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I'm almost ready for Ottawa Comiccon and my first ever cosplay!
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All caught up...

1 min read
I finally got through my message center and hopefully I can keep up this time but we'll see how well that goes since I'm leaving soon for a few weeks and exams are almost upon me. We shall see. I've got my fingers crossed.

What's up, new, shaking with everyone?
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Not dead yet

3 min read

I managed to survive last semester. Working full time + going to school full time = a very bad idea. Plus I started to DM for my D&D campaigns which in itself is another full time job. On the bright side I managed to keep a straight A average to which I'm quite proud of.
Between the insanity that was my classes and trying to bring my new computer back to what the old one was I've finally started processing the photographs I've taken during the summer.

I feel like a broken record but I still haven't forgotten about you guys here, I swear it! This coming semester I only have two courses so I should have more time. I'm also going to start volunteering at Ubbink book and paper conservation to get myself some work experience with preservation, restoration, and conservation with paper documents. I'm pretty excited at that. I've had a mouldy book in my freezer for almost a month now that I plan on treating in the next few weeks (it's well wrapped and isolated to avoid contamination :paranoid: I put it in at least two dozen plastic bags first.) .

Basically I'm going to do my best to be a little more active around here...

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Absent no more

4 min read

As some of you may have noticed I've been gone pretty much all summer. The internet I've had as basically been my phone. Here's what happened. Last spring my computer was hacked and got a really bad virus, following that I've had computer issues off and on until I decided screw it I'll buy a new one. Now, I asked my brother to pull out one of my harddrives (I had saved all of my information on it), he agreed and basically fried my computer. He hit the ram and accidentally fried my motherboard. I was planning on reinstalling windows to sell it so I could put that money towards a better computer. (My dad did rebuild the computer with a bunch of older parts, nothing of mine ran on it so we opted to sell it instead - that caused a huge fisaco which basically ended up with me having to get in touch with the police, RCMP, and national security. Fun times, I don't recommend filling out police reports on your birthday though, that kind of sucks.)
Throughout the summer everytime I got close to saving money for one something would come up such as car insurance or paying tuition for my classes. Last week I went to a bingo with my mom and we had an awesome discussion which ended up with her offering to pay for my computer now so that I could use it for school, photography, so on...
It arrived yesterday. Finally. (though it was 3 days late so that had me in an ultra panic pissy mode, those who follow my tweets may have noticed).
Unfortunately today I'm helping a friend more from Ottawa to Pembroke but when I get back tomorrow I should start having some time for dA again. I'll also be able to start uploading and processing some of the many images I took this summer.

I also mentioned college tuition, I'm starting next week in Archives and Records Management. I haven't finished the math class yet to be able to get into the construction one but it will happen some day...

With that all said and done, what's up? What's new? How are you guys? Have I missed anything good?

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College application and updates

6 min read

For those who do not wish to read my wall of text here are the important details. I've applied to college, I broke/tore apart some of my costal cartilage and I have a job interview Tuesday morning. :bucktooth:

I've decided to attempt this college thing. Again. Right after high school I did 3 years of University in a joint honors in History and Politcal Science only to decide fuck it, this program sucks. I loved history, still do but the politics was boring. I tried switching my major and degree but the university wouldn't let me so I dropped out.
I then tried going to college for a degree as a Library and Information technician and then basically got kicked out of the program due to a lack of attendance (at this time there was a bus strike so I couldn't physically get to class even though I wanted to). I finally tried doing Photography but I was forced to drop out last fall in order to keep my job. No job, no money, no money, no school. I still plan on doing this one some day when I have a better job.
I've now found another program that's peaked my interest. This one is a 2 year program as a Construction Engineering Technician and I can opt in for a third year to get my degree for Construct Project Management. Almost every class required for this program sounds interesting. The only ones that don't are geometry and trigonometry and the algebra class but that's just because I always did bad at it in high school.
After a very frustrating application process I've sent it in and I'm now waiting to see if I get an offer of admission. YAY me. I'm not even sure if I'll get one because of my history with geometry and the likes from highschool but if I do it'll be aaawesome. There's courses on building materials, construction surveying, geotechnical materials,  building codes, health and safety, strength of materials, hydraulics. I'm really excited about the hydraulics. I don't know why. In the application it asked me if I had work experience related to the program. Luckily for me I've done plenty of work in this field for the last 6 years as summer student with the city of Ottawa. I'm hoping that'll help me get in.
Now, the best part of this program? Or possibly the worst, depending on your point of view. The courses are done entirely on the weekends. Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays. Which means I won't have to worry about conflict between work and school! It's perfect! I'm still trying to save up for my DZ. Maybe I'll borrow the money from my brother?
I've got my fingers crossed in hopes that I get accepted. This is the first time that I'm actually excited about college. I've always done the other programs because I felt that I was forced to.

Now, on a not-so-happy note, I've recently discovered that I managed to break/crack/tear/rupture my costal cartilage. Which explains the pain I've been having in my side for the past few months.
Last fall I came down with a pretty bad cold and after a bit I noticed a pain in my chest/side whenever I coughed, moved too quickly, or basically over exerted myself. I assumed it was because I was out of shape and it was a muscle spasm or a cramp. In Albany, I fell down a flight of stairs with my 25-30lb pack on my back. I didn't even notice the fall. One second I was up thinking about how I should be careful because of the freezing rain and the next I was sitting in a puddle on the ground. My ribs didn't start to hurt until after the bus ride to New York. I assumed it was from the bus seats being uncomfortable. During the entire trip my ribs burned with an intense pain everytime I did anything. Yet again I put that with me being out of shape and basically ignored it. A week after my trip it snowed alot and I helped my dad and brother shovel the laneway. That's what finally finished the job with damaging my ribcage. Naturally, the next day I was sore but it was only in an isolated spot. It wasn't until the following day at work when I had trouble breathing because of the sheer intensity of the pain that I realized it was more than a spasm or a cramp. I eventually got an appointment with my doctor a few days later (I was still hoping it was a cramp). I was diagnosed with a ruptured costal cartilage since the pain wasn't coming from the bones. I got sent for x-rays just in case and my doctor said she'd call if there was anything else. Thankfully she hasn't called. I asked about healing time since I can't exactly take time off of work and luckily if I take it easy I should be back to normal in just a few short weeks (4-6) but if I exert myself too much (which I tend to do because of my job) it'll take way longer.

Other than the whole ribcage thing, life's going pretty good. I have another job interview on tuesday morning. I'm undecided how I feel about the job especially since it'll mess up the whole back to school thing. Oh well, I'll figure things out when the time comes.

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