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Vampirella by LCFreitas
Vampirella / Witchblade Wallpaper by OtakuGyaru
Magdalena Vampirella Wallpaper by redfoxlady
Vampirella Dejah Thoris Wallpaper by OtakuGyaru
Vampirella Noir-comp-final by synthetikxs
Vampirella by kharis-art
Vampirella by kyle-roberts

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Vampirella 2.2.2020 by synthetikxs
Vampirella portrait by simon-artist
Vampirella  pin up (2) by Dazaster
Vampirella Ink by Dante-Picasso
Vampirella by CaioMarcus-ART
Cute Vampi
The Vampiress by kit-kit-kit
Vampirella by lujus
Commission - Vampirella by jfsouzatoons
LIL Vampirella by Vinz-el-Tabanas
Vampirella Art 2019 by Rafaschneider2016art

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Vampirella by Yuran1
Vampirella Winter Rose 1 by LiamRSharp
Vampirella 4 Pages 2 and 3 by mikemayhew

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Vampirella by David Perrin by Perrinnation
Vampirella by petervale
Ballpoint pen Vampi Alone by Boyann
Vampirella by FeydRautha81
Vampirella Bedtime by huy-truong
All New Vampirella Sketch Art Card 5 by DenaeFrazierStudios
All New Vampirella Sketch Art Card 12 by DenaeFrazierStudios
All New Vampirella Sketch Art Card 17 by DenaeFrazierStudios
Vampirella by nordfantasy
Chaos! Comics Girls and Vampirella by eliasw84
Vampirella New and Old by eliasw84
Vampirella: This one is for you! by eliasw84
Vampirella by Michael Bair by StephenSchaffer
Vampirella by fantasio
Vampirella 10 cover by PaulRenaud
Vampirella (front) by Darrian-Ashoka
Vampirella for All Hallows Eve - Alisa - LE by LegsEmporium
Vampirella Noir-ink by synthetikxs
Know Your Bras (Volume 3) by SunfireRanger
Lilith by bpisek
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Vampirella sex by Mordor-in-love



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Zonefighter Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
ghostfictionwriter Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2019
I would love to see Eva Longoria or Patricia Velasquez in a high-quality Vampirella movie.  It would have to be true to Vampi in her original Warren iteration.  *Sigh*
ghostfictionwriter Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2019
Recently got my Vampi calendar.  It is really great.  The paper is high quality and the images are very good.  There's only one thing.  There are no copyright symbols or documentation anywhere on the calendar.  There's nothing but the paintings by Enrich, and the days and dates of the months.  No text, no nothing.  Am I enjoying a pirated item?  It's from New Zealand.
ghostfictionwriter Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2019
If I contribute art, does it have to be art that I have created?
ghostfictionwriter Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2019
Waiting impatiently for me Vampirella 2019 calendar, all Enrich paintings, to arrive in the mail.  It's taking forever!
ghostfictionwriter Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2019
Was reading in a Vampirella forum about a cosplay artist from the '70s who nailed Vampi's look.  Her name is Angelique Trouvere.  She is spot on.  Also found the name of the original model for the Gonzalez/Torres poster.  Her name is Carol de Haro.  It's her all right!
ghostfictionwriter Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2019
I would like to recommend Fabiano Neves Vampirella page.  It is very good.
ghostfictionwriter Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2019
I really wish somebody (not necessarily Hollywood) would make a high-quality film of Vampirella.  Something close to her original origins, not the redone origin story.  I keep thinking of Salma Hayak as Enrique Torres Vampirella or Penelope Cruz as Gonzalez'.  Gonzalez' Vampi comes across as slightly vulnerable, while Torres is a more mature Hispanic female.  Any thoughts?
ghostfictionwriter Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2019
I am looking for a Vampirella image I saw the other day while browsing.  I don't remember if I saw it on this site or on Google after typing "I love Vampirella."  It was a color image or her reclining, very close to Gonzalez and Torres.  The costume was correct.  It was signed, but I couldn't make out the signature.  It looked something like "D Century" or something similar.  It was not Dorian Cleavinger.  Any ideas?  I really liked the image and now I've lost it.
ghostfictionwriter Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2019
Thank you for letting me join the group.  I am a writer, not an artist, and I'm planning a fan fiction story about Vampi when I have learned enough about her to write accurately.  I will keep the group informed.  I'm planning to go to the Greenville, SC Comic Con in March to look for vintage Vampirella comics.  Wish me luck!
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