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there is nothing left

.... and it all gets damaged.
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ahhh very cute! i love the eyes
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hi......just wanted to say this picture is so fucken cute, what am i saying there all cute :)
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Adorable! I love the lines, as well as the line-ish shading. It's all so clean, and so cute. <3 That's the most adorable cloud I've ever seen. Keep up the good work!
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Hmm You know it s a poem and Im not sure If I can give same sense as poet did.

But is about boy and girl of course. And boy has written what he felt when she left him without saying nothing...
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We really liked your work. We used it in one of article who sent by one of our writers.
We are sorry we couldn't ask and wait for your confirmation, but if you don't want to share your work please let me know. Then as soon as possible we remove your work from our web site.

But of course we linked back directly from your work in our page to your page in Deviantart...
Here it is: [link]
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hello, thanks for featuring me and linking back :) I can't read what it says tho, haha :D anyways, no problem... and thanks for letting me know ^___^
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This pic is featured in my journal! :aww: [link]
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I love this one :heart:
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Cute and sad. </3
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i love this work!
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thanks for faving ^_^
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Want... tattoo... now...
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Cheer up, emo kid.
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sorry to disappoint you, but there's no angry poetry or wrist-slicing here!
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Love how the cloud looks >:3 tis cute
So bitter-sweet.
Poor cloud :'(
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I love it. Reminds me of so much in my life.
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its adorable but very sad :'[
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It's so cute but it's sad! >.< But I love how you put it together~
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I know everyone else is saying this is cute, but to me it's just very emotional and sad =[
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