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Hi everyone! I decided to write a news in the digital art topic. So I collected the best photomanips of fire, water, earth and wind. I couldn't collect all of them, because there are so so many creations here, on DA (for example there are #66255 submissions in the photomanipulation category for 'water'). Sorry, if I  missed out you ^^.

The inspiration was moroka323's The Elemental Goddesses photomanip (what is a masterpiece). I wanted a collection of great manips, and it was a great topic, I think.

And the works...
Rising Phoenix by Akagami707 Mutant rights by TwistedKatiekat Rise by DuirwaighStudios Enfer et Damnation by Eireen Autumn Fire by Zaratops The 4 Elements - Fire by Santiex Fire my life by obselete-angel:thumb110584892: Fire Dance by tomer666 Golden Fire by drrop Set Fire To The Hive by phoenix-v02 phoenix, by hakueizm Dark Fire Dragon by Lilyas Aries eye by ftourini Hood of Fire by tvlookplay Fire Goddess by Sugargrl14 Passion by Sugargrl14:thumb118298684: fire horse by salhi Heart Of Darkness by AgentNasrin

Reflections XII by neodecay:thumb91289136: Water Goddess by Sugargrl14 exhale by Never-let-me-go:thumb109762404::thumb112552869: mermaids by JenaDellaGrottaglia Come Undone by Aisii In This Silence I Am Sinking by Asilwen From tears ... by mirallca Ophelia .. Undone by SoDoXa Reborn by EmberRoseArt S P L A S H by FaerieNymph Bleeding From Within by intano:thumb21825482: Overflow by Moniquette Wash my tears away by KittyD Circus of Water by Ioneek In silent waters by intano E M E R G E by FaerieNymph:thumb98825574: Sea Maiden by michellemonique The Shell Maiden by Foxfires Water fairy by Lillucyka green water by greenfeed:thumb96587756: Faith of the Heart by Iardacil Waterlilies... by moonchild-ljilja O u t -of- E l e m e n t by juliadavis Saltwater by YagaK Smoke On The Water by samoshaver:thumb107477703: Illumine by Foxfires:thumb79819662: polaroid 7 by factive Fishing in the City by geckokid moratorium by luminoire The Sea Horse by duckiethedonkey .:FOCALOR:. by StygianDeath The Little Mermaid by vkacademy Water - Tribute by nanopao Evil by skam4 Floods - Hungarian Parliament by arthame:thumb75277157::thumb104089377: Firewater by Sagitarii Water Flame by tfw92 The Scarlet Flower by Pr3t3nd3r

Taurus eye by ftourini:thumb91287537: Virgo eye by ftourini Earth Goddess by Sugargrl14 G A I A by FaerieNymph Mother Earth by CindysArt Mother Earth by metsjeesus The 4 Elements-Earth by Santiex Mother Earth by battlefist:thumb116206977: .Witness the Earth's Reclaim by masKade:thumb123313569: Whats really happening to us by Qqg9 Terre by Flora-Silve Capturing earth by EmberGFX

pain the soul by Sivali-Delirium:thumb88054273: What Ship Will Bear Me Back... by EmberRoseArt:thumb98026112: Spread your wings... by EmberRoseArt:thumb79353026: A Bitter Wind by NTGreen +We fly together+ by moroka323 Wind Goddess by Sugargrl14 dust in the wind by eikoweb The Goddess of the Wind by carmilla--s lady of the wind by li-bra to have the wind in the head by GalaGankina Wind's Face by Ronjana wind by betiti

+The Elemental Goddesses+ by moroka323 The Elemental Goddesses by Sugargrl14:thumb25019867: Goddess Water Vs Goddess Fire by Tempest116 Inner Conflict by Lady-Symphonia:thumb88827355: Fire vs Water by nadhrah94 The Elementalist by emilieleger Better of Two Evils by tvlookplay Fire and Ice by cutthekidsinhalf fire and ice II by Katze-im-Sack Enigmas by CatsEye-Photography Fired Up by FrozenStarRo Siamese Dream by EltonFernandes Hysteria by Eireen Sunset over the ocean by temporary-peace shorting earth by double-graphic The Wind and The Sea by ChrissieCool

† Thanks for watching! Comments are appreciated. ^^.
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This collection blew me away~! XD All of these pictures gathered together looks lagit.
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Need more Fire.
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Amazing collection!
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That's soooooo genial! :heart:
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köszönöm ^^; meg vagyok tisztelve :love:
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nincsmit és örülök hogy megtiszteltnek érzed magad :p
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Hello! :wave:
Thank you very much for including me. :)
Appreciate it a lot!
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oh thank you so much for the feature, lovely collection :)
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no prob.. thank you ^^
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Wonderful feature! And thank you so much for including my image!!! Many hugs :blowkiss:
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thank you so much!! :love: and you're welcome ^^
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Wow, fantastic idea and article. I'm honoured to be included, thank you! :heart:
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thank you ^^ and you're welcome ^^
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Thank you so much for the feature!
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Thank you so much for the Feature it is a beautiful grouping!!!
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you're welcome and thank you ^^
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Very nice but why only women?
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