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wig bun tutorial

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This is for cinnamon style buns, not the more "traditional' round odagos normally seen in cosplay.

Here is how I made my buns for my Primera wig. I didn't think to start taking pictures at first, so I'm missing pictures of the very first steps. But I have the pictures numbered in the order I took them.

Materials needed: wig hair, fleece, matching thread, rubber bands, clear thread, curved needle, clear caulk, pomade, hairspray, scissors, blowdryer.

-Make a "reverse stub" for lack of a better word. Tie off your hair fibers with a cut rubber band, cut the ends, and apply clear caulk. Don't be afraid to mush it into the fibers. Wet caulk will also wash off your fingers pretty easily. Walk away and let the caulk dry.

-Roll up a tube of fleece in a similar color to your wig in a length that will roll up into the size of bun you want. Stitch the tube together with matching thread.

-Insert the caulked end of the hair into the fleece tube covering the rubber band. Stitch into place by running your threaded needle through the end of the tube with the hair in it. The curved needle should be strong enough that you can run it through the caulk inside as well. Now you have something that kind of resembles a tube worm.

-Start wrapping hair around the tube in a manner similar to stripes around a candy cane. I had to loop some thread around the end too to get it to stay in place as I started this. Hold tube down and stitch hair into place. You may find it helpful to find something to hold your hair down in place while you get your needle and thread ready.

-Continue wrapping and stitching. Try and stitch in an overlapping fashion in a straight line. If you can manage a straight line it will help hid the stitching later.

-After you've wrapped the whole tube snip off extra hair and smear caulk all over the end and across where you snipped the hair off. Do some minimal stitching on the bottom of the beginning of the tube so that you can removed the looped thread if you did that. If after removing the looped thread there is some exposed fleece you can hide that when you hairspray down the bun. Dab some caulk onto the bottom of the beginning of the tube too. Walk away and let the caulk dry.

-Roll up your tube into the bun and stitch it into place from the bottom of the bun. Try and have all your stitching on the bottom so it won't show even though it was done with clear thread.

-Attack with pomade, hairspray, and a blowdryer to get a smoother styled look.

For more information on this whole costume check out my gallery for it on [link]
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This is brilliant! Thank you for sharing. If you have thick enough tails of hair do you think you would need the fleece at all? Could this potentially be pulled off using a roll of hair?
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...I'm curious. How long is the tube? ^^;

I might be doing something similar.

Oh btw, kudos to this tutorial. It's going to save our group the trouble of making one of our team mate's hair. @_@
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Well that would really depend on your bun. Before you cut it up and stitch it together roll up the part you're thinking of using with the excess hanging off to see if it's long/thick enough to make the bun. Good luck!
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This is so great! Thanks for sharing. I am thinking about using this method (with some adjustments...I would like to incorporate braiding somehow) for whenever I get around to cosplaying as Euphemia from code geass (her buns are kind of...amorphous), which probably won't be for awhile, but I really want to cosplay as her! :D
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Thanks! And yeah, I bet you could wrap braided hair around it instead of plain straight hair. Good luck with your costume when you get to it!
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Thanks! I'm going to try and get one up for a different style bun soon too.
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Amazing tutorial! I think you just might have helped me with my new wig problem XD

One thing I'm still struggling with is...and if you don't mind saying so... how did you attach the buns to the wig afterwards? ^^;
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Giant bobby pins. I get nervous about the idea of attaching things like that to wigs permanently. And I found these large bobby pins at Walmart that are almost the width of these buns. So I just ran a couple through the hair on each bun/my wig. I also used them to hold ears onto the wig for this costume: [link]
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I love your tutorial for this kind of thing, I've gotten myself roped into cosplaying Lulu from FFX w/some friends at a future convention, due to we all lack the funds at the moment ^^;, and I was questioning to myself, "How am I going to get the hair pins to stick into the wig if the wig is like a shoulder length wigh ^^;?" And I saw this in your Gallery and it seems to be helpful. I'll have to try it when I get my hands on working on the Lulu cosplay
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Ah, Lulu. If you're working on her I definitely recommend spending some time in the Lulu thread on Tons of girls have posted tips about her costume since the thread has been going on for years. [link]
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Thanks, I've gone and faved that thread to go back to when I get around to making it ^^
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I would not have thought of fleece for a filler, but it's obvious when you say it. Cool tutorial.
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Yeah, quilting batting seems to be a more common wig filler. But I thought using something at least similar in color to my wig fiber would be a better choice.
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Wow. Mad skills, chika, mad skills.
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