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Desert Lords

Nomads by nature, this titans spend the majority of their life travelling across the desert. They are very rare and difficult to see, as they use to fly at extreme altitudes. They only remain on the ground for a short period, until their hatchlings learn how to fly.
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I have seen this piece for years on google images. Every time I saw it, I was struck by a renewed sense of awe. Now that I'm on DA, I can finally express my gratitude and respect for this artwork!

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My god!
That is a stunning piece of artwork!
Hello I work in a small company that we have created in texas right now. Were going to launch our tcg in late october with the first wave that is 2 starter decks 1 booster box with displays banners mats etc etc. Were going to have our playable mobile app to play the card game have internet announcements with our cinematic crew with after effects etc etc and to start a first episode of an anime with the launch of the card game and we saw your art and would like to know if your willing to let us use the art of yours For our card game and we will give you credit for it in our webpage also a link where people will see. your art and follow you and your artist name on the box of each booster set and pack..Let me know here is a link of our web page as well:
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...a rare dragon look and design, clearly worthy of a blockbuster movie. 
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Don't know if you know or not, but this site is selling a bedding set with this design…
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Oh my...lets hope that dragon is friendly
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What is their breath attack?
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Your work is so beautiful. I wish it wasn't stolen to such a massive level. It was almost impossible to find you, but one lucky pintrest post on Dragon Caller which I could tell was also yours linked here! Thank you for sharing such beautiful pieces. 
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It's really unfortunate how much this image is stolen. Your artwork is really amazing.
To be helpful...…………

I don't know about this one…

This guy reuploaded but gave you credit.…
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I love the detail on the wings :D. Great work.
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Hey, this is an awesome piece, and although I'm sure it's not the first time this has happened, someone is claiming to have made it:…
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It's been taken down
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Probably just a kid, nothing to worry about. Thanks for letting me know!
Exquisite art work. Thank you for sharing.
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Wonderful creation of the mind :)
I love these wing markings ... simply lovely. This creature is just really simply lovely.
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OH MY GOD I FOUND IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT OH MY GOD I've been looking for this masterpiece for nearly A YEAR! Oh my God... My life is complete *^*
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Isn't that a beautiful feeling xD
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Gorgeous. I love the landscape, the silhouettes, and of course, the dragon!
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Could look at for a long time, especially the dragon, she's beautiful.
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I've just been alerted to this site selling stolen art.  This piece is being sold there:… They say its stock, but of course its not.
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