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WAH @__@ this is supposed to be a bit of a gift-art fer the uber cyberpunk artist and this is his character Gospel

it took me ages to think up a neat pose, i even thought of doing something silly/SD ish thing, but after a gazzilion bad sketches i choose this bad sketch and here it is, some elements kinda bother me but i did work pretty hard on it so meh, i even bothered to look up referance pics of and unloaded glock and a mp5 so the guns hopefully look a bit more convincing then usual

also it was kinda an experiment to use as solid a black as i could (theres actually a bunch of detail in the line art you can't really see now, but it looks kinda cool like this maybe) anyways, inked with a point 0.4 finliner and colour in OC 1.01

Gospel is © ~shakken
and the arts is © me i guess

EDIT: using photoshop, i added in some more defineing hilights and additional muzzle flash type effects to make it seem a smidge more realistic maybe, maybe not as slick and simple as the orignial but a bit more finished i thinkz
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© 2006 - 2021 Vamore
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The pose is freakin' amazing! Sweet picture!
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thanks muchly ^__^
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Great movement! It's so well done, so so nice. I love it :)!
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****ing AWESOME, man!!! :worship:
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This is one of those pics that you do and my jaw drops dude. The way you've highlighted the jacket looks brilliant, and the guns are so beautiful. Especially the way you've coloured the reflexted lighting of the gunfire on the closesy gun (the glock). It looks incredible.

The distant gun though seems to sit at a slightly different angle to the arm and hand though. Thats me REALLY nitpicking though. This pic rocks.
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ACTION +5......! ^____^

it's wierd, i can see the sketch, ink and WIP colouration in mah face alllllll day while ya wurk onit, but going through ya gallery, while ya not here and commenting makes me feel like i'm veiwing for the first time~ ^3^ :orange:
YES AH DO like what chya did to tha highlights 'Button! ((ya din' make it lighter, but this wurkz,... 8'3 and it pimps out a lil' more colour init too ^_^ the red-ish blast-flare and orangey over the gun makes it look sweeeeeeeeet Turm 8'3 :orange:
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What can I say? Gun tooing cool? Nah makes me sound like a wild westener, he's more of a Martix, run up wall to escape from volly of bulits. Very cool. ; )
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Dude, you rock! :D Loving the mixed highlights on the clothes!

I present you the hotdog hat of baddassedmotherf***ery!

/splats on your head

and a :+fav:! xD xD xD
Vamore's avatar
WHOA, this HAT ROCKS! whoaz i'm never gunna take it off XD , glad you like it,

for awhile i was trying to figure how i could do the orange muzzle flash type highlights on his coat and not make it look all crappy (lots grey smudges and a irritated me for a while (yay, overuse of add layer) there was actually alot of learning achived from dis pic ^___^ sorry if it looks a bit be genertic though heh, (scratches hed)
carnival's avatar
\X'D hahaaaaaaaawr i wanted that HAAAAT~~~ 8'3 ......! X'DDDDD
shakken's avatar
Hmmmm... *thinks* you can chew on vamores head for it! xD
carnival's avatar
\8'D yaaaaaay!!
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*LOVES detail on clothing* I have to admit that this is one rock on action pic! =D
...But I have to admit that he looks like Vash...But in black...with white glasses...and is gun crazy...=p
Vamore's avatar
gah, anyone with a coat a glasses can look a bit like vash, but this ani't mah character yo, check out my discrption at the top

other than that ^___^ thanks lotz
lipucd's avatar
Ya I know I know! :XD:
Meh..I just like pointing out the fact =p
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Oh noez D: Gunzplzkthx

Awesome work. You may say this is a bad sketch, but to me, it's brilliant. Love the pose. Your time consumption thinking that one up paid off, as it came out awesomely. And the GUNS 8D Ohhh the guns.. _O_ *caresses the guns* Mm..
Vamore's avatar
remember kiddies guns don't kill...BAM OH MY GOD MY EYES!! moral- when fondling the submachine gun make sure the safety is on X'D thanks muchly for the encouragement
SonicFanaticX's avatar
<small message at bottom of screen> Don't try this at home. This commercial was performed by TRAINED idiots </message>

XD You're quite welcome
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FRIGGIN SWEET >3!!!!!!!!!!!!!1one!!!1!
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nice perspective and colors!
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That is fuckin' awesome XDDD I'm like that, anatomical correctness SUCKS!!! WOOO to the crazy posez
Vamore's avatar
hmm actually looking at it now (whoa a whole day later) it's not so bad, i think i'll forgive me this once X'D WAH! thanks fer the comment yo
SkyBastard's avatar
Really good! What can I say? Its got it all (well, no background :) ).
Vamore's avatar
thanksz ^__^, well if you look at the two pics that shakken did of this guy there was no background, o i didn't really know what setting i should be placing him in, so i just went for the extreme contrast look fer the first time, i think ir worked pretty well overall ^__^'
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