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I feel as if I am in an ever growing room of darkness.
While there are candles, they are never all lit at once
They go off and come on at different times,
No rhyme nor reason, and I seem to have no say in it at all.
It’s not as though the candles are running out,
They all have long wicks, and plenty of wax,
They could burns for days, months or even years.
It’s more as though I get bored of staring at the same light for a long length of time.
Why do I become bored with the lights around me?
Why can I not keep them alight for an extended period of time?
Why is it that some last years; and others only five minutes?
Why do some flicker and gutter, but still remain lit?
Why do I even care?
Sure, more lights in the darkness may make it easier to see,
But I have one light that always stays on. That’s the one closest to me.
:iconvampiratelycan:VampirateLycan 0 0
Brother, where art thou?
A small bundle I wanted to take back
Wrapped in blue from toe to crown
I didn't understand,
Why they wanted you around
A devil in midget form
Breaking things from dolls to cars
I remember you had a leash
So you couldn't get very far
Your pre teen years fared no better
We would argue all the time.
It was fun occasionally
You had your wins. I had mine
For a while I was all you had
And we were each other's only friends
It scares me now to realise
One day that might actually end
I don't know who you are any more
You stumble home most nights past 2!
I know you think that it's a joke
But I remember when the darkness scared you! 
Will you continue on this path?
Am I losing my first friend? 
I know I wanted to send you back!
But I got used to you. In the end...
:iconvampiratelycan:VampirateLycan 0 12
So, out of boredom I decided
To block up my good ear
And listen to the sounds
That only I can hear
The thumping on my ribcage
The pounding in my brain
The ever present buzzing
That never goes away
And all the while wondering
If I was completely deaf
Would I hear these sounds?
:iconvampiratelycan:VampirateLycan 0 3
When one’s life is fraught with pain
And its decisions are always hard.
One sees what can be gained
By going that extra yard.
To understand what we go through
To try and take our hands.
We ask you walk a mile in our shoes,
Then try to take the stand.
For in a life that’s rife with fear
And uncertainty from all sides.
The one thing that is hard to hear…
Is the truth that's in your eyes.
:iconvampiratelycan:VampirateLycan 0 0
Mature content
Happily ever after is found at :iconvampiratelycan:VampirateLycan 1 4
Just Popping In by VampirateLycan Just Popping In :iconvampiratelycan:VampirateLycan 0 0
Alicia Jaden
She was tall. That was usually the first thing that anyone noticed about Alicia. She'd admit she didn't mind, at least her chest wasn't her most prominent feature, but Alicia longed for people to notice her for something else other than her height. She would stare into the dressing table mirror and brush her hair, precisely 100 times, all the while pondering; what was it exactly that men wanted?
Her hair was auburn, she knew that attracted men, it shined in the sun and always drew admiring glances, which quickly turned to shock when she drew near. Her lips were naturally plump, and looked (she believed) kissable, so why were these left in the shadows!
Though she preferred when men didn't stare at her chest it wasn't as if there was nothing there, she could fill out a top certainly, and her figure (almost) had that hourglass perfection long lost to the 50's. Her skin, though not alabaster pale was a nice shade; somewhere between tan and milk bottle, though rather spottier in places than
:iconvampiratelycan:VampirateLycan 0 0
The Best Thing Ever! by VampirateLycan The Best Thing Ever! :iconvampiratelycan:VampirateLycan 0 2 Badgers at Work by VampirateLycan Badgers at Work :iconvampiratelycan:VampirateLycan 2 13
Never Have I
Never have I…
Ever found it…
Ever so difficult to write.
My pen resists…
Every twitch…
And every strokes a fight.
What is wrong…
Inside my head…
To cause this mental block.
It pains me now…
To write this note…
And I can't even get it to rhyme!
:iconvampiratelycan:VampirateLycan 2 12
Perseus by VampirateLycan Perseus :iconvampiratelycan:VampirateLycan 1 0 British Pullman Orient Express by VampirateLycan British Pullman Orient Express :iconvampiratelycan:VampirateLycan 3 3 Me 2 by VampirateLycan Me 2 :iconvampiratelycan:VampirateLycan 1 5
Past, Present, Future
The past is a history, this may be true.
Today is the present, set just for you.
Take up your spirit, set yourself free,
Allow yourself to speak; fight just to be!
Ignore all the demons, the ghosts from the past
They cannot hurt you, their time is passed.
Look to the future, the time soon to be
It's not here yet, but soon. Trust me!
But concentrate on now, the quest at hand.
To dance, and prattle, live or just stand.
Watch your life pass you by…
Wave to the past, bid the present goodbye.
:iconvampiratelycan:VampirateLycan 1 17
How are Babies Made?
When I was young I asked my father
"How are babies made?"
He looked at me a little funny...
For I was very young in age.
He sat me down to one side;
And whispered in my ear...
"With lots of patience sweetheart
And an Instruction Manual near!"
From that day on I was sure
We're all robots in disguise...
I mean; come on, I was only 5!
:iconvampiratelycan:VampirateLycan 4 14
Path To Your Heart
My boyfriend told me
This poem should be three words...
"Be Mine Forever"
:iconvampiratelycan:VampirateLycan 2 10

Random Favourites

Know When to Fold 'Em by harwicks-art Know When to Fold 'Em :iconharwicks-art:harwicks-art 8,032 889
They Told Us
They Told Us:
They told us we weren't artists,
They said that we're just puttin' words on paper...
They told us we wouldn't make it,
Because language isn't unique...
Ta hell with them all I say,
Because I know tha truth they seek ta hide.
Writers, poets,
We're treated like third-rate artists.
Our hands can't create magical pictures,
We can't create comics ta make people laugh,
Or emotive portraits ta make em cry...
But what they don't see is tha title,
What they don't see is tha description,
They don't even see tha comments or replies!
They look only at themselves,
And at tha talent they seem ta proclaim.
It's like starin' at an old english aristocrat,
Ignorin' us simply because we're farmers.
But what they don't see are the words.
Words used ta give a picture context.
Withou' a title, a picture is just a mix of colours and lines.
Who could understand an image, withou' a title?
If art alone suffices, why not let every piece be nameless?
I'll tell ya the truth, separated from the
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 864 811
GT500 Mustang Concept yasidDESIGN front by yasiddesign GT500 Mustang Concept yasidDESIGN front :iconyasiddesign:yasiddesign 223 62 First Day by Mixermike622 First Day :iconmixermike622:Mixermike622 4,698 816 You're The Best.. by Mixermike622 You're The Best.. :iconmixermike622:Mixermike622 2,414 655 The Bestest Big Sister.. by Mixermike622 The Bestest Big Sister.. :iconmixermike622:Mixermike622 1,926 426 Miss Smartypants by Mixermike622 Miss Smartypants :iconmixermike622:Mixermike622 7,061 1,427 Pinkie Pie vs. the fourth wall by TheLastGherkin Pinkie Pie vs. the fourth wall :iconthelastgherkin:TheLastGherkin 4,395 1,134 Doctor Hooves by The-Smiling-Pony Doctor Hooves :iconthe-smiling-pony:The-Smiling-Pony 904 51 My My Blackbird Progress by StressedJenny My My Blackbird Progress :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 581 69 I really need a hug by Sarky-Sparky I really need a hug :iconsarky-sparky:Sarky-Sparky 2,229 742 Happy Valenchu Day by sunshineikimaru Happy Valenchu Day :iconsunshineikimaru:sunshineikimaru 5,121 470 MLP-The Mane 6 by Sapphire1010 MLP-The Mane 6 :iconsapphire1010:Sapphire1010 7,950 688 Inner by Alephunky Inner :iconalephunky:Alephunky 10,318 650 Thick Scales... by BlackGryph0n Thick Scales... :iconblackgryph0n:BlackGryph0n 1,551 332 Cute Monster Challenge - Fluffy munchie something by Hanatsumi Cute Monster Challenge - Fluffy munchie something :iconhanatsumi:Hanatsumi 56 28



Oh Look. DeviantArt. Haven't been here in a while
I did it again. I fell in love with an Anime that only has one season and has 10 million cliff hangers that I will never find the answer to because the manga is only 4 volumes!  I hold out hope for the light novels, all 33 volumes of them, but they only have fan translations! 

Earl and Fairy, why! Why! 



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