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Edit Agosto 2013
Thank to :iconliliths-realm: Awakening contest

Wowwww!!!!!!I am very grateful for this honorable mention, is a huge honor for me!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! :heart: The best reward for my effort!in the international labor day, the best gift!

Feature here:……………
Feature # 3 + Other things...Well, here I am again to feature some lovely works I've seen. I love supporting other artists, but especially photomanipulators... I think our work is underrated sometimes. In these 3 years doing photomanips, I've recieved tons of critiques (some constructive) but others, just saying that photomanipulation has not value and the argument they use is something like this "You don't need to work a lot on this, just cut and stick a picture in a background and it's done"... These kind of comments make me really mad! Photomanipulation requires practice and lots of dedication. You have to think about the concept, you have to find the appropiate stock (harder than thought), think about the colours, know some basic art rules just like composition and such... You know, my friends, that this is hard work. And who did not experience an art block? When you want to make something, but ideas don't come to your head... So stressing! That's because I don't upload very often... Well, too much talk (or Highlights of the week -13th Edition 2015Highlights of the week -13th Edition 2015
Queen of the Darkness...
You have asked my name a thousand times
but I have never revealed it to you,
you have never seen the real me,
who I am  when the midnight comes to me between your arms,
ominous desire,
while our bodies meet in the shadows,
my breasts heave
as they crash against your skin,
I vex your senses with wanton caresses,
trapping you in our bed,
Our limbs entangled,
soft moanings of bliss
as my hips make you my prisoner,
undoing you with my feverish cravings,
your scent overwhelms me,
igniting my lust,
my lips savor you with crimson kisses,
desecrating your flesh
while drinking you,sweet manna of life,
satiating my hunger,
I feel you shivering under my power,
the ecstasy floods me
as I reveal my ancient name to you,
I am death,
an ancient Queen of the darkness,
a blood drinker Goddess...
'I am Lilith,my beloved'
a soft whisper to your ear
with a last kiss as you surrender to me.
By :iconvillenueve:~

Thank you so much!!!!:heart:

Estampas de Vampiros
St Vampires by vampirekingdom

This is my entry for :iconliliths-realm: Awakening Contest

Higher resolution image, click on image

♥ Credits Stocks ♥
Grecian Girl 2 by AimeeStock :heart: Vampire Stock 4 by chamberstock
Models ♥ :iconaimeestock: and :iconchamberstock:

Premade Background  1166 by AshenSorrow :heart: AshenSorrowStock-Cemetery43 by AshenSorrow
Backgrounds ♥ :iconashensorrow:

Thank you so much for your excellents stocks!!!! :heart:
♥ Visit their galleries ♥

Painting and effects by me

Thank You For Faving by Gerguter
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This is outstanding.  The light paint over work you have done to the skin is just impressive as hell.  :star:
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excellent piece of ART!!!
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Thank youu so much!!!
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~~LOVE ALL YOUR ART..........GABRIELLE  (patricia petruzzella) ERES MIA.....TY SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR VAMPIRE PHOTO'S FROM THE YEARS..PAST..Bat Sleepy Bubble Bat :vampire batVSwolf glomp :vampire: 
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Composition very successful, great job! :)
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This wonderful artwork was featured here: [Feature # 3 + Other things...]
Cheers :rose:
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Thsnk you, very appreciated!!!!!
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Stunning work, just beautiful!
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Thank you very very much!
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why female vampire always bite girls? is man teste bad?
vampirekingdom's avatar's just my obsession......
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awesome work once again!!!
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You're welcome!!!
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This is awesome! 🌟★🌟★🌟
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Thank youuuuuu!!!!! I'm very grateful!!!!I'm so so sorry for the late response...:blush:
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You are welcome! :)
I can understand. No problem! ^.^
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