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Plot Twist - Steven Universe

What if all the gem carrying monsters on Steven Universe (such as the Centipeetle), are actually Crystal Gems? And Rose Quartz (who was Garnet said used to try to help them) gave up her physical form knowing that only a Gem born from love could save them and return them to their Gem form? (And that though she'd be leaving Mr. Universe, she'd at least be leaving him with a child to love?)

Either way, it was a fun exercise to sketch out an idea of what the Centipeetle might look like as a Gem.

EDIT 2014/9/25:
I WAS RIGHT! I WAS RIGHT! I WAS RIGHT! - Actually, I'm more surprised they admitted it this soon... But what does it mean as far as Earth and the Gem World?

Steven Universe is (c) Cartoon Network and Rebecca Sugar
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Finally, we get to see her former self in the newest episode, Monster Reunion (well only partially, she's still very Monster-like and it's not completely healed for her).