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Bishoujo Black Widow Cosplay

My Marvel Bishoujo Black Widow Kotobukiya Cosplay [link] I made just in time for San Diego Comic con. This was made in about a week. (The original is a gold belt in the comics, but I decided to do this version since it was harder, I tend to like a challenge)

The process was quite a stressful one since I been working on and off with the idea of doing a Black Widow cosplay for quite some time (about 2 years) but looking for the right materials for the bracelets and belt took the longest to figure out. So I just went ahead and made the belt myself using good ol' bondo/plaster, 3 kinds of sanding grits, a couple of hours to mold each piece on carved (also sanded) wood, spray paint etc etc, I'll be putting up the process on my site [link] soon for those who are curious :)

As for the gun its a HK replica airsoft that I own

makeup/wig haircut: Me

This was taken at the Kotobukiya (Japanese Figures/toys) Area in SDCC :) By: John Yang during the convention.

Thanks for coming by :3

i also got these social networking things, please add and keep in touch, i reply and read majority of everything, it would be awesome to meet ya on them :)



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I like it,It is nice in this photo is also good feeling.
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I would like to congratulate you on your gallery: your work is very well done.
Regarding the character of Black Widow, I would like to add that it is a character that gives me a lot of respect. Especially for its speed, agility, and dangerous ability to attack the crotches of their opponents: P

A great job!
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Now this is intriguing.
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you don't by chance sell the belts or would sell the belt would you?
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OMG this is perfect! Revealing pose, slinky curves, balance and proportion. I luv it.
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Amazing! HOT! :)
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Wait-this isn't a life-size Kotobukiyu statue?!?
Great job costuming and you are quite stunning in it!
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<3 Stunning Black Widow!! <3 ;-)
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... absolutely stunning..
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Amazing outfit and you wear it so very well.
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you look good
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Awesome cosplay you look amazing
Very Lovely indeed
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Wow, you look absolutely stunning!
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