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Goodbye Old Keys
Goodbye Old Keys
With a happy little PLOP!
I dropped my keys
Down into the waiting drain
And smiled. I'd kept them awhile
But I won't be going there again.
Goodbye old keys,
I have a better place now -
New keys new home
With a new relation
Step-by-step in the right direction.
And then, crossing the Plain
I gave the creme egg in my pocket
To a blanket-buried tramp outside KFC.
He needed chocolate more than me.
:iconvamp-girl:Vamp-Girl 0 0
Bloody Zombie Doll by Vamp-Girl
Mature content
Bloody Zombie Doll :iconvamp-girl:Vamp-Girl 0 0
I am a fix -
A heroine of habit
Smoke Coke
Redbull and ProPlus
Water and Jitters in my hand.
A caffeine creation -
Just got to have it
A wide-eyed high
Here I stand.
No longer tired but
Buzzing and wired
Sleeplacked and wracked
Packed like an espresso
Hyper Real and ready to go
Hit me up, Daddio
This chick can't say No -
She's already too far gone!
:iconvamp-girl:Vamp-Girl 0 3
Find Me
Is this me?
I have been hiding somewhere
Was I buried underground or adrift in the air -
I have put myself aside so long in selfless care -
Is this me?
I've been trying to remember where I've been all my life
Drowning in the river going under all the time
Now I've dragged me to the bank and I'm coming up for air -
Is this me?
It's been so long
And I've forgotten the words to my song -
That I once sung -
When I was young.
Now is this me?
Where do I begin?
I'll have to take it on the chin if I'm going to win
If I'm gonna find out who I am I mustn't give in -
Find me!
Find me! - And now I'm looking everywhere -
Into every empty cupboard under ev'ry empty chair -
I've been searching all the corners 'cause I think that I was there -
Like Macavity the Mystery Cat - can't find me anywhere!
Find Me!
It's been so long -
And I've forgotten the words to my song -
That I once sung -
When I was young -
When I knew where I belonged.
Give me time
Give me time
Give me time
Give me time
Give me time
:iconvamp-girl:Vamp-Girl 0 0
Boredom Exercise
Oh one forty one am. Lying on my back on my blue-covered bed, mattress sinking arm over forehead. Ponder. Sandman on wall above - arms outstretched with black crows flap crows. Lamp lit beside me, Big Sur bent open at chapter twelve beside butts in ashtray (actually a plastic chocolate milk bottle lid - but works rather well...
Pen ran out - and I reach up again to find another - dig fingersdeep through rubble in messy bag inkblack gel roller now splodging on scruffy notebook where I keep my ideas growing and scribbling across each bag-stuff crumpled page because I havent shut it. I NEED a cigarette and am out of tobacco.
The radio is silenced and contemplating old butts - no to those - scan the room seeing bags of books and videos photos in packets paint tubes old log that I thought looked mossynice and rested on my radiator in front of a green white striped hoop for a time. My room is packed and could be empty - a shell a hell - remove it all tomorrow and leave a space for more more
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The Intruder by Vamp-Girl The Intruder :iconvamp-girl:Vamp-Girl 0 0 Beast by Vamp-Girl Beast :iconvamp-girl:Vamp-Girl 0 1
Made Up
Putting my face on for the day;
Eyeliner, mascara, foundation -
Liberally applying my Prozac grin
Garishly scarlet in its twist-top tube.
I bend over.
Grab with both hands -
Push my head into a bucket of sand -
And stand.
With some difficulty.
Determined denial of the pain in my back;
The weight on my shoulders -
Supporting myself with platitudes
An optimistic outlook.
"Things can only get better"
I sing through my sunglasses.
I greet the day smiling.
:iconvamp-girl:Vamp-Girl 0 3
I do not know why I ran.
All I remember is -
Suddenly I was running - tearing my crimson skirts on briars and thorns, my long black hair catching on branches that whipped me cruelly as I raced past.
A pause. A breath.
Hiding in an old stone doorway where I listened intently - still sure I could hear the steady, unrelenting sound of black boots on frost behind me.
I ran on.
Through twisted forest, derelict yards, wasteland overgrown with mangled machinery, the bright neon of the city - and the rush of noisy shoppers on a late winter evening.
Still I ran.
On and on...
Certain that my pursuers were close behind me - feeling their hot breath caressing the nape of my neck - high on my fear - the intoxicating scent of my blood as it pulsed violently so close beneath my pale flesh.
And then I remember how I slowed. Time slowed.
Nearing the corner gates -
On into that place with the heaps of old stones -
The angels and the ivy.
The last thing I remember -
Seeing my name cut deep into that ston
:iconvamp-girl:Vamp-Girl 0 2
Tomb Painting by Vamp-Girl Tomb Painting :iconvamp-girl:Vamp-Girl 0 1
Cold grey shape trapped within a warmer hue;
Old dead flesh lump inside you.
Dark heart of hot red passion glow;
I am the stone that cannot grow.
:iconvamp-girl:Vamp-Girl 0 3
Walk Away
How can you walk away
From a love that seemed so real
Wash all that talk away
Just as if you did not feel
How can you brush aside
The love you had for me
Leave me lying here
Crying here alone.
I'll watch you walk away
Though it hurts my heart to see
Watch as you close yourself
From our intensity
I see you run and hide
From the love you had for me
Leave me lying here
Dying here alone.
Walk away from me as if I were never there
Walk away from me as if you didn't care
You never cared -
So just walk away
Walk away.
:iconvamp-girl:Vamp-Girl 0 1
Drunken Nobody - closeup by Vamp-Girl Drunken Nobody - closeup :iconvamp-girl:Vamp-Girl 0 0 Drunken Nobody by Vamp-Girl Drunken Nobody :iconvamp-girl:Vamp-Girl 0 2
Looking Forward
I hit the big Three-Oh.
I was expecting it to hurt.
It didn't.
Felt like any other day
Sat drinking -
Smoking -
Staring into Nothing.
So far.
Another decade.
Allegedly adult -
Feeling like a child -
Tripping with trepidation into
the next ten years.
I declare I shall grasp them by the balls.
Twist if I have to.
Stick up two fingers to the years now past
And step forward grinning into the new.
:iconvamp-girl:Vamp-Girl 0 5
The sky darkened as we trundled
Reluctantly into more familiar grounds.
Overcast and sullen
Industrial bleakness
Wasteland-mundanity nearing home.
The sun's bright and overwhelming heat
Gaudy and the garish in the stark white day.
Black shiftless forms -
Night-creatures camera-caught
As if in headlight.
They have dissipated slowly;
Ashen faced and drained -
Dissolving to their respective places
With the passing storm.
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