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Random title, I was just listening to the song "betrayal" from the Silent Hill 2 OST while doing it
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So this dragon has been enslaved by who he/she trusted?
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"They will PAY for most prosperous vassal kingdom purged, my glorious horde pillaged; my mate slain....I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS OUTRAGE!! Those cowards will know pain and death the likes of which have never before plagued this world!! For their betrayal, for my humilation...not even a FLY will find sustanence in the ruins of their homeland when I have my retribution!!"

--- Rakdon the Red, once known as the Dragon King of the North, in the aftermath of a terrible betrayal by an alliance of Dwarf kingdoms he had considered allies. In a stunning act of undeclared war, the Dwarven forces managed to imprison the great beast; then out of spite ravaged one of his wealthiest tribute kingdoms, pillaging his loot and killing his dragoness mate.
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Good grief, these Dwarves must be too dumb to live, if they fail to realize the long-term consequences of their actions would be nothing less than apocalyptic.
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A dragon fueled by greed and savagery is one thing;

A dragon fueled by MORAL OUTRAGE and righteous anger is something else entirely.
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Wow, that is a dragon of godlike proportions!!! The title makes me wonder - is the dragon the one betraying the people in the city, or did the people betray the dragon and provoke its wrath?
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the amount of "oh crap" on everyone's faces...
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Few survive to betray a Dragon twice...
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How does one smith a chain of that proportion?? O_O super dwarves
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whoa, that dragons cool! and big. Damn. . .
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pffft, apparently Silent Hill won't be big enough to hold this colossus.
This artwork is amazing and I truly envy your talent :). how you put the city with the towers create a great sense of sale on how big this dragon is. And the contrast between the colours of the buildings and the light from the background is truly inspiring.
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Reminds me Guild Wars 2 artworks, amazing
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:wow: that's awsome
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Hot damn! Giant dragon!
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Giant Dragon :3
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the biggest dragon i hav ever see. (My english is bad :imadummy:)
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I had always loved big dragons, but this is overkill!
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Dragon: SUp guys! I'm back! :D
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It looks a little bit like deathwing? dont he?
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Luv it! :heart:

how much time do you think you spent on it?
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