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More music : o )

Tired and lost in fanfic wonderland. : o )
The full version of this song staring a certain God of Mischief <3 : o )

Listening to music while wondering in fanfic wonderland. : o )
A Melanie Martinez song I haven't listened to before today, and I gotta say I like it. : o )

Music and fanfics all day everyday : o )
So many songs on the radio end up getting my attention, just like this one. : o )

Out of the rabbit hole and into fanfic Wonderland. : o )
A song I had heard on the radio today... : o )

Always making my way further into the rabbit hole. : o )
A song that I really love <3 : o )

Gonna see how far the fanfic rabbit hole goes! : o )
A song I heard on the radio on my way back from the beach. : o )

Perfectly content with falling deeper into the rabbit hole of fanfics. : o )
Another animatic; this one is very beautiful and well made. : o )

Down the fanfiction rabbit hole I go. : o )
Loki lol smile Loki smile tom hiddleston Loki Grin 
Another song that I've listened to multiple times in the past. : o )

It's so warm in my room. Starting to sweat, maybe I shouldn't move around so much. : o )
pixel harry Bitch. I'm Out. 
Just chilling out. : o )
Loki Grin Awkward Loki smile tom hiddleston Senior loki says party 
A beautifully made video~ : o )