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What's going on here? Vampire Knight. Chapter 1
I sat in the car with my older brother. We were both going to Cross Academy for the first time. Was I happy about this? No. Was my brother happy about this? Heck yeah!
I'll take this time to introduce myself. I am Sayuri Ninomiya, my older brother is Kazunari Ninomiya. I'm 15, and he's 16. Once I get to Cross Academy I will have to call myself, Sayuri Shinoya. Why? You see I'm a Pureblood Vampire but I want to be in the day class, and all the vampires will probably know my last name, since we are VERY well known. Something you should know about me is that, I am a Vampire Hunter. Strange Huh? Well I can also Hide that fact that I am a vampire at all. Which will be useful! Anyhow...back to the story...
I leaned back in the seat and faced Kazunari. He was 6"3 with black hair in an emo style with bright purple eyes and glasses with a black rim, his hair was very messy though ^^". He was quite open, and very nice. I am 5"4 with long black hair to my mid thighs, I have bright purple eyes lik
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Welcome to the Vampire Knight Club

:rose: HOW TO JOIN:

At the top on the blue bar, click the "Join Our Group" button.


how to submit: click the "submit art" button at the top, then select which folder you'd like to submit to. then, click "contribute art"

All submissions must be 100% original. This means:

:bulletblack: Must be made 100% by YOU. No colored-in manga pages, screenshots from the anime, pictures containing some of Hino-sensei's work, etc. This is a fanart group. This means that we want 100%, never seen before original art by you. Make sense?
:bulletblack: Finished work ONLY. No rough sketches. This does not mean it has to be colored. Black and white is fine, as long as the lineart is complete and clean.
:bulletblack: Must be Vampire Knight fanart only. This should be obvious! Cosplay, art, fanfics, etc.
:bulletblack: NO TRACED ART. It's called STEALING and I do NOT allow it.
:bulletblack: There is no LIMIT to how much you can submit, but keep this in mind: if you post in BULK, people might feel that they get flooded with too much deviations, and just delete them all, giving you LESS views!
:bulletblack: Any other questions, just ask!


:bulletblack: refer to the submission rules!
:bulletblack: if your deviation isn't breaking any rules, than it might have been a mistake. When in doubt, ask!
:iconmaeofclovers::iconsaysplz: Hey guys! As the weeks go by, I find myself being overwhelmed by school life as well as personal life. Running this club is fun n' all, but I've noticed that there's too much for just 2 of us to do. So I've decided to look for some new contributors!

I'll be accepting 2 to 3 new admins to accept/deny submissions and answer questions. I'll also be going by the same guidelines as those below (So pleaaaaase read carefully).

so again:

"If you're interested in being an admin, write (not an essay) a bit about why you think you should, and based on how intelligent you sound, we'll see. "HEY I LIKE VAMPIRE KNIGHT MAKE ME ADMIN DESU!!1!!" will be totally ignored. =__="

Thanks! and good luck!



:iconlindzar::iconsaysplz: This club is insanely popular and we get way too many submissions a day. I'm a busy girl, and my other club is reaching 2,000 members as well, so 1 admin other than me is not enough. Though she does a kickass job! I'm looking for 2 maybe 3 other admins. They will accept/deny submissions and reply to questions. It's not too hard. I'd say it takes (if everyone is keeping up) like 2 or 3 minutes of your time a day. You just look at some art, and if it complies with our rules, hit accept, and if not, hit deny. :| simple. Basically I just need some people who ARE NOT afraid of pressing the DENY button. A LOT. We get a lot of traced/stolen art in here, so that button gets pressed a lot. Basically, read the rules and FOLLOW them. I can't have some super nice people who don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. By doing that, the club becomes a disorganized mess of crap that nobody wants to look at.

If you're interested in being an admin, write (not an essay) a bit about why you think you should, and based on how intelligent you sound, we'll see. "HEY I LIKE VAMPIRE KNIGHT MAKE ME ADMIN DESU!!1!!" will be totally ignored. =__=

So that's about it~ :la: anyone can apply!
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