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Hillbilly Picnic with R2D2

Hillbilly picnic with R2D2
Mantium Designs Team's first shoot ever!
Zachary Brian Spencer , Kristine Spencer , Michael C Poon, Meagan Marie, VAMPY BIT ME)
Models: Meagan Marie and I
Concept: Vampy
Photography by [link]

Please add my facebook for updates on R2D2 and Team Mantium :)

more awesome builds on the way


Thanks for coming by :D
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Such a cool setting.
Mizz-Maya's avatar
those arent even cowboy boots...
impish777's avatar
I love these two pretty cowgirls! :)
bandots's avatar
wow R2 are very dominant
o-redbird's avatar
awesome!! i need this print!
infernal-machine's avatar
Okay, now im jealous. Picnics and droids? Now thats a brochure id love to see!^_^
thats obviously a r2 astromech droid but i don't think its r2d2
RoyalImageryJax's avatar
This is way to original it.
Djokana's avatar
oh thiw ginger girl is awesome ♥
mydecember90's avatar
i loove ur boots , what brand?
Alexusman's avatar
Well my ! look atcha two pretty looking girls ! Why don't you leave that piece of shity can and stick with me while we drink up the "bubbly" and have a good time ! ( Great Picture )
jeffwildstar's avatar
Is R2 a 3d model? It's a great one if it is! Great composite too. And as someone who has composited professionally I should know! :-)
Rachipagus's avatar
2 of my favorite things in the whole world. . . country girls, and Star Wars. . . :+favlove:
Shinacman's avatar
I liiiiiked!!!!
fred99u's avatar
is that pizza?
damnit i want some
Bastid17's avatar
I am sooo jealous... you got to hang out with a chrome plated R2D2!
MakeSomeDrinks's avatar
oneunlucky13's avatar
MasterofBallantrae's avatar
R2 will be able to whistle away at the girls without looking like he's a hillbilly ...
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