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My Self-Harm Story by VampireLuvr1 My Self-Harm Story :iconvampireluvr1:VampireLuvr1 12 4 Do You Really Want To Know? by VampireLuvr1
Mature content
Do You Really Want To Know? :iconvampireluvr1:VampireLuvr1 1 1
Unbelievable Truth
    "So... Wait, I don't understand. Why is eating bad?" The girl was desperate to understand, but it didn't make any sense to her.
    "Well, it's not... Per say... But if you eat too much, or not enough, then it's bad," the boy was struggling to find the right words.
    "How much is too much? How do I know if I've eaten too much?" Worry runs through her veins as the memory of her breakfast appears in her mind's eye.
    "That's a good question. Um..." The boy's eyes darted ahead as he spots a bell save him from a conversation destined to be awkward.
    "Hey, Lou!" May called as she hustled up to them, wrapping her arms around Lou's neck for a much-needed hug before her attention was diverted to the small girl standing next to him, "Hi."
    "Hi!" She waves over-enthusiastically at May with a wide smile.
    Lou rolled his eyes with his back to the girl and continued with May, "So, she has a question for you that,
:iconvampireluvr1:VampireLuvr1 1 3
Whatever It Takes (Chapter 1)
    My body is aching. My head is pounding. My lips are dry. My hand fists some kind of soft fabric, which I interpret to be a blanket. I must be in a bed.
    "This is such bullshit!" I hear a man's voice yell.
    "Calm down-"
    "Calm down?! Calm down?! How can I calm down?! I could've killed a girl!"
    "Niall, Niall. Niall, look at me God damn it!" Silence, "You would've died if you didn't do it. You know that."
    "Whatever, Liam. Just..." The voices become too quiet for me to hear. Left alone with my thoughts, I try to figure out where I am without opening my eyes. Last thing I remember is walking through the woods... No. No, no, no, no, no. I was dreaming. I had to be dreaming, this kind of stuff just doesn't happen! I need confirmation. Unable to control myself any longer, my eyes shoot open, revealing a small, dimly lit room. My hand finds my neck, wrapped in a bandage.
    "Er, Niall?" I was so entrance
:iconvampireluvr1:VampireLuvr1 1 0
Whatever It Takes (Prologue)
    "What's your name, love?" says the blonde man in front of me with the nearly hypnotizing eyes.
    "Uh... Alice," I say hesitantly as he saunters closer.
    "Beautiful name. Now, Alice," his Irish voice is rustic; I can hear him struggling to smooth it out, "I need you to do something for me, alright? You need to listen to me and do as I instruct," I look at him with a confused expression, pressing my eyebrows together.
    "First of all, don't move," he takes a step closer and I try to back away, but my feet won't move. I command my feet to take me away, but they refuse. My breathing is rapid as I will my feet to move.
    "What's happening-"
    "Second of all, don't speak," I feel my eyes begin to turn red and swell up, but I refuse to let him see me cry. My lips also refuse my requests now, leaving me immobile and mute. His body is nearly touching mine now. He places his hand on the small of my back and pushes my long hair off my shoulder with the other, then letti
:iconvampireluvr1:VampireLuvr1 1 0
Zayn Rescue
    "Zayn, go back to the house. I know you hate being this close to the water. You don't have to stay just for me," I try to convince the fully-dressed boy. He takes a place on a large rock about 5 feet from the edge of the large, murky pond.
    "And leave you here, in the middle of a forest, alone? When there could be God-knows-what in that water? I don't think so," He pulls his phone out of his pocket and begins typing. I roll my eyes and begin to strip until I'm wearing nothing but black shorts and a black top, revealing my stomach and lower back. There's a small, blue pattern on the shorts that looks like a feather. With some green accents, it reveals the shape of a wave.
    I dip my toe into the water, checking the temperature. Deeming it "warm enough," I begin to walk into the seemingly shallow water. A small, green fish, barely visible in its matching green habitat, swims in front of my foot, stopping me in my tracks. I giggle, loving the soft, s
:iconvampireluvr1:VampireLuvr1 1 4
Niall Imagine #3
    "Niall?" I whisper, soon followed by a catch in my throat, "I need your help."
    "May? What's wrong?" His voice is filled with concern.
    "Could you just..." I take a deep breath, "Could you come get me? I'm at home... My mom just... Niall, I-"
    "I'll be right there, hang on luv. Give me 5 minutes. Just hold on, alright?" I can't force any words out. I nod my head and hold my hand over my mouth. A clicking sound crawls into my left ear and I put the phone down knowing he's hung up.
For the next 8 minutes, I try my hardest to hold myself together. I can't let them hear me cry. A crackling noise snaps me out of my head. I hear a light knocking from my window and pull the curtains to the side swiftly revealing a familiar blonde haired boy. It takes all my strength to slide the stubborn window across the track. Niall immediately pulls me into a bear hug.
    "It's alright, luv, I'm here," he whispers as he releases me and climbs
:iconvampireluvr1:VampireLuvr1 2 0
Family and Friends (Chapter 4)
    As usual, i stayed awake that night, but i was still frazzled from seeing the old lady. If it was a setup, that meant that muggers were there. Even if we were 15 miles away, that was too close for me. Emmett felt the same way, so he didn't get any sleep either. With his amazing sight and my, well, descent hearing, we would have noticed someone a mile away.
    Rose was scared, and even though he didn't show it, Michael was frightened as well. Since he's her favorite, Rose fell asleep in Emmett's arms, and Michael stayed up most the night, sitting in between Emmett and me.
    After an hour or 2, i whispered to him, "It's okay to be afraid, you know," The last time i had a serious talk with him was when our father died. Michael was only Rose's age, Rose was just a toddler, and our mother was a drug addict. We were sent to an orphanage until we could find a foster home that would take all of us. We had the advantage of staying together because Emmett was
:iconvampireluvr1:VampireLuvr1 0 0
Family and Friends (Chapter 3)
    THE rotting bodies are somewhat depressing; but after a while they seem to belong there. Like dead, empty bodies lying on the ground around you are part of the environment. There seems to be triple the amount of them in a city than in the small town we were born in. Which would be a suburb of a suburb of St. Helena. As small as a small town can get. Michael and me always had that in common; we hated small towns. We just cannot stand being somewhere where something is always happening. Well, we got our big city.
    Cedar City is probably the biggest city we've ever been in. And it was completely wasted.
    The big buildings have been completely collapsed, fires still rage, winds are high, and the body count. Don't get me started on the body count. You literally had to step over and around bodies to get past them. Piled on top of each other. Very sickening.
    I felt better as we passed Cedar City.
    We found a shallow river and
:iconvampireluvr1:VampireLuvr1 0 0
Family and Friends (Chapter 2)
    THE fires, the floods, the hurricanes, the terror. This is what I dreamed every moment of sleep I had slipped in to this living hell. It always ends the same way; i'm holding Stefan's hand, everything seems to turn to slow motion. Right before we are hit, i look at him, he looks at me, then i blackout, and wake. I re-live it every couple days.
    I sharply sit up with a gasp, then was blinded by the beating sun. We were by the river. Still? But it was still bright out. I hate being confused when i wake up. Then i feel a hand on my arm; Emmett. He told me that it was time to keep moving, he reminded me of how dangerous it was to stay in one place for too long. I shook my head yes, then woke Rose. Before i had time to shake off the grogginess, we were walking again.
    We usually didn't see any other people. Unless we saw a caravan of muggers. Every once in a while when we see them come by, we have to either run or hide. If they see you, you're dead. N
:iconvampireluvr1:VampireLuvr1 0 0
Family and Friends (Chapter 1)
    THE heat was blistering, but bearable. The dry season was nearly over. You could tell by the was the grass was dying, the trees very few trees i saw were shedding their leaves, the river next to us was almost empty. I'm glad, i never cared for the summer, anyway.
    My guitar case seemed to get heavier with every step i took.  Even though they were just the bare essentials, they were heavy now more than ever. I turned my head to look at Emmett, looking redder than usual. I looked the other way to see Michael petting Daisy's long shaggy fur, Rose dragging her backpack on the ground. Everyone exhausted. "Come, on, you guys are tired already? We've only been walking since sunrise." i said sarcastically. "Lets take a well deserved break." I touched Emmett's arm and pointed to a nice-looking, shady tree, he looked at me, then the tree, and nodded once with a crooked smile.
    Daisy ran to the water with Michael and Rose following. Emmett and me took
:iconvampireluvr1:VampireLuvr1 0 0
Mature content
Story of my Life: Age 14 :iconvampireluvr1:VampireLuvr1 0 0
'Haylor' Imagine
    "Are you okay, Harry?" My eyes dart up to look at my 'girlfriend'.
    "Yeah, sure," I respond blandly. Every moment of my life is bland without Scarlett.
    "Look, I know it's not easy, but it's for her own good," I stare blankly ahead, "And yours. It's illegal. You'd be arrested faster than-"
    "It shouldn't be!" I outburst loud enough to make a few people around us turn their heads. I sigh and lower my voice, "It shouldn't be. She's only two years younger than me, it's not that bad. Why should the police care, anyway? It's none of their business." I look into her blue eyes intensely.
    She looks empathetic, reflecting my inner sadness, "We both know she wouldn't be able to handle the hate," I am reminded of her sister's warnings; she's tried to kill herself twice and failed, she cuts, she's anorexic, all because of people who've bullied her. I remember promising her that I would never let anyone hurt her as long as I'm still
:iconvampireluvr1:VampireLuvr1 1 0
Broken (Chapter 1)
    I remember running up stairs as fast as my small body would allow me. Time crawled past, no matter how much I willed it to fly. I felt my heart beat so hard it burned like a fire in my chest. My calfs screamed in protest as I forced them to push harder, pull me faster.
    I made a life-threatening mistake; I turned back. By tripping over my own clumsy feet, I gave him time to catch up to me. He grabbed me by my bruised neck. I knew that screaming was futile, but the pain was too fierce for me to hold them in. I remember blacking out several times while falling down the old mahogany staircase. Groans escaped my throat as I pathetically tried to get on my hands and knees to get up. A sharp pain starting in my rib cage engulfed my world, which made it more than difficult to breathe.
    "You're worthless! You dumb-s___, why can't you do anything right?! All you do is f___ s___ up!" His merciless voice echoed through my thoughts. I didn't dare rebut. Agai
:iconvampireluvr1:VampireLuvr1 0 0
Crisis (Chapter 39)
    "I miss you so much, luv... Can't ya come home early?" I whine over the phone to May.
    "Oh, I wish I could. I miss you, too. I'm not used to the sun, I have to wear sunglasses whenever I go outside," we both laugh.
    "Now you feel my pain! That's it, America is too bright, time to come home," she laughs, but I'm serious. "Why do you have to visit your family anyway? You can't stand them."
    "So how's everyone doing? I have to say, I don't miss the drama." She changes the subject quickly and I play along.
    "Well, to start, Perrie finally forgave Zayn after a couple months of begging."
    "That's so great! He was so depressed when I left. How about Liam and Danielle?"
    "He's doing really well. He's back to an alcohol-free lifestyle, apparently. I actually saw Danielle smile the other day!" I say jokingly, but we both know it's true how broken she's been.
    "I'm just glad that it's a
:iconvampireluvr1:VampireLuvr1 1 8
Random Snippet #6
    And in that moment, I hated myself. I had realized, that both sides were corrupt. They kill who we think are innocent, and we kill who they think are innocent. It was a never-ending cycle of hate and murder. How could it have taken me this long? My ignorance had shamed me. But did anyone else realize this? I kill a father, they kill a son. They change a niece, I infect an uncle. Then I understood what my mother meant by "ignorance is bliss," but ignorance is corrupt. Always.
:iconvampireluvr1:VampireLuvr1 0 0


Self Harm - Part Six by maryana01
Mature content
Self Harm - Part Six :iconmaryana01:maryana01 1,283 242
Self Harm by HisPaperAngel Self Harm :iconhispaperangel:HisPaperAngel 480 44
I want an ice cream cone
to share when I'm not alone
where there are no violent tones
when no fear chills my bones
why I'm scared, I do not know
I walk with these chains in tow.
:icontmtg:TMTG 1 0
dark desire
who said you can come out?
who said you could exist?
who's feelin' me?
ever find yourself doing the unthinkable?
ever engaged in the unmentionalbe?
you've did what you said you'd never do...
so what's that make you?
now you walk around with something to hide.
you're overcome by the sweeping tide inside.
You're ashamed and don't want it known cause you got a good rep.
if it comes out then you are forever changed.
maybe even branded with a new nickname.
then you'll know how it feels to be called outta name.
whatcha parents don't know about you might make 'em ashamed.
when their friends talk about their kids they wont ring your name.
when their friends ask about you they'll lie again and again.
will you ever tell what it is?
if you do who will it be?
will it be .....
:iconsafesolemn442:SafeSolemn442 2 4
Ian Somerhalder by JuliaFox90 Ian Somerhalder :iconjuliafox90:JuliaFox90 65 22 I'll follow you into the dark by Becky06 I'll follow you into the dark :iconbecky06:Becky06 35 12 I Will Follow You Into Dark by pinkparis1233 I Will Follow You Into Dark :iconpinkparis1233:pinkparis1233 354 69 I'll Follow You Into The DarK by MarkLovingHobbit I'll Follow You Into The DarK :iconmarklovinghobbit:MarkLovingHobbit 89 32 No Freedom by AndrewKalash No Freedom :iconandrewkalash:AndrewKalash 117 6 breaking through the shadows by crazyplantlady breaking through the shadows :iconcrazyplantlady:crazyplantlady 3 1 Help Me... by Insomniac-Corpse Help Me... :iconinsomniac-corpse:Insomniac-Corpse 57 55 Don't Be Selfish by yuumei Don't Be Selfish :iconyuumei:yuumei 29,962 7,784
just want you to stop caring. Please, just let her go. Force her to leave your mind, force her to be banished from your life. It kills me to see you in so much pain, baby, it kills me to watch you suffer. She couldn't do it. She's weak and selfish. She just runs from her problems. And one of her problems was that you're just too special for her. There's too much love inside you, too much pain and hurt and suffering. Baby, I know you want her back, but she's not coming. She'll only get further away, she'll never look back. She lied to keep you holding on, she ripped apart your heart and left herself a piece. But she's not coming back. I know it's hard. But you'll push though.
:icontollador:Tollador 1 9
Your hands are pale and limp.
I gently run my thumb over the bones that protrude. Your hands, the same ones that once created the most beautiful art, are fragile and cold in mine. Trembling slightly.  They were always slender and shapely, but now they're all skin and bones. No longer graceful, just another tragic reminder.
I blink back tears and look up at you. You're finally sleeping, restless and full of nightmares.  You're beautiful, do you know that? Absolutely breathtaking. You've always been pale, but now your face is lily white, the delicate blue veins standing out, making you look so tragically beautiful.
You break my heart.
You mumble something softly and I lean closer to catch it.
"Don't wanna….goodbye…love you…..marry me? Before….go…."
I lean over, pressing my lips to your hand, holding the sobs inside so tightly that my chest hurts. Oh God, baby, you're killing me. I feel like I can't breathe. But I know that if would be okay if I couldn't brea
:icontifa-valentine:Tifa-Valentine 21 16
Rose by Myckelangen Rose :iconmyckelangen:Myckelangen 4 2 Sea of clouds by elkynz Sea of clouds :iconelkynz:elkynz 6 0




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it is everyones favourite film about a syrup addicted bear that is right it is winnie the poo and his cousin piglet from the hit family film that is called winnie the poo and the chamber of syrup. if you havent seen winnie the poo and the chamber of syrup before then you might as well just be blind or deaf or both because you are missing out on a action packed adventure that will haunt you for the rest of your life and my best bit in the whole of the film is when winnie the poo is standing outside of his college in his red coloured crop top with his traditional no trousers on and he is making loads of people laugh by sucking syrup off the top of a teachers car and then gargling with it to the theme tune of mtvs sweet sixteen and all of his friends was saying that it was so funny and his friend ross even said that it was probably one of the best things that he has seen in about half a year and then tigger who is the main idiot at the college was going around telling everyone that he is going to punch winnie the poo in the back of his head after college when he is not looking because he hates him so much but it was so obvious that he is just jealous of winnie the poo for getting all of the attention from everyone and then after college tigger goes to punch him but winnie the poo senses his presence and he instantly turns around and slices tiggers spine with a bit of plastic that he found next to a fence and then winnie the poo goes on top of tigger on the ground and he does a massive screaming laugh right in tiggers face that sounded like a train full of bees smashing into a school and then before tigger could even say why cant i move my legs winnie the poo had completely vanished and then when it was at night time winnie the poo goes over to piglets house and he says for piglet to give him all of the syrup that he has got and piglet says you cant have it because my wife is pregnant and it is all that she can eat right now and winnie the poo says pregnant shmegnant i dont give a flying hell if she is pregnant or if she is just fat i just want to have all of your delicious golden bee juice inside of myself and then he slowly walks over to piglet and he kisses him on his forehead and he says my sweet cousin in a really light voice and then he looks at him for about 5 seconds and he does a half smile and then he slaps him right across his face and he bends forward and he licks piglets face where he was just slapped and he says give me your bee syrup now you salmon coloured dwarf and piglet says you need help mate you have got a serious syrup problem and winnie the poo says shut up no i do not and piglet says eh you do realise the reason everyone calls you winnie the poo is because you actually stink of poo because you never wash because all that you do is drink bee syrup all day and tigger said he actually saw you eating your own poo out of a napkin in the college car park as well and then winnie the poo just grabs the jar of syrup out of piglets pale pink palms and he runs out of the house and as he is running away he screams jumanji and then right at the end of the film there is a shot of winnie the poo sitting in the woods looking at a photograph of him and christopher robin in italy next to the eiffel tower and the camera goes really close up on winnie the poos face and he starts laughing and loads of bees fly out of his mouth and it lasts for about 5 minutes and then the screen just goes completely black and writing comes up that says winnie the poo hasnt been seen for nearly 2 and a half years and then a lightning bolt goes across the screen and it smashes the writing up into loads of little pieces and then the film just ends really suddenly and it really is one of the most action packed films that has ever been made about syrup and if you have children of your very own or if you can find a child just for a day then you should definitely have a watch of it with them when it is the summer holidays because trust me you will not regret it not even a slice.

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