Performance Problems. Yamato x Reader

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      “From what I can understand, the front door to the building is blocked off, so we're going to have to find another way to get them all out of there. You two go around back and look for an opening of some sort. You two take the roof. Check for anything that might collapse and cause more damage. The rest of you, get things ready at the infirmary, just in case anyone's been hurt. “Barking orders like a seasoned commander, Tsunade ordered the teams around the academy building. “What are you all waiting for, get going. There could be lives at stake here.”

“Yes ma'am.” Not waiting even a second longer, you rushed through the heavy, soaking rain, around the school building to where the massive tree had fallen through the roof. The tree was so large, it had taken out the majority of the building. Despite this, the walls around the tree remained perfectly intact, trapping the students inside. “Dang it Yamato, if you hadn't built this building so well, the walls might not have held up so well and they could have gotten out.”

Actively searching for a way inside, Yamato shook his head. “If I hadn't built the wells this well, the entire building would have collapsed.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” As the water outside the building rose to well above your ankles, you began to worry more and more for the safety of the children inside. “Can't you just use your kekkei genkai to move this tree out of the way or something?”

Looking over at you with a droll expression, he slowly shook his head. “No, I can't do that. We'll have to think of something else.”

“Fine, I've got a better idea anyway. We can just break through the wall.” Hoping he would be able to hear you, you cupped your hands around your mouth and yelled at the top of your lungs. “Iruka, keep everyone away, we're going to break in.” There was no response, at least not that you could hear, but with the water rising and the temperature dropping, there was really no time to wait. “Just make a hole big enough for me to fit through, once I'm inside, and can make sure no one gets too close, you can make it bigger.

“Right.” Not about to argue, Yamato dropped down into a sturdier stance and focused his chakra. With the rainwater quickly rising halfway to your knee, you wanted to rush him, but you knew better than that. Suddenly opening his eyes, Yamato broke his stance and punched through the thick wall of the school building. He'd punched straight through, but the hole was small. “Do you think you can fit through?”

“Of course I can! Are you trying to insinuate that I'm fat or something? Sheesh, how rude.” Trying to keep the mood somewhat lighthearted, despite the serious situation at hand, you feigned offense. “If you don't believe me, just sit back and watch.” Pursing your lips, you quickly made your way to the small hole and began the process of climbing through. Because it was so small, you were going to have to go through head first and wiggle the rest of your body through. “I'm going to get my torso through, then I'll need you to push me the rest of the way.”

“Got it.” Following the plan you'd laid out, Yamato waited until your entire upper body was through the tight space. Once you could go no farther on your own, he placed his hands on your hips and helped you through. Surprised that he'd chosen there of all places to grasp you, you let out a quiet squeak. “Are you okay?”

Glad he couldn't see you blushing, you called back to him in a slightly agitated tone. “I'm fine. Just make sure I don't fall on my head.” Finally, after a bit of work, you made your way all the way through. When you were able to stand again, you saw all of the academy students huddled up in the center of the room. The water inside was even higher than it was outside, meaning most of the students were shivering and wet. In the middle of them was Iruka. The fact that he was unconscious, and his shirt was stained with blood, made it obvious that he'd been hurt when the tree fell.

“It's about time you got here.” Yelling out of fear, not anger, Konohamaru, half screamed his words. “Sensie's laying here hurt and you all are just standing around doing nothing. What if someone died because you were too busy talking to help?”

“Calm down Konohamaru. I'll have all of you out of here in less than five minutes flat. I promise.” Though you weren't nearly as strong as Yamato, you were sure you'd be able to break through the wall, just as he'd done. “Stand back Yamato, I'm about to make an opening.” Without waiting for his response, you lowered yourself into a firm stance and focused. Once you were sure you could do it, you rose up and punched the wall with all your might. For a full minute, everything around you was obscured by dust. When the dust settled, a large path appeared. “Alright, everyone out in single file. There are ninja outside waiting to take you all to the infirmary.” All of the students, save Konohamaru immediately jumped to their feet and rushed out of the building. Staying behind, he held Iruka's head in his lap, tears welling in his eyes. “I've got him Konohamaru. He's going to be alright.”

“I'm not worried.” He lied. “His head is just too heavy for me to lift. I'd be gone already if I could get him off of me.”

Entering the flooded, crumbling building, Yamato lifted Iruka from Konohamaru's lap. “Here, I've got him. Now go with the others.” A bit shaky, he stood from the watery floor and nodded. Without saying another word, he rushed out of the academy and followed his classmates towards the infirmary. “Come on.” Taking care to make sure Iruka wasn't injured further, Yamato signaled you to follow him. “You should get checked out too. You're bleeding.”

“W-what?” Not in any pain whatsoever, you quickly looked yourself over. Your sides were scratched and bleeding, just slightly from wiggling through the wall. Those small scratches were the least of your worries though. What really caused both you, and Yamato concern, was your hand, which was obviously broken. “I didn't even realize I'd hurt myself.”

“Probably the adrenaline. You'll feel it soon enough, trust me.” Now inside the infirmary, Yamato left your side and took Iruka to one of the priority rooms.

Knowing he was probably right, you slumped your shoulders forward and sighed. “I'm sure.” Since you weren't in any real pain, yet, you simply let one of the medical ninja know you were there and waited patiently. About five minutes later, however, your hand, sides, and upper arms began to throb. As the minutes ticked by, you became aware of more and more places where you'd hurt yourself. Soon, the majority of your body was in some sort of pain. Still, you knew that there were others worse off. Besides, none of your injuries were life threatening.

“You still don't have a room?” Returning to your side, Yamato looked down at you and frowned.

“No.” Trying to keep a strong front, you shook your head and shrugged. “I figured there were other people worse off than I am. I can wait my turn.”

“None of the academy students were hurt in the slightest. So your injuries are much more substantial than theirs are.” Silently aggravated that you weren't looking out for your health better than this, Yamato walked away from you and explained your situation to one of the medical ninja. As soon as he finished speaking to the ninja, you were escorted to one of the rooms and promptly tended to. After you'd been given a full assessment, your worries had been confirmed. Your hand was broken, and badly. Other than that, and a few superficial cuts, you were perfectly fine. “You see? I knew you needed attention.”

Though you were terribly glad for the pain medicine, which was just now kicking in, you let out a prideful snort. “I would have survived.” Honestly, the fact that he was worried about you was flattering, maybe even a little bit embarrassing, but you weren't about to tell him that. The last thing you wanted to do was make things awkward between the two of you, again.

“I'm sure.” Taking a seat in the chair next to your hospital bed, Yamato looked down at you, doing his best to hide a quickly growing smirk. “You did a good job out there today, but I've noticed a problem with your performance. It's a recurring problem too.” Pausing just long enough for you to get offended, Yamato continued before you could speak. “You're always getting hurt. Last time you almost took off your finger with a hammer, and this time you could have lost your entire hand. You keep doing things like that, and you're going to end up dead in no time.”

Chuckling at his severe exaggerations, you gave his knee a firm pat with your good hand. “Thanks Yamato. I'll try to be more careful in the future.” Feeling a bit drowsy, due to the pain killers no doubt, you rested your head on your pillow and smiled up at him. “I'm really glad you're here with me right now. You're always such a bright ray of sunshine. No matter the situation, I know I can count on you to brighten things up.”

“You're welcome.” Breaking his rather stoic demeanor, he smiled in a way that made his dark eyes light up. “I'm glad I could help.”
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Aaahhh!! I really liked reading this.
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It's great ;A;
thank you so much for the hard work~!
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Thank you! I'm very glad you liked it. ^^
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I wonder how Iruka is doing...*is a bit worried*
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Aww, so sweet!! Love it!