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The return of Alduin

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I wanted to experiment with some speedpainting styles, so I did some Skyrim fanart! :iconhurrplz: I'm so excited for Skyrim! its release date is so close but yet so far... Who invented October???

Also sorry for the inactivity period, I've had some health issues and school started this month so I have very little free time; 3d animation is fun, but very time-consuming P: (in fact I was supposed to spend this whole weekend doing lots of

homework instead of drawing... Hope my teachers don't read this c8 )

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Oh my god! It's so awesome :D
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I drew him in black and white, this is bad ass tho!
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Wow... This looks AWESOME!
The Elder Scrolls 8:
The very last Elder Scrolls game should be Alduins return...He wins in the end.
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Actually miraak might return
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Your art is awesome!
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What hurt me the most in Skyrim? Well, these so called "Dragons" along with Alduin himself, are actually wyverns, to be precise :( 
But that's even better, I hate killing dragons in games! 
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My god that is awsome!!
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Very very impressive! I am a writer and poet, not so much an artist, but I joined up because I am a huge fan of dragons and I love the artwork.
You are incredibly gifted. Well done
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Incredibly well done. I have a hard time beliving that this is a speedpaint. In addition, I am unsure as to the process of suggesting something as a daily deviation, but if there is a picture that deserves it, it's this one.
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just thought i would give you a heads up but someone on steam is posting your art 
they seem to be deleting my comments saying that its yours 
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Thanks, already reported!
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Me and my brother came up with a whole new story line featuring this guy. And Mehrune.
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why aren't this available to buy already? :<
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Thanks to this picture I came to know you and your art.
My sincere thanks to your genius for shaping this wonderful work, depicting so well the great game that is Skyrim. :D
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What an evil dragon.
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Hello, can I use your picture for a tale we wrote in french class ?
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Not fricking normal !!! OAO fu**ing awesome
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