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the artist in the ambulance

By vampireDoLL
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knighttemplar1's avatar

Lovely...nice photo!! :)

LoosingMyHeart's avatar
You're soo beautiful... Well shot pic with your spectacles. They suit on you. And great to be a left handed:D
hblb's avatar
hey you're left handed.. i just broke my right wrist recently and now i'm ambidextrous. left handed is way more fun i think.
vampireDoLL's avatar
yep, I'm an evil lefty! :) sorry about your wrist... well, at least you discovered an hidden talent ^_^
Lidyecita's avatar
Your work i very great!! congratulations, i admire you :D
vampireDoLL's avatar
thanks, you're very kind... and your avatar is lovely! :)
wrathofthetyrant's avatar
As always, very beautiful :aww:
vampireDoLL's avatar
thanks, too kind! ^_^
lilie-morhiril's avatar
oh che bello poter vederla nel suo vero aspetto madama^^
vampireDoLL's avatar
hehe, il mistero è svelato! :D
elfodellanotte's avatar
WOW... sono senza parole, in positivo *_____*
vampireDoLL's avatar
ti ringrazio per l'entusiasmo! ^_^
jero1's avatar
fossi in te ci restavo a new york, chi te lo fa fare di tornare quà :P
scherzo (ma non troppo)
vampireDoLL's avatar
lascia perdere, hai perfettamente ragione. mi sono impegnata per perdere il passaporto ma non ci sono riuscita.
saturnine-angs's avatar
i just love your red glasses:D
vampireDoLL's avatar
I should start a club for fans of my glasses :D thanks! ^_^ they're by Alain Mikli.
saturnine-angs's avatar
yep... your glasses will have a lot of fans hehe...

^^ u look sexy :kiss:
kickmeiamadog's avatar
Those specs are great!!!

Ooo, we get to see the artist at work, greatness!
vampireDoLL's avatar
spectacles in england, glasses in the US. I'm having language conflicts! :D
yep, that's me drawing, the mystery disappears :)
kickmeiamadog's avatar
Lol, we call em all sorts over here, depends what part of the country you're from! mostly people call them glasses, or specs for short. Some people call them Eee's... which is a very dialectic form. Eee's is a yorkshire way of saying eyes, but is also used to mean glasses... weird eh?
vampireDoLL's avatar
lol, I wouldn't be able to live in yorkshire, too many weird words. I met a guy from Birmingham in NY... we had a great conversation (even if the english accent is harder for me to understand than the american one).
kickmeiamadog's avatar
*shudders* I lived in birmingham for a year, I couldn't stand their accents... My accent isn't that broad, mostly yorkshire people don't speak with such a rich vernacular, they just have the accent and not the colloquialisms.
Nachan's avatar
aaah, ma sai che al concerto dei Depeche Mode a Roma ho visto un ragazzo con una maglia con su Rufus??*_*
è stato emozionante in un certo senso!XDDD
vampireDoLL's avatar
oddio, hai incontrato uno dei miei pochissimi clienti! che emozione! spero almeno che l'abbia comprata da me senza rubarla e appropriarsi indebitamente di Rufus! :D qualunque sia la spiegazione sono contenta :D :D
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