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By Vampirbiene
It looks like it's going to snow anytime soon, but I chose to use the autumn journal skin as it suits the theme best.

The colourful autumn contest "Feelings of Fall" hosted by :iconunframed-nature: has ended, and the nail-biting stage of waiting is over.

The judges (who are not members of the group) voted, and the winners can now be announced.
The official announcement can be found here unframed-nature.deviantart.com…

:megaphone: :boogie: CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE! :boogie: :megaphone:

1st place
Barbara :iconbarbarapommerenke: with The End Of The Sailing Season - Marina Malchow by BarbaraPommerenke

Check out more of her work:
Fort Worth Rose Garden by BarbaraPommerenke Poppies And Lupines by BarbaraPommerenke Way Near Beselin After The Rain by BarbaraPommerenke
Uta's Posy by BarbaraPommerenke El Cid by BarbaraPommerenke Autumn At The Kitchen Window by BarbaraPommerenke
JN Toruk Makto by BarbaraPommerenke Stargate Atlantis: Wraith by BarbaraPommerenke JC Marriage On New Earth by BarbaraPommerenke
JC Making A Resolution by BarbaraPommerenke

2nd place
Spenser :iconshadytales: with :thumb268209922:

More of his work:

3rd place
Ines :iconalterofnotion: with linger by alterOFnotion

More of her work:
cryptical by alterOFnotion two hearts by alterOFnotion blue stand by alterOFnotion
calmness by alterOFnotion unfailing promise by alterOFnotion approach to the poppy by alterOFnotion
aspiration by alterOFnotion pink rest by alterOFnotion endless by alterOFnotion
patience by alterOFnotion

At :iconunframed-nature: we also honour those who didn't make it to the top 3.

So here they are, our honourable mentions (in no particular order):

:iconnnikoo: with Autumn Leaves by nnIKOO

More of his work:
Last Colours Of August by nnIKOO The Bee by nnIKOO Fresh by nnIKOO
Arctic by nnIKOO When Autumn Meets Winter by nnIKOO Frozen by nnIKOO

:iconvalixa: with Autumn - sunlight by valixa

More of her work:
A rose for you, madmoiselle by valixa bridge by valixa ... by valixa
love, love, love by valixa gothic guitar by valixa my dear rose by valixa

:iconavanattura: with :thumb266194184:

More of her work:

For the top ten section please see Tea's original journal entry unframed-nature.deviantart.com…

I am very sure that voting wasn't easy for the judges (and I am so glad that, this time, this wasn't our job as admins).
So thank you to all the judges for your time and eyes :-)

Congratulations again to everyone!

For the winners of the Still life contest hosted by :iconskyandnatureclub: and :iconphotographersclub:, see my last journal vampirbiene.deviantart.com/jou…

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sesam-is-open's avatar
Very beautiful, Congratulations to all the winners!:clap::rose:
TeaPhotography's avatar
Beautiful job, Sinje!
You are remarkable! :hug:
Vampirbiene's avatar
It's always a pleasure!
SylvanSmith's avatar
[link] It reminds me of Guns and Roses' 'November Rain'
Vampirbiene's avatar
Oh well, these old times ...
Vampirbiene's avatar
But, please, never link me to Last Christmas :faint:
SylvanSmith's avatar
"Last Christmas I gave you my heart, [something] [something] [something] now its fallen apart"... Who sings that again?
SylvanSmith's avatar
XD. How are things? I was up late last night reading through the "Social History of Ancient Ireland". I woke up very late today. I have learned a lot though. But I am certain I can only use a little bit.
Vampirbiene's avatar
Can't write much. I'm in bed already and might note when I'm back on my usual computer in the morning. I'm having kind of a Murphy's weekend.
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BarbaraPommerenke's avatar
Thanks so much for displaying my paintings and drawings so lovely! Love this feature! Is this officially done by you for #Unframed Nature?
Vampirbiene's avatar
I'm one of the prize donors, so this is the promised feature for all the winners.
There are many more prize donors. You'll get a lot of features :hug:
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