Untitled 5 :iconvampirequeen10:Vampirequeen10 1 0
The One I Love (non-romantic)
As a sports fan, certain numbers remind me of certain current or former baseball players. Up until two months or so ago, any mention of the number 30 would leave me with either no memory of the number being worn by a New York Met or any other baseball player, or I would somehow be reminded of Cliff Floyd, who was an outfielder with the Mets in the early 2000s. I liked him a lot, even though the only thing that I remember about him was that he caught the last out in the game that the Mets won to clinch the NL East Division title in 2006.
Now that I've become a hockey fan, the number 30 makes me think of something besides a former Mets outfielder (who is awesome no matter what).
One word: Goalies.
I was doing some "research" for a goalie-themed wallpaper "project" and while I was doing said "research", I discovered that there are several goalies who wear the number 30, including Martin Brodeur, who plays for the New Jersey Devils. I love Martin Brodeur in a non fangirl-ish way, despite t
:iconvampirequeen10:Vampirequeen10 0 0
The Last Page of her Diary
April 20, 1840
Dear Diary,
Isn't it odd that the end of your use happens on the day that a significant part of my life ends? To be honest, it's not so much of an end as a literal and metaphorical "closing of a book" for you and I. Just because this is your last page, it doesn't mean that you're done forever. You will still exist, but it will be in a new, and empty form. Just as you will be taking on a new form, I will be taking on a new title in life. You see, my dearest Diary, my wedding day has finally arrived. In a little less than three hours, I will (finally) take the last name of a man who I have loved for a little more than two years. I still cannot believe that two and a half months have passed since he proposed to me.
Forgive me, my friend, but it is time for me to finish this entry, as I have a little more than half a page left and my mother is telling me to start getting ready for the wedding, since she needs enough time to be able to do my hair after I bathe and put my gown
:iconvampirequeen10:Vampirequeen10 3 0
Loving the Unattainable
Why do I bother loving someone
when I know that he will never be mine?
It breaks my heart to want him
when I know that he will never want me in return.
I've never met him face-to-face,
but his personality, voice, and image
have put me under his spell.
His voice is heaven,
his image divine,
but such a god will never be mine.
He's sweet and he's crazy,
with some evil mixed in,
but his beating heart is one I can't win.
But why does it matter,
why do I care,
why do I want someone who I cannot have?
I know that love is a beautiful thing,
but where is the beauty in loving someone who cannot be mine?
:iconvampirequeen10:Vampirequeen10 2 0
Mature content
The Vampire Queen :iconvampirequeen10:Vampirequeen10 2 0
New/1st ID by Vampirequeen10 New/1st ID :iconvampirequeen10:Vampirequeen10 2 0
Hockey Poem #1
O Captain, my Captain, the series is done,
Game Seven is over, your Devils have won.
The first round has ended, the next will soon begin.
Up next are the Flyers, and they will not win.
O Captain, my Captain, your talent is great,
you are a player who the fans appreciate.
You can take the Devils far,
for you are a shining star.
O Captain, my Captain, Round Two is complete,
the Flyers are out, your team cannot be beat.
Now sit back, relax, and get ready to wait,
for your next opponent will be determined by fate.
O Captain, my Captain, who will it be?
Which team is the one that you will soon see?
It could be the Capitals, from D.C, not the state,
or it could be the Rangers, who your fans strongly hate.
O Captain, my Captain, your waiting is done,
your opponent has been chosen, the Rangers have won.
All through New Jersey, your fans are getting prepared,
they're ready for this round and they're not at all scared.
O Captain, my Captain, get ready for war,
go out and defeat them, go out ther
:iconvampirequeen10:Vampirequeen10 3 6
The Prayer of a Devils Fan
Glorious Hockey Gods,
hear my brokenhearted prayer.
Let the Devils win,
let them come back and take the Cup.
Let them score more goals than the Kings,
let them figure out how to beat Jonathan Quick.
Hear me, O Gods of Offense and Goals,
let the Devils score and bring the Cup to the East.
Please, O Martin Brodeur,
God of Goalies,
stop the Kings from scoring and lessen Jonathan Quick's skill.
Great Hockey Gods,
please hear my prayer.
Do not let the Devils lose,
do not let them be swept,
do not let the hearts of their fans break.
Hear me,
O Gods,
help one of your own.
Do not turn your backs on Martin Brodeur,
for he is your brother,  
he too is a god.
Of all the people who have played the game of hockey,
you, O Gods of Offense and Goals,
should know that the goalie can only do so much to help their team.
Please, great Gods,
help out your own,
do not let your fellow god lose his throne.
Hear me, O Hockey Gods of the Nations of the Earth,
lend your strength and your skill to your
:iconvampirequeen10:Vampirequeen10 4 2
Mature content
NHL Fanfic: The Star and the Flower (Chapter 1) :iconvampirequeen10:Vampirequeen10 1 0
Masquerade by Vampirequeen10 Masquerade :iconvampirequeen10:Vampirequeen10 6 3 Ilya Kovalchuk Wallpaper by Vampirequeen10 Ilya Kovalchuk Wallpaper :iconvampirequeen10:Vampirequeen10 3 6 Zach Parise Wallpaper by Vampirequeen10 Zach Parise Wallpaper :iconvampirequeen10:Vampirequeen10 2 0 Henrik Lundqvist Wallpaper by Vampirequeen10 Henrik Lundqvist Wallpaper :iconvampirequeen10:Vampirequeen10 0 0


Coolest Last Name Ever by HBK316 Coolest Last Name Ever :iconhbk316:HBK316 15 12 Zach Parise Wallpaper by Vandyla Zach Parise Wallpaper :iconvandyla:Vandyla 8 1 Zach Parise by LuomaGraphics Zach Parise :iconluomagraphics:LuomaGraphics 3 0 The Protectors by Hestefotograf The Protectors :iconhestefotograf:Hestefotograf 4,089 435 Pearlescent by CrystalGrazianoArt Pearlescent :iconcrystalgrazianoart:CrystalGrazianoArt 770 12 Bluebeard by IrenHorrors Bluebeard :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 1,212 84 Star-Lord (drawing) by Quelchii Star-Lord (drawing) :iconquelchii:Quelchii 938 249 Kitten (drawing) by Quelchii Kitten (drawing) :iconquelchii:Quelchii 1,268 512 David Wright by MBorkowski David Wright :iconmborkowski:MBorkowski 12 3 Victorian Noblewoman by archerygirl429 Victorian Noblewoman :iconarcherygirl429:archerygirl429 2 6 Mermaid Bathing Suit by Firefly-Path Mermaid Bathing Suit :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 987 70 peaceful loving sisters by Nayzak peaceful loving sisters :iconnayzak:Nayzak 1,755 585 Zach Parise Wallpaper #2 by MeganL125 Zach Parise Wallpaper #2 :iconmeganl125:MeganL125 11 1 Zach Parise Wallpaper #1 by MeganL125 Zach Parise Wallpaper #1 :iconmeganl125:MeganL125 8 1 Falletta 20130820 METSVSBRAVES 015 by Fallettus Falletta 20130820 METSVSBRAVES 015 :iconfallettus:Fallettus 2 0 Falletta 20130820 METSVSBRAVES 011 by Fallettus Falletta 20130820 METSVSBRAVES 011 :iconfallettus:Fallettus 1 0

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Stephanie B
United States
I am a writer who has also tried my hand at making wallpapers and avatar and signature sets. I'm currently working on a big story/fanfiction project that involves hockey and vampires.

Current Residence: East Coast
Favourite genre of music: Classical
Favourite style of art: Literatre
Holy cow, I haven't posted an entry in years. Time for an update.

I've been busy lately and just started getting on here again. I have a job now, so I'll still be busy. I'm also back at school, but with a different major. I'm currently working on a hockey novel with f-bomb101 and I'm working on a little interview with my character in said novel. It should be up within the next few days if anyone wants to see it.

I guess that's everything for now.
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