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Rift: Water colossus

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Thought I could try my luck on the current contest :> Wish I had more time though! Started it today, thinking I would have days to finish it... But then I read tomorrow is the deadline! So it's a bit rushed, sorry for that!
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Amazing design :D
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This is huge!I am a dummy! I think I've fainted. La la la la 
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Awesome work. How's things going?
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Beautiful artwork!
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love dragons of any sort. excellent job with this one.
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I love this! I think the head and the wings are my favorite parts.

I also think you, *VampirePrincess007 , and *XRosewaterX are the two best dragon artists that I've seen!
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Oh wow, you managed to contrast the blue scales and dark land while making the scales distinct from the water, it's absolutely beautiful.
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No words can describe how amazing this art is.
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That's it, I'm abandoning ship! SWIM TO SHORE!
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...Holy. Shit. That is a BIG F****N DRAGON!!!!!
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Ha!!--this looks like youspent days on it, it's so beautiful!! :D
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I don't know what to say except..... AWESOME !! =D
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if i could choose a way to die, it would be to be eaten by that thing >:D
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If I were that guy on the ledge, I'd be running in the opposite direction.
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It ressembles a little the design of the Blue Dragon from the third edition of the Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual. Its still a beautiful picture.
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wow this is amazing :iconreactionplz:
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(Is still dead)

My Ghost: :000000!!!!1!1!111!!!! ONE DAY!?!

(Dies a second time)
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It is magnificently done and yet it is rushed?! It is hard to imagine it to be even better but if you would take your time on working with it then it would certainly be a masterpiece ^^
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