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Dreaming the Wolf
A Boudica fanficlet based on the books by Manda Scott with my OC's
Dreaming the Wolf
Brennan Nic Sorcha Mac Efnis, Warrior of the Cornovii, cursed as his prey managed a shout of alarm before the bite of his father's ancestor blade cut cleanly through the Roman's throat.
As short as the cry was it carried too far too fast in darkness and was clearly heard by the XXth cohort camped but a few feet away. Answering shouts were called and when the silence stretched too long they would light the torches and come to find a body and the boy warrior clumsily carving the wolf mark into its forehead.
Hands slick with sweat and blood Brennan tried to make the cuts cleanly, the last line was cast into still warm flesh as the night grew too bright and his cloak of darkness was ripped cruelly aside. Boy or man it made no difference to the legionaries, they faltered only in knowing that the youth could not, and would not be alone. He did not wait for them to get the courage to venture forward. S
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United Kingdom
Current Residence: The Midlands, UK
Favourite genre of music: any and all
Favourite style of art: Manga and anime
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Sailor Moon
Hey all its been a hell of a long time, sorry about that, life caught me up and carried me far away but I'm back now (at least until the next tide sweeps in ^_^)

So its been nearly 10 months and there's a lot to cover. First things first, i finally quit karate :( had to be done I'm afraid. At 6th Kyu i realised that i wasn't all that into anything i was learning. Infact i felt damn silly doing the moves i was learning for my next grading. None of it made any sense, and if anyone (god forbid) actually did tackle me in a dark alley this stuff wouldn't have helped in the slightest! I enjoyed what i learnt and it helped me grow and get stronger but in the end it was a sport and not self defense. I want to be a warrior, not a sports woman, I want to be able to stumble into a battle from one of my books and be able to hold my own if not win the day single handed. In short i want to learn to be the person I've always dreamed i'd be and not some power ranger wanna be (though don't get me wrong the pink ranger (original Mighty Morphin btw) was my heroine growing up).

I suppose being on the battlefield for real in the re-enactments taught me the futility of what i was learning in karate and i'm grateful for that. I may try my hand at another martial art in the future but I'll pick carefully when i do.

Another reason i quit was time, i had none of it! I mean i'd be out of the house 7 days a week without fail, no time to do any writing or drawing or crafts, it was driving me insane!

But on to happier things :D my ninja :katana: in a few months we will have been together for a whole's scary how fast the time has gone, but i can't remember what it was like before him, can't imagine a time before him. He's more than i ever dreamed i would get. I've come to realise that until you fall in love you think you understand and can imagine what it would be like. You don't, you can't. I think it was Beckett on that Tv show Castle who said it best when she said "Love is when all of the songs suddenly make sense..."
Everything is so different now, I sincerely believe I've found my soul mate and we're slowly starting to plan our lives together. There are whispers of moving in to our own home, even talk of the children we are going to have when we're completely settled. I'm actually turning domestic!! lol I mean it! I cook, i clean, i wash his clothes and sew them for him!! And i don't even mind doing it!! lol this wench has been tamed by a ninja and she's purring like a kitten ;P
I want to write the story of how i met him and know it will begin with the words "We met on a battlefield" which is true but im so out of practice with my writing it will take me a while to get over the mental block and get on with it.

But he's not the only thing taking up my time. I've been researching my family tree for many years now but it's only this last year that i hit a real breakthrough. I've officially traced my ancestors back to ...

... wait for it ...

15BC!!!!!!!!!! unofficially i've gone back further but since i can't completely authenticate the connections 15BC is the last date i can be 100% sure of :D

Even better we have royal blood! lol Back in the 12th century, King Henry II of England ad his way with Lady Ida Tosny and produced William Longespee, Earl of Salisbury. He had a daughter Isabel and its from her that i am decended. lol i loved that I can tell you!! I mean i was happy when i found a Knight! traced that back and got a Lord which was cool but then it was a Baron, then an Earl and a Prince and a bloody King! It's the kind of thing I'd fantasied about when i started the research but never expected to find. My research is on going and will probably take me the rest of my life to complete but i love it all :)

I'm plotting on a book once its finished and a tapestry with the tree in all it's splendor. As it is my mum has had to forbid me from painting it all over my bedroom walls lol.

But it's not all research and nest building. The Sword play is still going strong. The ninja is teaching me staff fighting and i still practice the karate i learned to stay fit.

I hope to have a painted shield to show you all soon once a design has been settled but you'll have to be patient with me.

Love you all!!!!!
  • Listening to: the kids playing in the sunshine outside my window
  • Reading: The Vampire Chronicles, Blood canticle
  • Watching: Hidalgo
  • Eating: Duck legs!!
  • Drinking: Tea (always)


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