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All deviants can now write Critiques

All deviants can now write Critiques

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Loading file Feliciano_Vargas_22378

Passoword accepted. Loading data file . . .

Opening Felicano_Vargas_22378 . . .

Subject Name: Feliciano Vargas 【Veneciano】
Subject Age: ????
Subject Gender: Male
Subject Hair Color: Auburn
Subject Eye Color: Amber with a strange red tint 【Red, slit pupils】
Subject Birthday: March 17 【February 11】
Subject Species: Manifestation of Northern Italy, Vampire
Other: Represents Northern Italy; Immortal

Loading Felicano_Vargas_Important_Information_22378.doc

The only way you can change is if you drink his blood or you mix his blood with yours, even if it is a drop, though a painless transformation is not promised. He is a deadly bloodthirsty monster during the full blood moon, stay away from him at all costs if he is not locked away. He loves to mess with people.

A way to drastically injure him is to injure the land he is connected to, but it is not recommended because it triggers rampages

Important: Subject has turned one person into a vampire.

More information to be added when more is found out about the subject.


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Blood, Pasta



ooc; so i started watching the vampire diaries and it's actually pretty good like im not gonna lie i like it and there are amazing plot twists and great music and the characterization is fantastic for this show and now im trying to imagine feli meeting one of the vampires from this show like 'lol i dont need a special piece of jewelry to be in the sun' but then just 'omg water lol nope nope nope' and the vamp from vampire diaries being like 'wtf' sorry im inactive too im just kinda stressed with life and tumblr and life and more life and ugh my life is a clusterfuck of stress i also need to watch the originals because that takes place befo



ooc; mental breakdowns are tiring. Depression is tiring. Computers are broken. All of them. Responses will be slow or Jon-existing for the next few days. Mobile dA sucks and I can't make long responses sob



I keep forgetting I'm not on tumblr anymore and I can't sAVE THINGS AS DRAFTS AKSHZIDI HOW DO

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ooc. preach
i remember this account from ages ago i've been going through my old ones and it's s o gross
good times tho
mothquakeHobbyist General Artist
tru!!! dskjgh
it's weird tho everyone kinda dispersed at the same time

and now there's a new crowd? and new people?

and oh my god now people do like, the layouts for featured boxes????? and it's like, RP accounts here stepped the fuck up in design and shit like i remember when fancy lyrics was The Thing to do if you were Cool(tm)
so much has changed jkgdsjkl

ive been thinkin about maybe returning??? but idk. :shrug:
ooc. hol y crap i've seen like groups become active then disappear in waves LOL

yeah i disappeared for a year and a half and came back thx to a burst of nostalgia and o ml everyone's accounts are so pretty now it's insane 

being on here is a fun time omygoodness
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Thank you very much for the fave!! Hug Please visit my facebook-page to see more artistic videos and art!…:happybounce: 
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You've been featured! [link]