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Twilight font

Twilight font
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Downloaded Thank You
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Thanks for this wonderful font, I used it here for a Title with a little fire cutout 

Mature Content

Vatra, queen of Fire by SlichoArt
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thanks for making it available :)
The font that is downloaded is different to the one shown..... the 'w' and 'g' particularly. This one available for download looks like the zephyr font.... which isn't free :s
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Big thnx ^___^
Nice font, easy to download and install


It seems on my computer, You dont get the "SPARKLES"
as in, the highlights/star things behind the letters.
or different colour shades,
Only a simple font, I can choose solid colours etc
but it seems boring.

Am I doing something wrong?
thank you very much
Oh nice! :D
thank you so much.
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Hmm. I thought the font used for the Twilight cover was called Zephyr.

Is this one you actually made, because Zephyr is not a free font.
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used it here [link] and [link] and [link] and [link]

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How did you get that effect? It's so cool...:heart:
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I have used it here: Yuki
Thank you. :3
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Thank you so much! I searched on Google and I only found the characters' handwriting, now my set of Twilight fonts is complete! Muaa ha ha!!!
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thanks so much!
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'Never read the book, but awesome font! :#1: Thanks for uploading!
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