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Duel Tales Dream Sequence
It was a dream, it had to be a dream. No it had to be a nightmare. There was no way this could be happening. Because he isn't evil. In my nightmare I appeared near duel academy, but it wasn't right. This place was evil. There they were, my two best friends, Brian and T.J. who were friends in the rival kind of way. But this wasn't right; friends shouldn't be fighting, not like this. It was nothing more than a card game, something we all do together. But this wasn't something we would ever have done, it was evil. On T.J.'s side of the field he had the dark sage, a card I've never saw him use. Because of how evil looking it was outside I thought he had played mystic plasma zone. But he didn't, that spell wasn't that evil. His body had cuts, scrapes, and burns slewed all over his body. He held his chaos duel disk with much more effort then necessary, duel disk are very light. His face was contorted in pain. His breathing was heavy. He eyes were glossy and almost empty, then life flashed in
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Every time she smiles.
Every time she smiles.
Your gaze has to meet hers.
Every time she smiles.
Its something you just can’t say no to.
Every time she smiles.
Any feeling of doubt just disappears like it was never there.
Every time she smiles.
The stinging cold goes away and you will never be hurt again.
Every time she smiles.
The warmth that radiates from it will fill you with such calm that any storm would break away.
Leaving nothing but joyful sunshine.
But then, just like the sun, she to must go away.
She can’t stay right their forever.
Just like the eye of the storm.
When she goes the storm once again rages on me, and the struggle for balance continues.
When the storm settles though.
She is there.
Suddenly peace and tranquility flows through your body.
And every time she smiles.
It’s a smile you fall in love with.
And you never want to see it go.
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Leave Me Alone
United States
Hey boyz and ze freulen's! Ze name is blitzving, remember it! Cuase it's going to be that last thing you ever hear befor i...EXPRESS MY FEELING IN SONG! VHAT IS LOVE? BABY DON'T HURT ME!~Vampri-n

Current Residence: a house
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XLLLLLLLLL
Print preference: One that works
Favourite genre of music: techno./industrail
Favourite photographer: ..victora's secret?
Favourite style of art: manipulation
Operating System: Aura unit 313
MP3 player of choice: .........leet?
Shell of choice: 100 calibur
Wallpaper of choice: HENTAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Skin of choice: Lets just say i like my milk the way i like my women. ^_^
Favourite cartoon character: ED
Personal Quote: "Life sucks, but it feels good."

That test that everyon's doing.

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 13, 2010, 4:44 AM

1.)What's your name?

2.)Do you know why you were named that?
Keizer is the dutch word for Emperor. I guess i am destined to be king of something.

3.) Are you single or taken?

4).Have any abilities or powers?
Cryomancy, Vampire abilitys, yeah i have them.

5.) Stop being a mary-sue.
Go away.

6.) Uh...if you were to get in a fight with a strong wrestler, do you think you'd win?
It's unfair really.

7.) Riiiight... Have any family members?
My family and my wife Mizuki's family

8.) Oh? How about pets?
We have an owl demon. And of course my faithful whistling bug Soot.

9.) Cool, I guess. Tell me something that you don't like.
I don't like how wars change people into the people they set out to destroy in the first place.

10.) Something that you do like?
The three B's. Blood, Boobies, Battle.
Contrary to the belief i actually do like the sun. It's what makes Elysia all the more beautiful.

11) Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
Not really, you call hobbie i call survival and what you call activites i call not for kids.

12.)Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?
Yes. Duh.

13.)Ever...killed anyone before?

That's how i get my foodz. Plus some touched Mizuki. ><
That guy got his legs ripped off.

14.)What kind of animal are you?
Black Mamba. A gentle creature who has a reputation and is feared because of it.

15.)Name your worst habits.
Losing my temper and giving in to desires.

16.)Do you look up to anyone at all?
My grandfather Zerafy Grinvwicked. The worlds first Vampire Helios. And the Ogualasians.

17.)Gay, straight, or bi?
Depends how hungry i am.

18.)Do you go to school?
Yeah, and i escaped and got turned into a Vampire, killed my first were-wolf and for some reason got awarded for it when i came home a monster. O_o

19.) Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?

20.)Do you have any fangirls/fanboys?
We're in the middle of a Vampire fad, what do you think?

21.)What are you most afraid of?
Losing the people I care about.

22.)What color is your hair?

23.) Eyes?

24.) What do you usually wear?
Black, nice button shirt, trench coat. Really nice armor i got for being in command of my own band of Elysian thieves.

25.)What's your religion?

26.)Do you wish this quiz is over?
40 questions long does that to a guy.

27.) Well, it's still not over.
Why did you waste too questions on it then?

28.) Anyways, where do you live?

29.) What class are you? (Low class, middle class, high class)?
High. To be honest i didn't do much to earn it though.

30.) How many friends do you have?
Half of them are the people who can get you stuff and the other half are the people i actually care for.

31.) If you could change anything about you, what would you change?
I would say what i am but i'm happy about what i am. There is nothing wrong with Immortality and if you complain about it your stupid.

33.) What are your thoughts on pie?
Go away.

34.) Alright. What's your favorite food?
I don't eat.

35.) Favorite drink?
Blood silly

36.) What is your favorite place?
The Elysian falls.

37.) Least favorite?
I guess Mercury?

38.) Are you still wanting the quiz to end?
Sort of.

39.)Well, it's over.

40.) Now, tag 3 people!
Kelsey and people that never go on here.

  • Listening to: Owl City-Fireflies
  • Reading: The princes of hell
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: TF2
  • Eating: Chocolate Cheerios
  • Drinking: Milk


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