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        The moment Thoth returned from ending the last turn, he walked up to you, took your hand and pulled you from your seat. As always, his expression was overly strict and slightly cold. “You're the next person in line. Since you have known this for the last seven minutes at least,  I'm assuming that you're ready to play.”

“Yes, sir. I am actually very ready to play. While you were gone, I actually went ahead and picked out my item, just to save you a bit of time.” Smiling proudly at your consideration, you held up a tiny, golden charm, fashioned in the shape of the sun. “I might be wrong about this, but I'm pretty sure this item belongs to Apollon. If it's not his, then it might belong to Baldr.”

“You were right the first time.” Looking cheerful and eager to get things started, Apollon stood from his seat, walked up to you and in a very polite, almost noble way, took your hand in his. “Let's get going, shall we?”

“Oh yes, definitely.” With a firm nod, you rushed off to the kitchen with him, still tightly holding on to his hand. You really didn't know what you were going to do now that you were in the kitchen, but you were glad that you no longer had the rest of the group staring at you. Really, it didn't matter all that much to you what you happened, just being with Apollon was pretty fun. “Well, here we are. Time to have some fun for once and not get in trouble for it.”

Apollon laughed quietly. “You make it sound like we don't have any fun at all. But I guess you're right, the rules are pretty rigid around here.” Quickly dismissing the subject, the slight frown that had crept onto his face disappeared and was replaced by a warm, toothy smile. “Oh well, that's not important, we can enjoy ourselves now, so we might as well enjoy it while we can.”

“That's true.” Both excited and embarrassed at the same, you really weren't sure what to do. You didn't want to seem too interested in playing, but you didn't want to be too lax either. “So, since we're in here, are you going to kiss me?” Hearing those words come from your mouth made you blush. “I don't want to get my hopes up or anything you know.”

“I don't really know why I need to play a game to be allowed to kiss you, but I won't argue.” More than happy to oblige to your request, Apollon gently took your hand in his once more. He loosely closed his eyes, bowed in princely manner and kissed the top of your hand.

Though you had fully expected him to kiss your cheek, nose, or even lips, the sincere, heartfelt way that he'd kissed your hand threatened to make you swoon. “That was so sweet it was almost fairy-tale like. I don't even know what to say right now.”

Apollon brought your hand to his chest, kissing your fingers this time, and stepped closer, closing almost all of the distance between your bodies.“You're already so red. I haven't even kissed you yet, at least not really.”

His unexpected words caused your ears, your chest and even your nose to turn bright red. “O-oh, I thought that was the kiss.”

“No, not quite.” With the tip of his forefinger, he slowly lifted your chin so that your eyes locked on his. Paying little attention to the fact that time was wasting away, he took his time lowering his lips to yours. The instant they touched, Thoth walked through the door. Both you and Apollon knew he was there, but neither of you tried to end the kiss. It was so soft, and so sweet, you actually began to wonder if he was kissing you at all.

Tired of waiting, Thoth loudly cleared his throat and spoke in a commanding tone. “I suggest the two of you end your turn, and very soon. You've been given seven minutes and you have already been in here eight. I don't want the others to think you're receiving special treatment.”

Apollon reluctantly pulled away from you and frowned. “I understand.” He gave Thoth a slight nod, then looked back down at you, still not at all ready to leave. “Seven minutes seems like a long time to kiss someone, but it's not long at all.” Knowing that no number of excuses was going to work, he pulled you from the kitchen back into the cafeteria.

Anything other than a smile did not suit him at all, but you were sure you knew exactly how to bring his smile back. “Don't frown like that Apollon. Do you remember what you said to me back in the kitchen?”

“I said a lot of things earlier, so I'm not really sure I know exactly what you're talking about.” He grinned weakly. “I'll need you to remind me if you don't mind. What did I say?”

Glad he'd taken your bait, albeit somewhat embarrassed as well, you gleefully explained yourself to him. “You said you weren't sure why you needed a game to kiss me. The game might be over, but if what you said a moment ago is true, it really shouldn't matter.”

“I did say that, didn't I?” Just as you had hoped they would, your words caused his frown to fade away. Happy once more, he placed his hand on your shoulder and kissed your cheek. “Thank you for reminding me.”
Commissioned by :iconayano-otori:

Link to intro…
(This is part one)
Link to Part 2 - A Party For Two. Apollon x Reader

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To be perfectly honest if apolo wasn't so inesnt and child like I would think he was a secret perv. He is still adorable and one of my fav characters
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 love it! Thank you!!!
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Rose blush
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