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The Little Demon Vampire Hybrid Ch 2Disclaimer: I do not own Batman vs Dracula, JJBA, MLP, Adventure time and Foster's home for imagination friends. I only own is my ocsChapter Two: Pregnancy cravings and the Dragon sushi roll plushieWeeks passed Jade's stomach is starting to have a small bump.Jade had been eating food that she can have and can't due to her pregnancy. The Demon Queen had been feeding into mostly animal's blood.She finished drinking pig's blood, which it feed the unborn hybrid baby too as well.Suddenly the baby kick her in her womb telling her. That it is still hungry"Drac. The baby is still hungry. I want to eat more pig's blood and some garlic pickles after this." Jade replied as Dracula goes back to the kitchen."Okay Jade. Geez especially the baby too." Dracula replied as he went to get some more pig's blood and a jar of garlic pickles for his pregnant Demoness.Even though Jade is a demon. She loves to eat pickles especially she is immune to garlic."Here you go. Jade." Dracula replied as he handed a cup of pig's blood and a jar of garlic pickles on the table.Jade still wearing her demon queen outfit except she can't wear a corset during her pregnancy. The Demoness wear a maternity gothic long dress similar to her gothic corset long dress.Suddenly the main door knocked which Dracula opens the door revealing to be Marceline, Kars and Twilight Sparkle. Brom came over to them and began wagging his tail happily."Hey, guys what are you doing here?" Dracula asked."We came to see Jade. So how is she doing so far in her pregnancy?" Twilight Sparkle asked."Well, she's been eating a lot ever since it's been a couple of weeks. Her stomach is still developing that our kid is until the due date." Dracula answered."The baby will be born at?" Kars asked."Her friend Double D said that the baby will be due on January 24." Dracula answered."Can we see her at least?" Marceline asked as Dracula sighed about this."Okay guys, when you came in to see her. Make sure you don't upset her." Dracula replied."Why is that Drac?" Kars asked."Because yesterday. Jade almost broke someone's arm while shopping for stuff." Dracula answered.Shows the flashback yesterday in the mall Dracula is with his pregnant demon wife.They got maternity clothes, movies, and a couple of cute stuffed animals and Pokemon plushies.While the two keeps looking around at stores until Jade stops."Jade. What is it that you see?" Dracula asked as he sees Jade looking at a stuffed toy that caught her attention.It was cute dragon sushi roll plushie."Oh that's what you want. This dragon plushie?" Dracula asked."Yes, can we go in that store and checked on the price on how much it is." Jade answered as she and her vampire husband went inside the store and checked on the price of the Dragon sushi plushie.The price on it was twenty two dollars."Ummm. Jade I'm not sure about this. I mean it looks cute but this is too much." Dracula replied."Please. Honey. Most of the stuff in the mall we brought can be expensive. I actually want this just in cause that our baby will love this plushie." Jade replied as Dracula sighed that his pregnant demoness is right about this."Fine, we'll get it right now. This the last thing we're buying and that's it no more spending money until then we get more." Dracula replied as Jade was about to grab the Dragon sushi plushie but someone tries to grabbed it from her.The person who tries to that plushie. It was Terrence that Jade hated that he picks on his younger brother Mac and his imagination friend Bloo that she made friends with ever since she moved here."Terrence. I'm going to buy it first because my unborn baby needs it before he or she is born." Jade replied."You're pregnant by your vampire husband. Besides the kid of yours will probably ten times worse than you and him. So I want this plushie this is mine." Terrence replied as Jade loses her temper pretty quickly."Oh great. He just pushed Jade's button big time." Dracula thought."What did you say to me and Drac's kid?" Jade asked."I just said that your kid is probably going to a freak more than you and your husband. Fatso." Terrence replied as Jade grabs him and began twisted Terrence's arm that he felt pain."Ow! That hurts. Please let me go!" Terrence shouted."If you don't your arm to be broken then you do something for me." Jade replied."What is it?" Terrence asked."In exchange for your arm if you have to give that dragon sushi roll plushie to me if you can't then you'll have a broken arm." Jade replied as Terrence doesn't want to wear a arm cast due to fact that the pregnant Demoness had actually breaks his arm."Fine. I'll give that toy to you. Now please let me go!" Terrence shouted as Jade lets go of his arm which he gives the dragon sushi roll plushie to the Demon Queen."Here's your plushie." Terrence replied as he ran away from the supernatural couple."Geez. Jade. I guess you really wanted that plushie bad even you tried to break Terrence's arm." Dracula replied."Drac, can we buy this plushie and go home. I'm getting sleepy." Jade replied.They brought the dragon sushi roll plushie and headed back home so Jade can sleep with her new plushie that her vampire husband got for her.End of flashbackKars, Marceline and Twilight Sparkle heads in the living room where they see Jade is holding her dragon sushi roll plushie, eating sushi while Brom is near Jade which she pets him.They sat down on the couch near the pregnant Demoness."So what are you going to name the baby when it's born?" Twilight Sparkle asked."Me and Drac have choosing the names for the baby when it's born. If it is a girl Lenora, if it is a boy Draven." Jade answered."Nice names you picked out for the baby." Marceline added."I actually picked them out when me and Dracula had finished our night together before I got pregnant." Jade replied as she eats her rainbow sushi roll with her chopsticks."So you got mad at Terrence that he called your unborn child a freak. You almost broke his arm. Well, I guess he got scared of you." Kars replied."I got mad at him that he tried to get that dragon sushi plushie out of my hands so I actually bribed him to give it up." Jade replied. "I'm excited that about this but this is going to be painful for you when you to have deliver the baby." Marceline replied."Yeah, I don't know about this exactly on the labor part." Jade replied as Dracula sat next to her."Relax. My dear. I'll make sure to be on your side when it is about time." Dracula replied as he hugs his pregnant demoness in his arms making sure she is secure. Which Jade placed her hand in her small bump where the unborn baby is at.After Jade and Dracula had their meeting with Marceline and their friends.The pregnant Demoness is dressed in her white silk yukata with pink cherry blossoms which Jade went to sleep with her dragon sushi roll plushie.Dracula places his hand on her stomach which he can feel his unborn baby move."Me and Jade can wait to see you until on your due date." Dracula replies to the unborn baby in Jade's womb. He went to sleep with Jade.
Cartoon Network City Crossover Ch 6Disclaimer: I do not own KND, Ed, Edd & Eddy, MLP, Batman vs Dracula, and all the Cartoon Network shows including all the Toonami shows.Chapter Six: Date nightJade woke up when her alarm beeped so she turned off. She woke up on the bed, seeing the window opened and a note sitting on her nightstand.To Jade.Jade opens the note and reads it.Jade, after the weeks I have spent time with you and your friends. I felt even more better that I first saw you in school. That you're even kinder than Heather.Jade, Do you mind going out with me tonight?- DraculaJade puts the note somewhere and changes to her outfit. She wears her Guns & Roses shirt with a jeans hoodie jacket and grey shoes and heads to school.Inside the school Jade sees the people begin talking to each other about her, but she decides to ignore them. They probably heard that Dracula rescued Jade from Mojo Jojo and Dr Kamikazi. When Jade was about to head to her first period class, Twilight Sparkle saw her first."Jade thank goodness you're okay!" Twilight shouted as she, Edd, Hinata and others went to see Jade."Jade what happened?" Numbuh 1 asked."Oh I was captured by Mojo Jojo and Kamikazi. I was heading home but I decided to look through the city. When I encountered it, I ended up being kidnapped. Luckily, I was able to text Dracula. He and Kars save them." Jade answered as they were shocked that Dracula rescued her."I thought that the Powerpuff girls rescued you from the two villains." Edd replied."Umm...what?" Jade replied."They're crime fighters. And they go to school as well." Twilight added."So how did Dracula react when you got taken away?" Rainbow Dash asked."Oh he was mad. And he came over to Mo Jojo's place along with Kars. The two defeated them." Jade answered."It is interesting that these two are able to rescue you from them." Edd as the school bell rang that it was time for class."Well it's time to go. And after school. I'm going to hangout with Dracula." Jade replied."Okay see you on Monday." Twilight replied as she, Jade, Edd and her friends went to their first period class.After school is over. At Dracula's home, Kars was sitting on the bed playing PlayStation 2 while Marceline was playing with her ax guitar. Dracula came out of the bathroom wearing a black jacket, t-shirt, jeans and sneakers."So guys, how do I look now?" Dracula asked as both Kars and Marceline looked at him."Very nice. Not that fancy just right." Kars replied."Alright I'm going to hangout until it is done." Dracula replied."Good luck." Marceline replied as Dracula exited the mansion and went to Jade's house.In Jade's bedroom Jade wore a black shirt with leather jacket, fingerloop gloves, skirt, leggings, rose hair clip, and boots with shoelaces. She heads downstairs and head the door which she opens, revealing to be Dracula standing at the door."Ready to go?" Dracula asks as Jade exits out of the house."Mom. I'm going to hangout with Dracula until I come home." Jade replied."Okay be home after this." Cherry replied."I will." Jade replied as she closed the door."So where are we going then?" Dracula asked."I was thinking of going to the mall." Jade answered as Dracula transformed into a black Arabian horse."Jade get on me." Dracula replied as Jade got on his back."Hang on Jade." Dracula replied as he and Jade headed to the mall. When they got there. Jade jumps out of Dracula which he transforms back to normal. The girl and the vampire head into the mall."So where should we eat?" Dracula asked."I was thinking of eating sushi." Jade answered."Sushi it is." Dracula replied as he and Jade headed to a Japanese restaurant called Kobe seafoods and steakhouse.The server places the two on a two seat table where she asks what kind of drinks they want."We'll have tea. Please." Jade replied as the server went to go get the green tea.When they got the green tea. Jade ordered a 2 for the love boat. While they waited on their food.When the server brought Jade and Dracula 2 for loveboat. Which is a wooden plate boat that has sushi on it. The sushi is two sets of rainbow rolls, sashimi and Nigri. Jade picks up the chopsticks and grabs a piece of sushi."Wait, it doesn't have garlic in there?" Dracula asked as Jade laughed a little."No silly. It has fish and rice. Just try it." Jade answered as Dracula grabbed a pair of chopsticks, picked up the rainbow sushi and ate it."It tasted good. Even though I only eat the foods I have to feed on, especially blood." Dracula replies as he and Jade finish eating their food and Dracula pays the bill.The two exited the sushi restaurant and decided to do something.They headed to the arcade to find a game to play on."So which game should we play first?" Dracula asked as Jade looked around and she found a game to play.The arcade game is called House of the Dead 2."Can we play this?" Jade asked as Dracula came over to see the game."Sure. I guess we both can play even though me and Marceline played those game series." Dracula answers as he grabs a gun controller and puts a couple of quarters in the arcade slot machine. Jade grabs it too as well."Jade, are you sure how to play it?" Dracula asked."It's been a long time since I played this when I was a child. I can give it a try." Jade answered as she pressed the start button.The arcade game began with cutscenes and started on the gameplay. Jade and Dracula start shooting at the zombies to save the civilians which is bonus points.After shooting zombies in the game. They got into a boss fight in which the first boss was Judgement. A headless armored giant holding an axe. The weak point in order to defeat is to shoot the small bat demon like creature.Jade and Dracula continue shooting the target in order to defeat the boss which they actually defeated. The girl and the vampire continue playing the game, shooting all the zombies and bosses until they actually finish the game."We have finished the game without dying. You played well in this game." Dracula replied."Well, I played Borderlands, and Binary Domain on the PlayStation 3 at home. That is why I got good at playing shooting games." Jade replied."So Jade, what should we play next?" Dracula asked."I was thinking of shooting hoops and playing a couple of games. After this, can we go somewhere alone, just the two of us?" Jade asked as she and Dracula began choosing another game.After playing a couple of arcade games. Jade and Dracula exit out of the mall and head to the park.The two sat in a place where a lake is at. Dracula sits near Jade."Jade." Dracula replied."Yes." Jade replied as she looked at him."There is something important. I want to give it to you after spending time with you." Dracula replied as he kissed her softly on the lips. Jade had never kissed a boy. She remembered in middle school around sixth grade a boy gave her a bag at lunch in December. She was sad that he moved into a different state.After their kiss they had together. Dracula pulls away from Jade while he puts her head near his chest where the girl can hear his heart beating even though he is a vampire."Jade, Can I ask you something?" Dracula asked."What is it?" Jade replied back."Well, is it okay, I can drink your blood?" Dracula asked."Is it going to be the neck this time?" Jade asked."Well. No actually this time. Use your finger. I'll probably bite your neck in the future if we are meant to be." Dracula answered as he grabbed her hand and pricked her finger at his fangs causing it to bleed.Dracula began drinking Jade's blood which to him tasted sweet but when he drank Heather's blood after he turned her into a vampire. Her blood was foul and toxic to him.After he finished drinking Jade's blood. Dracula lifts Jade up by her hand that he held."Let's go home. Jade, tomorrow is going to Saturday. I'll take you home then I'm off." Dracula replied."Oh right, tomorrow is Saturday. Because we have no school on Saturday and Sunday. So that means I'll probably get to hang with you, Kars and Marceline tomorrow." Jade replied."Yep. So tomorrow around 11 in the morning I'll get to hang out with you. So we have fun like today." Dracula replies as he takes Jade to her home so she can rest for tomorrow.After Dracula took Jade back to her home. He headed back to his home where Kars and Marceline stayed.The two were watching Penny Dreadful. While having Earl Grey tea and having chocolate cake with fruit on the side."So how was your date today?" Marceline asked."It actually went well." Dracula answered as he sat down next to Marceline and Kars."What did you and Jade do?" Kars asked."Well, me and her went to eat sushi which tasted good, then we went to an arcade to play some games and lastly went to that park." Dracula answered."Did you two finally get to kiss?" Marceline asked as Dracula blushed a little that his cousin asked him a question."Yes, and that is it." Dracula answered as Marceline teased him."Oh, you're really starting to like her. Drac, I can tell that you're blushing." Marceline replied."No I am not!" Dracula argued."Will, you two knock it off right now. You're acting like children." Kars replies as Marceline and Dracula stop arguing that the teenage Vampire lord is in love with a human girl."Dracula, are you going to hang out with Jade again tomorrow?" Kars asked."Yes, and tomorrow is Saturday that you and I will hangout with her." Dracula answered."Drac you should probably get some now since we're going to do that tomorrow." Kars replied as Dracula headed upstairs to his bedroom. He changes into his gothic sleepwear and gets into bed that tomorrow will be another day.
The Little Demon Vampire Hybrid Ch 1Disclaimer: I do not own Batman vs Dracula, Ed, Edd n Eddy, and other variates of Cartoon Network and Toonami shows. I only own is my ocsSummary: Jade's behavior was acting strange so Dracula decided to take her to the hospital and something important happened.Chapter One: Big SurpriseDemon Queen Jade had eating a lot of foods that she craved and didn't threw up. She and her husband Dracula had their time at night and morning.Jade is wear a black long corset dress black silk rose lace trimmed cloak with black knee high leather boots and arm bracelets. Black rose lace set of finger loop gloves, stockings. Including black onyx gem jewelry set of circlet, chocker like necklace, and upper arm cuffs.After eating her food that Dracula gave her. She continues craving for more food."Jade. I think it's time that we need to see a doctor." Dracula replied as he and Jade exits out of their mansion.They went to a hospital in cartoon network city to see her friend Double D who he became a doctor after attending medical school after graduating high school.When she and Dracula were called in. They followed Edd to a room that she gets checked in.Dracula pretty much explained everything that his demon wife to Edd that Jade had been going through.Edd did some tests on Jade until the results came in."Well. I found some results. This very important I have to say to you." Edd replied."What is it?" Jade asked."You two are going to have a baby later in a couple of months." Edd replied which Jade and Dracula were surprised at this."And the baby will be born at?" Dracula asked."Your baby will be due on January 24." Edd answered."How long the baby is going to take?" Jade asked."Well human babies are pretty developed in nine months. I'm not really sure about you and Drac's baby. Since the baby is going a hybrid of a demon and a vampire. I can be positive they will develop the same like human babies." Edd answered as he went to his desk and makes an appointment for Jade's next visit."Jade, Drac. Listen to me. This very important. You'll be scheduled on your next appointment during next month on your first first and second trimester until you are approximately 27 weeks. You will have ultrasound appointments with me around 12 weeks and again at 20 weeks. Drac you have sure that your Demoness eats foods that she can and can't have during her pregnancy. Due that your kid is part vampire. Jade has to drink animal's blood that she can't taste human blood. Please make sure of that." Edd replied."I will keep an eye on that." Dracula replied."Good. Jade, I'll see you on your appointment next month." Edd replied as Dracula lifts Jade by the hand pulling her up off the chair."Thank you Double D for telling us about that." Jade replied."Oh no problem after all you are my friend especially when you moved here since we first met in the beginning." Edd replied as the Vampire King and the Demon Queen exits out of the hospital.Jade and Dracula headed back home after the announcement the Edd told about that they are going to have a baby in the future.Their pet grey wolf puppy named Brom they got after finding a mother wolf killed by a car that hit her. Instead of leaving it in the forest alone because it is vulnerable that a bear can kill him. He see their owners came back after leaving him alone. Brom ran towards Jade and Dracula that he is happy to see them. Which they decided that they are spread the news to their friends in the living room.After spreading the news to her friends. They were excited and planned on having a baby shower if the baby's gender is revealed.At night the bedroom Jade is wearing her silk yukata as her nightgown that she's going to sleep in. She exits out of the bathroom and sat on the bed with her husband.Dracula hugs Jade and placed his hand onto her stomach where his unborn child."Wonder the kid is going like when he or she gets older?" Dracula asked."The kid will probably be a boy if I'm correct. He'll probably look like you with vampire fangs and bat wings on his back but he'll probably have my blue hair streaks and eyes from me." Jade answered."Maybe the baby will probably." Dracula replied as he turned off the lights, covers his pregnant Demoness and himself onto a blanket.They went to sleep while their unborn hybrid baby is developing in Jade's womb until it's due date.

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Vampire: The Masquerade - VV by ilona-lab Vampire: The Masquerade - VV :iconilona-lab:ilona-lab 260 5 commission: Vampire: The Masquerade by MathiaArkoniel commission: Vampire: The Masquerade :iconmathiaarkoniel:MathiaArkoniel 257 13 Masquerade by anotherwanderer Masquerade :iconanotherwanderer:anotherwanderer 831 64 Vampire: The Masquerade - Cardinal Polonia by DashingTonyDrake Vampire: The Masquerade - Cardinal Polonia :icondashingtonydrake:DashingTonyDrake 144 32 Vampire Masquerade: Jeanette by starxade Vampire Masquerade: Jeanette :iconstarxade:starxade 334 38 Vampire Masquerade  Bloodlines: Andrei calls by IgorLevchenko Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines: Andrei calls :iconigorlevchenko:IgorLevchenko 158 27 Vampire:  The Masquerade - Lextalionis - Crop by Z-GrimV Vampire: The Masquerade - Lextalionis - Crop :iconz-grimv:Z-GrimV 106 5 Masquerade by Ferrilonver Masquerade :iconferrilonver:Ferrilonver 322 84 Vampire the Masquerade by krukof2 Vampire the Masquerade :iconkrukof2:krukof2 187 49 Vampire the masquerade by Marrylie Vampire the masquerade :iconmarrylie:Marrylie 147 24


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