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Tattoo_6 by VampCaTt Tattoo_6 :iconvampcatt:VampCaTt 2 0
Her heels clicked as she moved, her own footsteps echoing around her, she was running as fast as she could. Her shoulder hurt so bad, blood oozing between purple and black painted finger nails. Jenny was running as quick as she could only one thought seemed to scream in her mind; she needed to save Josh. Jenny refused to lose everyone whom she had in her life all in one night, she wouldn't abandon him. Would Lien still be alive if she had only stayed home, would at least her mother still be breathing?
Jenny heard the jeeps tires squeal, a strange noise fallowed, had they turned around for her? Guilt ripped her stomach into pieces, Faith and Harleigh would no doubt be worrying. Jenny pushed herself even harder her feet pushing off the asphalt as hard as they could. "STOP!" it was Harleigh screaming, they had turned around for her after all. For a moment Jenny regretted leaving the car, deep down she knew this wasn't about Josh, it was about everything else, her sister, her mother. In th
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   He looked down at her, the way her plump lips were still parted from her soft screams. he had adored the way she had felt, the way she had tasted on his lips. He had adored her as the other women whom were now lying in this bed besides him. ES looked down at the women who laid in the bed, their bodies almost interlocking as they laid there. These had been the top girls to work this town's salon, each one plentifully endowed. Their Bosoms poured out of there bodices, there thighs now showing under those petty coats. Yet ES could not recall how he had ended up like this, or what day it even was any longer. He looked down at the women again, each one beautiful in their own way; each one dead.
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     "Not again." She looked down at her trembling hands; the shakes were coming back, the anxiety in full swing. She leaned against her desk, her head hung low; she needed more than just those pills prescribed by her doctor. She reached for the bottle she had sitting on her desk; there was only a glass worth's left, how many times had she reached for that bottle of Jack. After fumbling with the pharmaceutical bottle, she swallowed down another pill, this time with the help of the warm whiskey. Amethyst adored how the slow burn of the Tennessee whiskey felt as it ran down her throat and into her stomach.
     Amethyst could see her reflection in the computer monitor, she looked as bad as she felt, it was starting again. It always came back when she was just starting to feel safe again, every time she thought she was getting better it would start over. The nightmares had begun a week ago, now the shakes, soon the sleepless nights. She ha
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Natures reclames us all by VampCaTt Natures reclames us all :iconvampcatt:VampCaTt 0 0 Pirate Cake by VampCaTt Pirate Cake :iconvampcatt:VampCaTt 0 0 Freddy by VampCaTt Freddy :iconvampcatt:VampCaTt 1 0 ELMO by VampCaTt ELMO :iconvampcatt:VampCaTt 0 0 Wolf by VampCaTt Wolf :iconvampcatt:VampCaTt 0 0 Necronomicon by VampCaTt Necronomicon :iconvampcatt:VampCaTt 2 0 Crystal lake cake by VampCaTt Crystal lake cake :iconvampcatt:VampCaTt 0 0 coffin by VampCaTt coffin :iconvampcatt:VampCaTt 0 0 Twilight by VampCaTt Twilight :iconvampcatt:VampCaTt 0 0 Mickey Mouse by VampCaTt Mickey Mouse :iconvampcatt:VampCaTt 1 0
It started with only a smile or two,
Then he did it, stole purity form you.
You screamed for him to stop, you tried to yell.
It wasn't enough, for his pants still fell.
He took your purity and tossed it aside.
He held you down your arms and legs.
Covered your mouth you couldn't scream.
When it was happening you hoped it was a dream.
He drove with force and stole your youth.
You cried form pain a million times worse than pulling a tooth.
Tightened muscles and clenched fists.
The pain worse than large cuts in a wrist.
He took your purity and tossed it aside.
He held you down your arms and legs.
He drops you down and walks away.
You lay there and hope he'll someday pay.
You hate your flesh and bones.
His sounds haunt your dreams, his moans.
He took your purity and tossed it aside.
He held you down your arms and legs.
You carry his curse inside your womb,
You wish your body lay in a tomb.
To think you fell victim to his sin.
Now you are stuck with nightmares till the end.
He took your puri
:iconvampcatt:VampCaTt 0 5
Zombie 1
Tammy had stopped screaming but only because she was dead; bent over her was the priest she had searched for. Tammy's insides were torn out her intestines within the hands of the "father", his mouth flowing with her innocent blood. Russell let out a whistle bringing the priests head up, his white collar catching the light which panned through the beautiful windows so magically. A shot rang out as the priest fell back his body slamming against the alter as his crimson life splattered everywhere. It was almost poetic the scene that laid before us upon this holy ground; an extremely morbid poem. There laid the devout catholic, her body ripped inside out by the man she believed could save her from the ones hell had expelled. Their blood which they believed was innocent thanks to Jesus Christ now stained the alter and the crucifix above it.
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So i am looking for someone who can sketch very well or is used to designing tattoos to do a drawing for me. I am looking for someone who will help me design my next tattoo AND agree not to share the sketch with others as I dont want ot to be something others have. it will be  fairly large piece that will cover 2/3 of my back. I will not lie i have an extreanly difficult piece in mind
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Ashly N Schreiber
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I am Ashly; I'm 24 years old but I swear my soul feels like it is about 1,000 years older. I have 6 tattoos so far. I am working on someday becoming a published writer, I am in the progress of writing a few novels and have written over 150 poems, one of which I have had published. My true dream in life so to have my work published and for it to make a difference in just one person’s life, which is all I really want. I don’t care about being a top shelf, everyone runs to Barnes and Nobles to get my book author; just hope to get it out there and to make an impact on at least one person, no matter how small...

I love to cook, which to me is a lot like writing, both are creative, and you do both according to how you feel and where your emotions are. I do tend to adore decorating cakes, I have a few I did in my photo albums! I want to open up my own night club or bar someday (which is what I am going to school for)...

Blessed Be!



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